Lauriat Birthday Party At Hongkong Emperor Seafood Restaurant (Closed)

The grand interior of Emperor Seafood Restaurant can be easily seen from its glass windows.  Strategically located at Mall of Asia, the biggest mall in the Philippines, Hongkong Emperor Seafood Restaurant is always packed with guests.  
hongkong emperor seafood restaurant
Hongkong Emperor Seafood Restaurant is set up with large round tables because it is usually visited in big groups.  Thus, it offers set menus for a complete lauriat meal for the entire table in addition to its regular ala carte  dishes.  Their set menus are comes in different prices depending on your budget.

hongkong emperor seafood restaurant
We visited this place during my cousin's special 21st birthday.  Although we can in a large group, we opted to select our choices one-by-one.  Whenever there is a special occasion such as this, we eat the traditional lauriat ("Lao-Diat" in Fookien or "Re-Nao" in Mandarin) party way.  So, let's start.

emperor bbq cuts
Emperor BBQ Cuts Combination
A typical Chinese Lauriat party always starts with the an assortment  of Chinese Cold Cuts.  The Emperor BBQ Cuts Combination contains Century Egg, Soy Chicken, Pork, Asado and Jelly Fish.  Honestly, I've been eating these types of combinations ever since I was a little kid but its always as good.  Hongkong Emperor Seafood Restaurant's version is no different from the rest.

fish lip soup
Fish Lip Soup
The Fish Lip Soup is competitive but not the best one I've tasted.  Add a few drops of black vinegar and savor the rich sweet and sour taste.

Main Course
birthday noodles
Birthday Noodles
It is always expected that the Birthday Noodles will be ordered in every Chinese birthday occasion for "a longer life" as they say.  I love the way this dish was cooked.  It was flavorful but at the right degree for you to be able to appreciate the ingredients well.

fried rice

shrimp wasabi sauce
Shrimp with Wasabi Sauce
This is the first time I've encountered Shrimp with Wasabi Sauce in a Chinese restaurant.  The wasabi sauce is only mild and the shrimp was soft and tender.  It was actually pretty good.
emperor combination chicken
Emperor Combination Chicken

steamed lapu lapu
Steamed Twin Lapu-Lapu in Soy Sauce
The key to a delicious steamed lapu-lapu is the right timing with the steaming to make it soft and tender.  The Steamed Twin Lapu-Lapu in Soy Sauce was perfectly cooked as such!
live suahe
Live Suahe
The Suahe is cooked just right.  It was really sweet and juicy.  I didn't bother removing all those shells just to unlock the delicious taste!

Since, I was not the one who called the order, I apologize for having missed out some of the names of the dishes.  But, the great thing about Hongkong Emperor Seafood Restaurant is their offerings are consistent in bringing out the natural flavor of the food.  The food is not oily and not excessive with MSG.  This is one of my family's favorite restaurants and despite our repeated visits, I've never been disappointed.     

chilled mango sago
Chilled Mango Sago
I've loved their Chilled Mango Sago since my first visit.  I like that there's a hint of milk or cream in it that enhances the taste and texture.  I had two rounds of this. =)

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 Hongkong Emperor Seafood Restaurant
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2nd Level Entertainment Mall, Mall of Asia, Pasay City
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