Achiote Tacqueria: Street-Style Mexican Tacos and More at Rockwell (closed)

It's been ages since my last Mexican meal.  Its probably since there are only a few Mexican restaurants in the Metro and most of them are Tex-Mex.  Achiote Tacqueria  is a Mexican taco shop concept of Chef Robby Goco who runs the renowned  Charlie's Grind & Grill and Cyma

achiote tacqueria
Achiote Tacqueria is named after the spice Achiote or Achuete in Filipino which is made from the red seeds of the annatto tree because its the only common spice between Mexico and the Philippines.  Achiote Tacqueria is located at the outdoor area of Powerplant Mall.  It has a casual cozy ambiance with well cushioned chairs that matched it wooden tables. 


chips and salsa
Chips N' Salsa (125 php)
The Chips N' Salsa are fresh-baked tortilla nachos with their salsa sauce.  They were addictively crunchy and the salsa sauce was delightful too.  You can tell that they made them from scratch and from the finest and freshest ingredients.  The salsa is more than enough for me but you can request for an additional bowl for free.

achiote nachos
Achiote Nachos
Although the Chips N' Salsa is already good, I'd recommend the Achiote Nachos if you're dining with a group.  It's their interpretation of how a wholesome Mexican nacho is supposed to be.  I'd say its nacho chips with the works.  It's got green onions, refried beans, pico de gallo, jalapeno pepper, sour cream, guacamole and cheese sauce.    

Ceviche Full (400 php)
The Ceviche Full is another sure shot crowd pleaser.  You can select among these fresh seafood of your choice: shrimp, white snapper, mackerel, octopus and crab.  It is marinated in lime and topped with jicama (a kind of Mexican yam or turnip), extra-virgin olive oil, spicy sauce and avocado.  It's a Mexican or Coastal American way of doing our local kilawin.  It's a superb mixture of flavors.  The fresh seafood bits are delightfully chewy too. 

Achiote Sizzle!
achiote sizzle
Achiote Sizzle Chicken Tinga (215 php)
The Achiote Sizzle Chicken Tinga is a hefty appetizer.  It is served with soft flour tortilla, pica de gallo, sour cream, roasted native pepper and black beans topped with queso cotija.  I'm told that they only  use of free range chicken.

achiote sizzle chicken
Achiote Sizzle Chicken Tinga (215 php)
achiote sizzle chicken
Achiote Sizzle Chicken Tinga (215 php)
To enjoy it, place everything on the soft tortilla wrap, roll and munch. 

Soups and Salads

tacqueria salad
Taqueria Salad (295 php)
The Taqueria Salad is a plateful of fresh sliced romaine, arugula leaves, roasted poblano (mild chili pepper from Mexico), avocado, caramelized onions, queso cotija, cherry tomatoes, red raddish, crispy tortilla strips and cilantro lime dressing.  The cilantro lime dressing is light and refreshing so it was able to bring out the best flavors of the quality ingredients. 

warm spinach salad
Warm Spinach Salad (295 php)
The Warm Spinach Salad is the first warm salad I've ever tried.  It felt like eating a vegetable dish.  It is spinash topped with boiled egg, caramelized onions, shredded red raddish and queso cotija.  The chorizo vinegrette was bold and savory that it was able to neutralize the rich leafy taste well. 

achiote burritos
The Burritos are huge so if its not your sole order, better to request them to slice it so you can share them.  Achiote allows you to customize your Torta, Burrito, Taco ad Quezadilla according to your preference.  For their Burrito, you can have it in four ways: House Burrito, Fajita Burrito, Burrito Bowl and Chimichangga.  We choice the House Burrito. 

achiote burritos
Chicken House Burrito (325 php)
achiote burritos
Barbacoa (Braised Beef) House Burrito (325 php)

mushroom quesadilla
Mushroom Quesadillas (360 php)

The Mushroom Quesadillas is a quesadilla filled with queso chihuahua, black beans, goat cheese, fajita veggies, salsa verde and my favorite sauteed wild mushrooms.  Chewing on the rich wild mushroom bits were such a pleasure.  It also comes with a smaller portion of the Achiote Taqueria Salad.
Achiote Tacos
The Achiote Tacos are double layered steamed cheese stuffed corn tacos with toppings.  The cheese is what sticks the two corn tortillas together.  An order contains 3 pieces.

achiote tacos
Short Ribs Barbacoa (355 php)
The Short Ribs Barbacoa is topped with chili colorado, salsa verde, onions and cilantro.

achiote tacos
Short Ribs Barbacoa (355 php)
The soft juicy ribs and chewiness of the cheesy steamed corn tortilla makes this a great snack.

achiote tacos fish
Fish (355 php)

achiote tacos fish
Fish (355 php)
The Fish Achiote taco is new on the menu.  Since I've not much of a meat eater, I enjoyed this better.  It has a beer-battered halibut, cabbage slaw, chiptotle mayo and salsa.  I'm quite a fan of beer-battered fish fillet too. 

chefs robs addiction
Chef Rob's Addiction (75 php)
The Chef Rob's Addiction is the reason why you should never judge a book by its cover.  It may look plain, but a bite of this will get you hooked.  It's a contrast of caramelized sweetness and slight saltiness.  The filling is gooey and chewy while bottom is crunchy.

primo blanco
Primo Blanco (320 php)
The Primo Blanco is a fresh margarita mix of Sauza Silver or Cuervo and Cointreu shaken and served on the rocks.  It's recommended to drink this during the day.  Compared to the Primo Reposado, its sweeter. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Achiote Tacqueria  is a great place to dine with friends and family for a fun Mexican meal.  Enjoy your tacos street-style and make it even better with their drinks.  The price is a bit steep as expected from thee restaurants within the Powerplant Mall vicinity but portions are great for sharing.

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Achiote Tacqueria
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