Taza De Oro Food Garden: Authentic Chinese Cuisine in Madison Square

When I first saw the sign of Taza de Oro Food Garden, I had the impression that it was a western cuisine.  Good thing they added "Authentic Chinese Cuisine" at the bottom.  It is a Chinese restaurant located at Madison Square in Greenhills.

taza de oro food garden
Taza de Oro Food Garden has the typical Chinese ambiance.  It had red walls which matched with its red seats, large round tables, Chinese lanterns, cold cuts display and an aquarium of fresh fishes.

Despite having eaten at traditional Chinese restaurants all my life, it is actually the first time I ate at one with the company of fellow foodies instead of family.  As we sat on the big round table, I suddenly remembered my family.

The best way to enjoy an authentic Chinese restaurant like this is to enjoy the meal lauriat style.  We did that but we skipped the appetizers.

hot and sour soup
 Hot & Sour Soup L (490 php)
I'm sure I've mentioned before the Hot & Sour Soup is my favorite.  I always drink it with a tinge of black vinegar.  I was so glad that our hosts decided to order it for us.  Taza de Oro Food Garden's version is delicious!  It had a generous amount of mushrooms, tofu, bamboo shots and roasted pork strips.  Although I personally prefer it with more chili, this got me hooked.  If I were dining with my family and close friends, I would probably ask for a refill before the servers took away the big bowl still with a lot of soup.  What a pity because I was too shy. =(

braised patatim with cuapao
Braised Patatim with 12 pcs. CuaPao (680 php)
We all loved the Braised Patatim with 12 pcs. CuaPao.  The Braised Patatim was served hot and it was so tender and tasty.  The Cuapao was perfectly soft and moist.  I filled as much meat in my CuaPao as I could.  Yum!

golden butter chicken
 Golden Butter Chicken L (460 php)
The Golden Butter Chicken is my favorite dish for the night.  The coating was perfectly golden brown and crispy.  The chicken meat within was also tender and juicy.  I liked that the butter taste was just right and not overwhelming so it keeps you wanting for more.  It is also served with the Chinese Shrimp Kropek.  

mixed vegetable fu yong
Mixed Vegetable Fu Yong L (480 php)
It's my first time to encounter the Mixed Vegetable Fu Yong.  This vegetable omelette with sauce was served in a nice presentation.  It was also quite enjoyable to eat.

sweet an sour fish fillet
 Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet L (520 php)
The Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet is fried Lapu-lapu fish fillets covered in sweet ad sour sauce.  I don't usually order this in a restaurant because we usually cook this at home.  Yet, I couldn't stop munching on these because of its perfect crisp coating and succulent inner texture.  

salt and pepper squid
Salt & Pepper Squid L (490 php)
The Salt & Pepper Squid had the perfect contrasting crunchy then soft consistency.  The taste is also balanced.  A dash of vinegar is all it takes to turn this into an addicting treat.  

sate miki guisado
Sate Miki Guisado L (450 php)
It's my first time to try the Sate Miki Guisado.  It's an interesting twist to the usual Miki Guisado.  The blend of flavors is pretty good.  I usually get tired of eating too much of the Miki Guisado but this time I felt that it has tickled my appetite for more.

salted fish fried rice
Salted Fish Fried Rice L (400 php)
The Salted Fish Fried Rice had the just enough saltiness to add a kick to the usual plain staple.  It went well with all the viands we ate.

thai iced tea with black gulaman
Thai Iced Tea with Black Gulaman (90 php)
I loved their Thai Iced Tea with Black Gulaman.  The flavor is mildly sweet and fragrant.  The Black Gulaman or Grass Jelly is a nice complement.  But, I hope they could just slice it into smaller cubes or strips so I could drink it with the straw altogether.  I find spooning the grass jelly to be quite a hassle.

almond with lychee
Almond with Lychee L (450 php)
The Almond with Lychee L is served with crushed ice and moraschino cherries.  I find it cool and refreshing.  But, I find their almond jelly too milky in terms of flavor.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Taza De Oro Food Garden is an affordable Chinese restaurant serving your Chinese favorites and more!   They also serve a whole cycle of meals: breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner. If only it wasn't far from our place, I would love to bring  my family here.  My siblings will surely find their congee selections interesting.

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Taza De Oro Food Garden 
Business Address Ground Level, Madison Square,
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Business Hours 7am-10pm
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Budget/Person 250-500
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Contact (02) 721-0381, (02) 721-0382
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