Sugarleaf: Great Food That's Unbelievably Healthy

I have to admit that I've been indulging myself with burgers, pizza and ice cream these past few days that I even felt my waistline widen.  It's such a perfect timing that Spanky invited me for a healthy meal at Sugarleaf located at the ground floor of Medicard Lifestyle Center.  Belonging to a family that's highly prone to heart disease, I find Sugarleaf very intriguing especially since I can't recall enjoying anything healthy while eating out.

I had the wrong first impression that Sugarleaf serves vegetarian dishes.  When in fact, Sugarleaf serves healthy food that optimizes organic ingredients and super food which includes free range chickens and other meats, Goody kerif probiotic food and drinks, low glycemic desserts and non-dairy coconot kefir ice cream.


Sugarleaf Makati is composed of three floors.  The ground floor is where the mini mart is located.  You can purchase organic and other healthy food products such as Jello's ice cream, bath & body products and more. 
sugarleaf desserts
The dining area is found on the second floor.   The place is a bit plain but suitable for a quick meal.  Aside from the tables, there' a counter and a chiller full of healthy desserts. 


Good Wraps
free range chicken goody wraps
 Free-Range Chicken (238 php)
smoked fish goody wraps
Smoked Fish (238 php)
crabstick & Mango goody wraps
Crabstick & Mango (188 php)
For starters, we enjoy the Free-Range ChickenSmoked Fish and Crabstick & Mango Goody Wraps.   I enjoyed them all!  The wraps were soft and moist.  The goody kerif dressing was possesed the right mix of flavors.  The  Free-Range Chicken was savory.  The  Smoked Fish  tasted like the classic tasty tinapang bangus (smoked milk fish).  The Crabstick & Mango reminded me of the california maki. 

norwegian smoked salmon & dill
Norwegian Smoked Salmon & Dill (158 php)
The Norwegian Smoked Salmon & Dill is a ciabatta filled with a salmon chunks, dill and a mix of lettuces.  Like everything in the sandwiches selection, it is served with baked gluten free soy chipssimilar to Soyami (see previous entry).  

turkey waldorf sandwich
Turkey Waldorf Sandwich (208 php)
The Turkey Waldorf Sandwich is a raisin cinnamon bagel filled with gluten-free turkey and the components of waldorf salad: mix of lettuce, celery, red apple, toasted cashew and kefir‐nutmeg home-made mayo.

iberico joselito belota
 Iberico Joselito Belota Chorizo (228 php)
The Iberico Joselito Belota Chorizo as the name implies is the main component in the sandwich.  Despite being mildly spiced and low in cholesterol, the Spanish sausage is very flavorful.  It is accompanied by a mix of lettuce and alfalfa sprouts.

Organic Salads
garden greens
 Garden Greens (238 php)
The Garden Greens is a mix of lettuce, beetroot, carrot, cucumber and red raddish.  I love the color combination in this salad.  I actually find the name ironic. =p It's the first time I was able to enjoy beet root and red raddish. There were three dressings available: blueberry, passion fruit and lemon balm.  The blueberry was the very tangy.  The lemon balm was a bit zesty too but I liked it the most among the three because I like it sour.  The passion fruit has the simplest flavor among the three.  It's the best dressing to use when you want to enjoy the natural flavors of the fresh organic salad.

mango with organic pesto fettucini
 Mango with Organic Pesto (148 php)
The Mango with Organic Pesto gave an atsounding first impression with its gorgeous looks.  The infused red beet gave the pasta a natural pinkish color.  As soon as we had a bite, everyone just couldn't get enough of this dish.  The mango went well with the fresh organic pesto and the freshly-made fettucini.  I've never had a pesto as fresh and natural as these!  The fettucini was cooked in al dente so it was pleasing to chew.

jello's coco kefir ice cream
Jello's Coco Kefir Ice Cream 
We were able to try two flavors of Jello's Coco Kefir Ice Cream:  Vegan Cherry Pistachio and Vegan Vanilla Bean.  These are ice cream with a coconut milk and kefir base.  I loved them both.  The tanginess from the kefir is just mild.  But if given one choice, I'd pick the Vegan Cherry Pistachio because those are my two favorite flavors combined into one!  In fact, if I didn't have any other places to go that day, I would have bought some for the family.

Good Kerif Chia Smoothies and Organic Soya Milk Shakes
 Mix Berry Goody Kefir-chia Smoothies (150 php), Choco-Banana Organic Soya-Chia Milkshakes (150 php) and Strawberry Organic Soya-Chia Milkshakes (150 php) (left to right)
Unlike the Organic Soya-Chia Milkshakes which is thick and creamy, the Goody Kefir-chia Smoothies selection is in puree form.  I personally like the Goody Kefir-chia Smoothies more because I find it refreshing to drink.  Although these are delicious and I would certainly want to try more of them, I have to admit that it is a bit pricey for a beverage.

Other Juices
We were given a sample of their Malunggay-Pineapple-Lemongrass Juice which embodied a yellow greenish color.  Many would be wary of this color right?  Especially when they hear the word "malunggay". =p So, how did it fare?

Here are my friends' impression upon tasting:
B: It tastes... "healthy"
S: Right... It does taste "healthy".

You probably could sense what they meant by it.  Although the juice tastes sweet with the dominant pineapple flavor, our tastebuds cannot deny that there is still a hint of bitterness from the malunggay and the distinct taste of lemongrass.  I don't mind the faint taste of bitterness though.  I am used to bitterness since I enjoy black coffee and I drink bitter-gourd extract when my sugar level reaches its limits. =D

Sugarleaf workshops
Sugarleaf offers various workshops related to food and health.  Don't forget to check their facebook fan page for updates. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Sugarleaf offers great food that's unbelievably healthy.  The quality of the ingredients are top notch.  I would certainly want to dine here again when in the area.  It's sometimes relieving to eat healthy foods like this.  You should try it too!  I want more of their Jello's Coco Kefir Ice Cream too!  I really couldn't get enough of those.  

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