BonChon Chicken: Trying out the New Snack Ons and More!

Have you ever felt for a craving for something to munch in the middle of the day?  I know I have.  So, I thought it was brilliant for BonChon Chicken to introduce their new BonChon Snack Ons.

bonchon chicken
I have to admit, the last time I've been to BonChon Chicken was more than a year ago.  During that time, I was intrigued by their Bulgogi selection.  New items are always that ones that lure me in you see.  So I'm quite excited that they have more selections!  I'm quite please that introduced salad selections since my last visit too.


Chapchae (75 php)
Hmm... I wonder why I missed ordering this before.  This version of Chapchae is excellent from the bounciness of the noodles to the richness of flavor. 

Sides & Salads
Fries (45 php)
sweet potato fries
Sweet Potato Fries (60 php)
The Sweet Potato Fries are addictive!  They are made from imported golden yellow sweet potatoes which are naturally sweet and tasty.

onion rings
Onion Rings (60 php)
For those who prefer onions than potatoes like me, the Onion Rings is a great option.

fish taco
Fish Taco (75 php)
The Fish Taco is my new favorite at Bonchon.  It's definitely the bang for the buck complete meal!  If you recall the basics of food nutrition, you can see that its got the soft taco as go food, coleslaw as glow food and fish as grow food. 


double garlic snackwich
Double Garlic Snackwich (75 php)
There's been a highlight for chicken burgers for the past few months.  I'd say the Double Garlic Snackwich should be added as one of the options!  The garlic sauce and the sweet and savory chicken fillet is a superb combination. 

double spicy snackwich
Double Spicy Snackwich (75 php)
The Double Spicy Snackwich is a chicken shandiwch with Kimchi Coleslaw.  If been a consistent reader, you'd know that I am crazy for spicy foods. This is my kind of chicken burger!

double spicy snackwich
Double Spicy Snackwich (75 php)
What I like most about their chicken fillet is the consistent thin and crunchy coating.  The chicken meat is also tender and juicy.  Every bite is so sensational! 

Chicken Poppers
chicken poppers
Chicken Poppers (115 php)
 The Chicken Poppers reminds me of chicken nuggets because of its size.  It has the same Bonchon Soy Garlic glaze as with all chicken products.

spicy chicken poppers
Spicy Chicken Poppers (115 php)
The Spicy Chicken Poppers on the other hand is glazed with their spicy sauce.

poppers and fries snackbox
Poppers & Fries Snackbox (145 php)
If you want to eat the chicken popper with fries, you can order the Poppers & Fries Snackbox.  Because you can save 15 php compared to ordering a large Chicken Popper and Fries separately.

Crispy Crepes & Ko-Yo (Korean Yogurt)
mangoes cream crispy crepe
Mangoes & Cream Crispy Crepe (60 php)
Although I've tried soft and fluffy crepes before, this is actually my first time to try a crispy dessert crepe.  The golden brown coating gives a wonderful crispiness.  On the contrary, it is soft on the inside like a that of a puff pastry.   

mangoes cream crispy crepe
Mangoes & Cream Crispy Crepe (60 php)
The Mangoes & Cream Crispy Crepe is filled with Mango preserves.  I initially expected the mangoes to be sweet like our local mangoes but instead the mango cubes tasted peachy so I assumed that they are made from imported mangoes. 

apple caramel crispy crepe
Apple Caramel Crispy Crepe (60 php)
 The Apple Caramel Crispy Crepe is drizzled with Cinnamon and caramel syrup.

apple caramel crispy crepe
Apple Caramel Crispy Crepe (60 php)
It was filled with apple preserves.

banoffie pie ko yo
Banoffie Pie Ko-Yo (75 php)
You can safely assume from my expansive Frozen Yogurt posts that I am fond of them.  So I was eager to finish my meal just to try their Ko-Yo selections.  The Banoffie Pie Ko-Yo is Ko-Yo topped with banana slices drizzled with caramel syrup.  It also has crunchy pie crust crumbs in the middle.  The sweetness of the banana and caramel was a good contrast to the tangy yogurt flavor.  I enjoyed this to the last bit. 

blueberry torte ko yo
Blueberry Torte Ko-Yo (75 php)
My friend had the Blueberry Torte Ko-Yo which I was able to sample.  He enjoyed it because he loved blueberries.  Well for me, this is sour blueberries + sour Ko-Yo.  

mango sansrivals ko yo
Mango Sanrival Ko-Yo (75 php)
My kind of Ko-Yo perhaps is the Mango Sanrival Ko-Yo.  It's got mangoes and bits of cashew nuts.  This was emptied quickly as if this wasn't my second Ko-Yo cup. =p

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
BonChon Chicken has surely grown with more branches and offerings.  I can see its growth to continue as it taps to more diners with various preference.  It's now more than just Korean Fried Chicken.  Like on my diet days (rare but there are those days I swear!), I see their salads as a great option!

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