Manila Food and Wine Festival 2013: Chef Robby Goco's Italian Porchetta's for the Celebrity Chef Food Truck Cook-Off

Last week, I was with fellow food bloggers who were invited to taste Celebrity Chef Robby Goco's Italian Porchetta which  he will present for the Celebrity Chef Food Truck Cook-Off  at the Manila Food and Wine Festival (MFWF) 2013.

Chef Robby Goco is behind a chain of restaurants which includes Achiote, Cyma and Charlie's Grind and Grill.  I must say that meeting him was a pleasure.  I could sense his passion and enthusiasm as he proudly presented to us his Italian Porchetta which he will be selling in his ORANGE Food Truck.
Tip: Wear orange and get to win prizes and freebies. 

italian porchetta
Italian Porchetta Sandwich (Half Serving)
The Italian Porchetta Sandwich is Italian porchetta with wild arugula and onion marmalade in between perfectly crunchy ciabatta.  This is as gourmet as street food can get.  As you can see the ingredients were fresh, top-notch and organic.  Although a whole sandwich is already a hefty meal for many, the potatoes slices on the side makes the it even more satisfying.  I'm not much of a sandwich fan, especially one with ciabatta but I fell in love with this upon first bite.  I practically devoured every bit of this.  Ooh... the crunchy bread followed by the moist and soft porchetta that almost melt in my mouth exploding with complementing mild bitterness from the arugula and sweet citrus sensation from the onion marmalade.   While my fellow food bloggers shared their critics and recommendations, I was simply struck in awe with its perfection.

italian porchetta
Italian Porchetta Sandwich with Egg (Half Serving)
Although totally unnecessary, you could also an egg to enhance the experience. 

italian porchetta sauces
Liver Sauce, Aoili Dressing, Verde Sauce and Red Bell Pepper Sauce
You can also either eat the Italian Porchetta Sandwich on its own or mismatch it with four delicious sauces.  If you want a mild sauce that won't overpower the porchetta, go for the Aoili Dressing.  I personally loved the Verde Sauce composed of parsley and coliander so it was fragrant and minty.  The Red Bell Pepper Sauce has some spiciness to it to perk up your sandwich.  Although I love everything with liver and often eat liver pate at home, I liked the liver sauce the least simply because it didn't have the bold clean taste I was yearning for.

The Celebrity Chef Food Truck Cook-Off will take place on February 22, 2013 starting at 5:00 pm until 12 midnight at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds Block 12.

The Celebrity Chef Food Truck Cook-Off is an event you shouldn't miss because six of the country's top chefs will be parked there with respective color-coded food trucks selling their own masterpieces.  The first one to sell all their food items wins. 

Celebrity Chefs:

  • ORANGE FOOD TRUCK by Chef Robby Goco
    •  Italian Porchetta Sandwich (Italian Roast Pork Sandwich)

  •  PURPLE FOOD TRUCK by Chef Sau del Rosario
    •  Jumbo Dumplings with Fried Rice (steamed or fried dumplings in hybrid version)
  • GREEN FOOD TRUCK by Chef Bruce Lim
    •  Chicken Wings Combo

  •  BLUE FOOD TRUCK by Chef Marvin Agustin
    •  Black Dragon Maki (shrimp tempura maki with unagi strips) / Spicy Caravan Maki (spicy tuna maki) (good for 2-3 persons)

  • BLACK FOOD TRUCK by Chef Tristan Encarnacion
    • Pinoy Faves with a Twist

All the food items are sold at a Standard price of 350 php (during the event).  If you want to save a 100 php, you can buy online for 250 php at Ticketsource.  You can also view the online sales status of each chef there which is cool. =D

I'm still clueless at what the other chefs has in store.  I definitely want to try the rest though and picking is such a dilemma.  Which one will you go for? 

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Disclosure: The food is sponsored but the opinions expressed is purely my own.