Ukkokei Ramen Ron: Home of Flavorful Ramen in Malate

It was a drizzling night so the family was craving for a hot bowl of ramen.  We've been passing by Ukkokei Ramen Ron for quite some time so we finally went in to check out what they have to offer.

ukkokei ramen ron
It has a large bright signs.  It has a nice parking area so it was very convenient.  I'm not sure if its correct but I think Ukkokei means black chicken or what the Chinese refer to as Silkie Chicken.  Anyone who speaks Japanese here?  And, the kanji of their logo is the same as the Chinese word for "Dragon".  

ukkokei ramen ron

ukkokei ramen ron
Ukkokei Ramen Ron offers the traditional Japanese Ramen House ambiance.  Japanese characters are every where.  

ukkokei ramen ron
We were led to our table with lowered tables, cushions and a pit for leg space.  After removing our shoes, we proceeded to our table.

ukkokei ramen ron
Even the place mats in Ukkokei Ramen Ron are in Japanese.

When we asked for their best seller, our server told us that it depends on our taste preference.   She said most of their Japanese clients prefer Shio to appreciate the broth while Filipinos would opt for Shoyu because they enjoy tasty ramen .

ukkokei shoyu
Ukkokei Shoyu (300 php)
The Ukkokei Shoyu is a soy based ramen.  We ordered toppings of our choices.  The key to a delicious ramen is the broth.  The Ukkokei Shoyo was very flavorful because of the merger between the soy and tasty broth.


ukkokei nira ninniku shio
Ukkokei Nira Ninniku Shio (360 php)
The  Ukkokei Nira Ninniku Shio  is a hot bowl of salt-based vegetable ramen.  I ordered an additional Chashu topping.  Shio is a pleasant way to enjoy the natural broth of the ramen.  The mix match of textures and colors of the vegetable and the Chashu also enhanced the overall ramen experience.

ukkokei shio butter corn
Ukkokei Shio Butter Corn (350 php)
If you're a fan of butter corn just like fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt, I'm sure you'll enjoy the Ukkokei Shio Butter Corn.

ukkokei miso butter corn
Ukkokei Miso Butter Corn (360 php)
The Ukkokei Miso Butter Corn combines the sweet taste of miso and butter corn.  It is a my first time to try this blending and I must say its a wonderful twist.

ukkokei nira ninniku karamiso
Ukkokei Nira Ninniku Karamiso (360 php)
The Ukkokei Nira Ninniku Karamiso is a miso-based vegetable ramen.  If you prefer the sweet taste of miso and the generous proportions of vegetables then go for this.
tan tan men
Tan Tan Men (390 php)
Upon ordering the Tan Tan Men, the server will check if it is available first because Ukkokei Ramen Ron only serves 10 bowls of this per night and they don't only have this after 6 p.m.  This is the best version of Tan Tan Men I have ever tried.  I love the spiciness level, the sweetness of the miso and the flavorful broth taste.  

yaki gyoza
Yaki Gyoza (120 php)
The Yaki Gyoza is a pretty competitive version of Japanese Gyoza.  It has the right juiciness and meaty taste.

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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Ukkokei Ramen Ron is one of the best ramen house in town!  Although their ramen is oilier than usual, the flavors it offers is so wholesome that it is unmatched by any ramen place.  A hot bowl of ramen is enough to satisfy a hungry person.  Although the price is a bit steep, you'll find it reasonable because of their special broth.  It's one ramen house that I would definitely want to go back to.  I highly recommend it.

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Ukkokei Ramen Ron Malate
Business Address
888 Gateway Plaza,
2126 A Mabini St, Malate,
Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11:30am-12:00mn 
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 5%
Budget/Person 350-500
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 516-5511

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