Ma Maison Japanese Western Food: Japanese Fusion at Greenbelt 2 (Closed and Replaced by Tonkatsu by Terezawa)

Ma Maison Japanese Western Food is one of the latest concepts of Bistro Group.   It has offers Japanese fusion dishes with western influence.  

ma maison
Ma Maison has western interiors from lighting to table clothes.  It offers coziness through its dim lighting.  It also has a bar type dining area fronting a glass-windowed kitchen.


Hors d' oeuvre (Appetizers)
escargot baked with garlic butter
 Escargot Baked with Garlic Butter (385 php)
When the Escargot Baked with Garlic Butter was served, we were also excited as a torch lit the salted part into flames.  Aside from the entertaining presentation, the escargot is simply delicious especially when dipping it once more with garlic butter.

camembert cheese fritters
Camembert Cheese Fritters (385 php)
The Camembert Cheese Fritters  is a camembert cheese slices coated in beer batter and deep fried to perfection.  They were deliciously crunchy and exploding with soft and creamy melted camembert cheese.  I really enjoyed them more with the honey vinaigrette.

deep fried chicken wings
 Deep-fried Chicken Wings (245 php)
The Deep-fried Chicken Wings reminded me of buffalo wings.  I loved it!  It was crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside.  It also comes with the honey vinaigrette.

chasoba salad
Chasoba Salad (245 php)
I'd had cold soba before but never in a salad form like the Chasoba Salad.  It had nori, tomatoes, ham, cucumbers and greens.  Instead of broth like the cold soba, the Chasoba Salad is drizzled with sesame dressing and some Japanese mayonnaise on the side.  It was pretty good.  

Hamburger Steak
hamburger steak
Hamburger Steak (375 php)
The Hamburger Steak is a thick minced pork and beef patty drowning in wafu sauce and topped with a sunny side up egg.  It is also served with a potato salad, bread and vegetables.  The Hamburger Steak is savory and tender and made even better by the wafu sauce.  Together with the side dishes, it is one wholesome meal.

Omu Rice
omu rice
Omu-rice (255 php)
omu rice
Omu-rice (255 php)
The Omu-rice is ketchup rice wrapped in omellete served with either ketchup or brown sauce (in this case the latter).  The ketchup had a nice blend of sweetness and tanginess.  The brown sauce is a great complement too.  It would have been perfect had the Japanese rice not have been a little under cooked.  

tonkatsu pork cutlet
 Tonkatsu - Pork Cutlet (375 php)
I'm not much of a fan of Tonkatsu.  But, I'm now a convert after trying this out.  Together with their special sauce and Japanese salt, the crispy coated soft and succulent pork cutlets were awesome!  It's best eaten with the shredded cabbage and some mustard dressing.  

scotch egg
Scotch Egg (375 php)
The Scotch Egg is hard-boiled egg wrapped in a roll of minced beef and pork laid in a bed of brown sauce.  It was served with potato salad and shredded cabbage.  The Scotch Egg is quite tasty but I find this a bit dry that even the brown sauce couldn't compensate.

kani cream croquette
Kani Cream Croquette (375 php)
Upon first bite on the crunchy coating of the Kani Cream Croquette, a warm sweet crabby cream exploded into my mouth.  This is a nice twist to the usual croquette.

Ma Maison Specialties
curry udon
 Curry Udon (325 php)
One of my favorite dishes for the night was the Curry Udon served in a boiling hot in a stone hot pot.  The curry flavor was just right.  The udon had a good texture and the tofu, leeks and fish cake were a great match to the curry soup.

 Frozen Green Tea Brazo de Marcedez (325 php)
The Frozen Green Tea Brazo de Marcedez is a must try dessert!  It is a four layered masterpiece: egg meringue, green tea ice cream, custard cream and graham crust.  The strong taste of green tea was pleasantly paired by the egg meringue, custard cream and graham crust.  As you can observe this is a huge chunk of frozen treat but it was so good that I wanted it all for myself. =D

Mixed White Tart (195 php)
The Mixed White Tart is white chocolate cream with a pastry crust and topped with an assortment of fresh fruits.  The texture is good but I found the cream too sweet that it overpowered the fresh fruits. 

 Aloe Vera Apple (125 php) and Green Tea Citrus (125 php)
I ordered the Aloe Vera Apple.  It was a balanced blend of aloe vera and apple.  It was refreshing and delightful.  It is a neutral beverage that will complement any of their dishes.  

Update (August 5, 2013): Passed by today and noticed that it is now replaced by Tonkatsu by Terazawa so Bistro Group decided to focus on Katsu dishes by the same chef. 

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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Ma Maison is a restaurant that offers delicious Japanese Western Food.  The westernized ambiance and Japanese fusion dishes gives off a whole new experience.  The price may be a bit steep but the serving size  is quite generous and the food quality is great.  The service is also nice.  

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Ma Maison Greenbelt 2
Business Address
Ground Level, Greenbelt 2, Ayala Center,
Paseo de Roxas cor. Legaspi St.,
Makati, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-12am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 729-9122
Other  Website
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