Izakaya Kenta 居酒屋けん太: Authentic Japanese Restaurant Near Remedios Circle in Malate

The family has spotted a new Japanese restaurant called Izakaya Kenta and like the most dining places on our turf, we just couldn't let this one pass. 

izakaya kenta
Although its facade looks like other authentic Japanese restaurant, you'd be awed by its grandeur once you step inside. 

izakaya kenta
On the left side are its private function rooms.   While, the right side were casual sturdy tables and chairs.  By the end of the walk way, you can find their sushi and sake bar.  The place had an solemn atmosphere with bright yet soft lighting. 

izakaya kenta
Private Function Room
Each private function room had a long table.  It is also equipped with its own air conditioner and sockets perfect for business meetings.  I'm amazed at how visually appealing and spacious the place is.  In fact, even the rest room is worth mentioning.

The staffs are very friendly and accommodating.  We greeted and served as if we were very important guests in a fine dining restaurant.  We were told that the owner is a Filipino engineer but their chef is Japanese so you can expect their dishes to be authentic Japanese.


Speed Menu
The Gyoza is plump and juicy.  It was savory even without the sauce.  This is cooked in perfect timing since the bottom is slightly crisp, the other parts of the shell is soft and the meat is succulent. 

iwashi shioyaki
Iwashi Shioyaki (200 php)
The Iwashi Shioyaki is an imported fish from Japan.  To assure quality, all their fishes are imported.  This is the best dish for that evening.  It was exploding in terms of flavor but not too salty.

yakitori momo negima
Yakitori Momo and Yakitori Negima (50 php/piece)
The Yakitori Momo and Yakitori Negima is almost the same except that the latter had leeks mixed in.  You have the option of having this either salty or sweet.  The lighter color is salted.  In terms of flavor, it's plainly salty.  It's my first time to try it like that and I did not appreciate it.  On the other hand, the sweet version is the typical yakitori we know.  I liked that better since it is more flavorful but the sweetness is controlled at the precise level.

curry rice
Curry Rice (250 php)

I really enjoyed the Curry Rice!  I didn't even bother sharing it and finish it all by myself.  The Curry is appetizing especially with the thin beef strips but what made this meal even better is their quality Japanese rice.  According to a program I recently watch at the NHK World channel, there are over 24 varieties of rice grains in JapanI may not know which type this is, but I'm pretty sure its the best one I've tried here in the country. 

gomoku chahan
Gomoku Chahan (250 php)
I found the Gomoku Chahan a bit pricey despite the generous amounts of seafood and vegetable toppings because of its serving size.  But, it is one of the best one I've tried.  It probably has 5 main ingredients as indicated by its name.  This is served with a bowl of Miso Soup

ika fry
Ika Fry (240 php)
The Ika Fry is a breaded and fried big-sized squid.  This is a bit rubbery so order this only if you want the thrill of chewing.

age dashi tofu
Age Dashi Tofu (120 php)
Another hit among us is the Age Dashi Tofu.  This is one of the best I've tried!  I'd give it a perfect score for texture and taste.

ebi tempura soba
Ebi Tempura Soba (350 php)
I was never a fan of soba because the texture usually turns me off.  But, this Ebi Tempura Soba was definitely rave-worthy!  The soba noodles will surely make you slurp with glee and chew with delight.  The brought is light but appealing to the taste buds.  The Ebi Tempura is also cooked wonderfully!

kakiage tempura udon
Kakikage Tempura Udon (350 php)

This has to be the best Kakikage Tempura Udon I have ever tried.  The broth is a bowlful of umami flavors.  The kakikage is composed of not only crunchy vegetables but with shrimp bits too.  This is a must try!

jasmine green tea
Jasmine Green Tea
For drinks, we enjoyed their complimentary Cold Brown Rice Tea and Hot Jasmine Green Tea.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
If you're looking for an authentic Japanese dining experience to remember, Izakaya Kenta is certainly a place to try!  The food, ambiance and service is superb!  Their price is a bit steep but since their still in the soft opening phase, prices will be adjusted to seem more reasonable.  Their menu will also be revised to be more comprehensible for non-Japanese.  I looked forward to coming back here and try their Nimono (stew) selections next.

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Izakaya Kenta
Business Address G/F Malate Bayview Mansion, 
1781 M. Adriatico St. Malate
Manila,Metro Manila
Business Hours Lunch:  11 am - 2:30 pm
Dinner:  5 pm - 11 pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-600
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 523-1874
Other  Email: izakayakenta@gmail.com Facebook Fan Page
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