The Cake Club by Diamond Hotel: Weekend Brunch and More!

If its one thing that's sure to charm us ladies at The Foodies Circle, it would be sweets.  So, when we had a chance to dine with fellow foodies at The Cake Club at Bonifacio High Street Central, we were ecstatic!

the cake club
The Cake Club has a shiny gold plated lettering depicting it to be an elegant place to be.  It had a glass door and window display that allows you to view their cakes and boutique.  

the cake club
The Cake Club is not just a restaurant, it also sells Hediard Tea, Malongo Coffee, Royce Chocolates including my favorite Royce Nama Chocolate and Royce Potato Chocolate Chip, imported wines and their Ice Cream (350 php/pint and 1,000 php/gallon).  

the cake club
The area can only serve a limited number of customers but it was very posh and cozy with its well-plush chairs and booths.  We were there early for breakfast so we got the place all by ourselves.  But, by lunch time, we noticed that the tables were all occupied.  


Weekend Brunch Selection
The reason why we were all eager to visit during the morning is because The Cake Club has a new offering which is the Weekend Brunch that is available from 8am to 3pm.  We, Tsinoy Foodies, sometimes go for a morning run around the area so we know how limited the choices are when it comes to breakfast and we thought this idea is brilliant.

pan fried foie gras
Pan Fried Foie Gras (365 php)
I don't think I've ever had Foie Gras for breakfast before.  So, the Pan Fried Foie Gras served with creamy scrambled eggs, toasts and salad in truffle oil.  

smoked salmon benedict
Smoked Salmon Benedict (345 php)
The Smoked Salmon Benedict laid beautifully on the whole wheat quinoa pancake and covered in hollandaise sauce.  I love the cooked asparagus because it was boiled with a hint of truffle oil.  It also had a salad on the side which makes this a wholesome breakfast.  The smoke salmon and the eggs yolks were wonderfully runny within just the way I'd want to enjoy them.

meditteranean eggs
♥ Meditteranean Eggs (355 php)
The Meditteranean Eggs is the best brunch offering for me.  The Meditteranean Eggs was accompanied by three pan fried lamb sausage and rockets salad with feta cheese and basil.  I've never had Meditteranean Eggs but now I look forward try more of this.  But, it was the pan fried lamb sausages that made this dish my favorite.  The lamb sausages was not only tender and succulent, it also had a bold meaty and clean taste.

homemade corned beef stuffed blinis
Homemade Corned Beef Stuffed Blinis (325 php)
The Homemade Corned Beef Stuffed Blinis  is their homemade corned beef with caramelize onions and Swiss cheese wrapped in egg topped with whole-grain mustard sauce.  Their corned beef was not only free from preservatives but its also not too salty like the canned ones so its healthier.

whole wheat buttermilk pancakes
Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes (295 php)
At home, we only buy whole wheat pastries for our daily consumption but I have to admit, we've never tried whole wheat pancakes before.  The main reason is that its not usually available at the groceries.  I've glad The Cake Club serves one.  The Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes had some mascarpone cream, homemade blueberry preserve sauce, fresh banana slices and walnuts on it.  The blueberry preserve sauce was sweet enough that you don't need to it with maple syrup.  The texture is fluffy but heavier than the usual pancakes probably because it is made of whole wheat. 

stuffed french toast
Stuffed French Toast (295 php)
The Stuffed French Toast had a very appealing plating.  I never thought french toast could look so alluring.  They made use of a Brioche bread and filled it with cream cheese topped it with powdered sugar, fresh strawberries and blueberries and served it with a wild berry mascarpone sauce.  

bircher muesli
Bircher Muesli (265 php)
The Bircher Muesli  is old-fashioned rolled oats, assorted dry fruits including raisins, fresh green apple and shredded coconut soaked in yogurt and milk.  Although this may seem a bit ordinary compared to the rest, if your craving to have it for breakfast, then be glad that The Cake Club serves an excellent one.  I for one eat muesli on a scheduled routine of twice a week. 

truffle fries
Truffle Fries (180 php)
The Truffle Fries is an addictive starter item.  I didn't realized I finished.  The truffle oil is just right and it had a balanced with the sea salt flakes. 

foie gras macaron
Foie Gras Macaron (150 php)
The Cake Club takes pride in their Foie Gras Macaron which is a unique offering which you can't find anywhere.  Aside from the fact that it is the most luxurious macaron I've tried, its also the most savory.     

lamb burger
Lamb Burger (490 php)
The Lamb Burger surprised me a bit because it had an strong morrocan spiced lamb patty which I've never encountered before.  The other ingredients such as the harissa yogurt, feta and paremesan cheese and buns were perfect complements that enhanced the experience.  It is also served with salted french fries on the side.

braised veel cheek ravioli
Braised Veel Cheek Ravioli (370 php)
I've tried veel cheeks before but never in ravioli form so I was eager to try this.  I liked it but it was difficult to finish because of the strong taste.

baked salmon
Baked Salmon (455 php)
The Baked Salmon had a meditterenean crust that was flavorful so its best eaten with the risotto.

slow roasted beef belly
♥ Slow-Roasted Beef Belly (395 php)
The  Slow-Roasted Beef Belly is so soft, it almost melts in your mouth and exploding with flavor.  This is one fine meaty dish to order.  This is my recommendation among the Mains.

Pastry Selection
Of course, we would never ever leave The Cake Club without tasting their cakes!

♥ Vanessa (250 php)
Vanessa is a pistachio macaroon filled with fresh strawberries and cream.  It was delightful and refreshing.  It had an initial taste of pistachio followed by an pleasurable berry taste. 

♥ Guia (250 php)
Guia is an excellent choice if you want an out of the ordinary cheesecake.  It has a rich and bold taste of maple and walnuts and a rich and creamy consistency.  I loved it!

Ice Cream Selection (2 scoops/150 php)
I may love cakes, but my first love will always be ice cream.  I'll never pass up on these. I've tried some of their ice creams before during my visit to Corniche at Diamond Hotel but since its a buffet, the flavors are out at random.  This time, I got to try new flavors which I've missed before.

diamond hotel ice cream
Apple Pie, Black Sesame, Baked Cheesecake and Genmaicha (2 Sccops for 150 php)  
Apple Pie

  • The Apple Pie is too sweet for my taste.  It felt thick and a bit like syrup in every spoonful.  

♥ Black Sesame

  • The Black Sesame is nice and rich.  It was not too sweet and had a nice blend of sesame taste in it.

♥ Baked Cheesecake

  • I loved the Baked Cheesecake.  It really had a texture like a cheesecake only it was creamier and melts in your mouth.  

♥ Genmaicha

  • Genmaicha is green tea with brown rice.  Te aromatic flavor of the brown rice counters the sweetness well.   Its taste reminded me of the Milk Tea

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Now you can visit The Cake Club for a wonderful and healthy weekend brunch before awarding your safe with their delightful desserts.  They also have their regular dishes that you can try.

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The Cake Club
Business Address Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue, East Block,
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 8am-10pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 400-800
Free WiFi No
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Contact (02) 528-3000
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