Buddha-Bar Manila: Weekends at The Terrace Barbecue Buffet and Unlimited Drinks

Party at Buddha Bar Manila has is now more fun and exciting with its Weekends at the Terrace.

buddha bar manila
Upon entry at Buddha Bar, you can take the elevator to The Terrace which does not fall short compared to its luxurious first two floors and basement. 

buddha bar manila
The Terrace
The Terrace has the essential long bar, cozy benches and tent-like lofts.  It also has a huge coin bank which you could mistake for a pool. 

Weekends at The Terrace
Every Friday and Saturdays from 8 pm to 11 pm, you can enjoy a wide array of barbecue items, salads, maki, pastry sweets and unlimited rum and vodka cocktails for only 1,500 ++ per head.  

buddha bar manila buffet
I noticed that some of their offerings belong to their regular menu like the Creme Brulee Trio, ChocolatVerte and Macaroons. I loved the Cream Puffs and Black Sesame Macaroons.

buddha bar manila buffet

buddha bar manila weekends at the terrace
Canapes and Salads
There's an assortment of canapes and salads to choose from. It includes their signature Buddha-Bar Chicken Salad

buddha bar manila weekends at the terrace
Potato Salad
buddha bar manila weekends at the terrace
buddha bar manila weekends at the terrace
They have a wide array of barbecue selections from beef to fish so just pick whatever you want and request them to be grilled.

buddha bar manila weekends at the terrace

buddha bar manila weekends at the terrace
My Plate
So, here's my plate from appetizer to dessert. 

Unlimited Rum and Vodka Cocktails
Of course, the highlight of the event is the drinks.  Imagine yourself, wallowing and chatting under the clear night sky enjoying the city lights and cool breeze while sipping your choice of cocktails. 
heart of darkness
Heart of Darkness
The Heart of Darkness is perfect for the ladies.  It is composed of fresh grapes, cinnamon syrup, lemon juice, vodka, and port wine topped with soda.  It's smooth, sweet and mild.  But, has a hidden strike of alcohol too. 

The Majestic is made of fresh pineapple, fresh basil, pineapple juice, sugar cane syrup, and vodka. This one is warm on the throat and hits harder than the Heart of Darkness

I've only tried two but since you can get as much as you want.  I encourage you to try the other drinks such as these which my friends have tried:
  • Raspberry Saketini which has sake, raspberry puree, pineapple syrup, pineapple juice and creme de casis
  • D'Ultimate which has fresh pineapple, almond milk, Cointreau, Maraschino Syrup and special rum mix
Shisha (300 php/flavor with 4 mouth pieces)
For only 300 php, you can also enjoy some Shisha.  They had 16 flavors to choose from.  My companions had the bubble gum flavor which I think they enjoyed a lot.

Buddha-Bar Manila Weekends at The Terrace is definitely a whole new experience here in Metro Manila.  It's no secret that food and drinks when ordered ala carte is quite pricey so why not avail this so you can eat and drink to your hearts content right?

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