Charlie's Grind & Grill: The Famous Burgers and Wings Place

Ortigas Avenue, San Juan, Philippines

For such a long time, I've been hearing about the famous burgers from Charlie's Grind & Grill.  But, it was only a few months ago when we had the time to finally check this place out.

charlies grind and grill
Charlie's Grind & Grill adopts a pay-as-you-order system similar to fast food restaurants so its counter is upfront upon entry.  It also had black boards filled with their menu selections to aid you in ordering.  The items were not very organized so it took me quite some time to finally decide on what to order.

charlies grind and grill
After paying for our orders, we search for a table by the dining area.  It looks like a simple diner with the condiments and table napkin on top of easy aluminum table.  It had several LCD Tvs with sports shows on it which reminded me of a sports bar.  The area was quite limited so it was expectantly full.  There was a leakage from the pipe above that caused dripping water towards my side of the table which made it a bit uncomfortable for me.

angus beef burger
  Black Angus Burger with French Fries (225 php)
The Black Angus Burger with French Fries is served in a red basket.  Its your classic burger with tomatoes, lettuce and cheese.  Upon first bite, I fell in love with its juicy meaty taste.  It is seasoned perfectly.  It is as good as it is claimed to be.  The French Fries are thick and crispy just the way I want them too.

kitayama wagyu beef burger
Kitayama Wagyu Burger with French Fries (235 php)
The Kitayama Wagyu Burger with French Fries is one of their latest offerings so I was intrigued.  For a wagyu burger, I'm surprised at how little the price disparity of this and the Black Angus Burger is.  The Kitayama Wagyu Burger had less flavor but it was more tender and succulent.  It was good but I prefer the Black Angus Burger than this.

shrooms vegetarian
Shrooms Vegetarian (315 php)
The Shrooms Vegetarian is a portabello mushroom burger with breaded crust.  It was delicious but the price makes this less appealing than the more affordable but wholesome Angus Beef Burger.

 Hot Buffalo Wings Half Dozen (185 php)
The Hot Buffalo Wing were served with bleu cheese and vegetable sticks: turnips, carrots & celery.  This turned out to be manageable for our taste so we have no regrets ordering it.  The Bleu cheese is the perfect neutralizer for the spiciness.  I enjoyed the vegetable sticks especially when dipping it in te bleu cheese.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Charlie's Grind & Grill is the real deal.  It is definitely not another famous burger and wings place.  It is worthy of its claims.  When craving for burgers and buffalo wings, this is the place to be.   The price is very reasonable too.

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Charlie's Grind & Grill Ortigas
Business Address G/F RONAC Art Center, Ortigas Avenue, Greenhills
San Juan, Metro Manila
Business Hours 9am-12mn
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Contact (02) 477-5021
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