Akiba Cafe: Revisiting for the Delightful Cakes!

Earlier this week, our newly established food group, The Foodies Circle, decided to have a quick cafe session to plan the groups' directions.  Around two months ago, I was raving about the drinks at Akiba Cafe (see previous entry) so I was excited when the group decided to hold the meeting there.

Akiba Cafe staff
Akiba Cafe's Christian and Madel 
According to our kind server Christian, Akiba is a shortcut for Akihabara, a popular place in Japan that is well-known for technology and blooming cafes.  Both Christian and Madel were so helpful in helping us decide what to order.  They were also so hardworking that they accomodated our last orders even though it was closing time.


Trifle Drinks
trifle tea
Signature Trifle Kohi, Matcha Trifle Tea and Chai Trifle Tea (clockwise) (100 php)
I was so glad that they had a new item on their menu.  I quickly ordered the Signature Trifle Kohi  in excitement!  I hinted my companions that the Akiba Cafe's Trifle Drink selection is a must try so they the Matcha Trifle Tea and Chai Trifle Tea.  The Trifle Drinks contain the special  Trifle Cream which is a blend of three secret creams.  

So how do you enjoy the Trifle Drink?
trifle tea
Follow Akiba Cafe's Guide =D
It's really funny because we all tried to drink our Trifle Drinks without a straw but we ended up sipping all of the trifle drink without tasting the tea or kohi beneath it.  So Christian thought us how to enjoy it with a straw.  First sip the Trifle Cream and then push the straw further for the tea or kohi.  

I recall saying that the Matcha Trifle Tea is Akiba Cafe's best drink.  Well, the Signature Trifle Kohi is as delicious as the Matcha Trifle Tea.  Perhaps, the only deciding factor is when ordering is which you feel like having.  Is it tea or kohi?  

Just when I was about to decide which one is better, Christian told us that the Jasmine Tea Trifle is also very sellable.  The Chai Trifle Tea is also something unique since its a spiced tea with a hint of cinnamon.  Whew!  It's really difficult to decide the best among them.  But, we all agreed that the Trifle Drinks selection is certainly worth coming back for.  You just can't get them anywhere else.

trifle cream
Trifle Cream (30 php)
Since we all wanted more of the Trifle Cream after sipping them all up, we took courage in asking for more!  We then learned that you could order an extra Trifle Cream for only 30 php.  We ordered two of those for sharing.  My daring friends even tried pouring some over their Hakone Jasmine Tea

Flavored Hot Kohi
nutty macadamia kohi
Nutty Macadamia Kohi (130 php)
When Christian recommended their best seller Nutty Macadamia Kohi, I initially had the impression that it was sweet.  But, upon first sip I fell into a ambrosial trance.  The Nutty Macadamia Kohi was not sweet at all.  In fact, the mixture is so perfect that the kohi flavor was accented by the fragrant sesame seeds and the hint of macadamia flavor.


While glancing into their chiller, I observed that they now offer more cakes.  In fact, Akiba Cafe's Japanese baker prepares six different cakes in a week.  And, they change their cake offering per week so they offer quite an assortment.  
kawaiken puppy cake
Kawaiken Puppy Cake
blue soft cake
Blueberry Soft Cake

Afternoon Cake Delight Promo
afternoon cake delight promo
If you want to enjoy Akiba Cafe's cakes, the best time to try it is during their "Afternoon Cake Delight" from 1 pm to 5 pm.  All the cakes which price ranges up to 130 php is sold for only 99 php.  The promo is on-going until June 2012.  

It's too bad that we missed the Afternoon Cake Delight because it was around 7 pm when we arrived.  By then, some of the cakes like their green tea cheesecake (see previous entry) where already sold out!  Could you believe that? =(

For someone who love cakes, I wanted to try all of them!  Unfortunately, the drinks were surprisingly heavy on the stomach so we had to limit our choices to the their top three available cakes.

sweet potato cake
Sweet Potato Cake (130 php)
The Sweet Potato Cake was heavenly.  The sweet potato was so creamy yet light that I could not believe it was even possible!  The flavor is so balanced that I bet anyone would love this cake.

akiba tiramisu
Akiba Tiramisu (120 php)
All of us agreed that the Akiba Tiramisu is the best cake for the day!  The Akiba Tiramisu is unlike other tiramisu cakes.  It tasted like chocolate and trifle cream.  We all found the Akiba Tiramisu to be very addictive.

double chocolate
Double Chocolate
If you're a chocoholic, you'll surely enjoy the Double Chocolate.  Despite its rich flavor, the Double Chocolate has a very soft cream and mousse-like texture that makes it effortless to chew. I'm sure you'll lavish the pleasing sensation of the Double Chocolate melting in you mouth.  

akiba loyalty card and gift card
Akiba Cafe Loyalty Card and Gift Card
It's great that Akiba Cafe now has an incentive system where you can collect your stamp and gain a FREE drink through their Loyalty Card.  They also have a  Gift Card that is a great gift to your loved one.  We all found their gift cards to be very presentable. =D

It was only when the store was closing and we were about to leave that we remembered our purpose.  We all laughed as we realized how foodie-like we all were.  We were so enticed with the food that it was all we cared about. =p  I'm sure we will forever remember this blissful night at the Akiba Cafe.  It is our very first foodie stop after meeting each other over a soft serve ice cream session at Moshi Moshi (see separate entry) a few weeks ago.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Akiba Cafe is one of the best cafes to unwind and take a break.  I'm sure you will enjoy their unique blend of drinks and delightful cakes.  Although Akiba Cafe is a newcomer in the cafe industry, it has already gained a lot of regular customers.  Not only are their drinks and cakes delicious, they are also very affordable.  The servers are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable so don't hesitate asking them for suggestions.

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