Moshi Moshi: Hello Fun Japanese Fast Food at Katipunan

Last week, I got a chance to visit Moshi Moshi at Regis Center, Katipunan.  Moshi Moshi is a fast food restaurant that will surely leave you a pleasing impression.  
moshi moshi

moshi moshi

Unlike other Japanese restaurants I've been to, Moshi Moshi offers the modern and fun side of Japanese culture.  They made use of characters that are cute like animes.  They also offer options like "level up" in their menu like those in Japanese video games.  I just love its modern and minimalist interiors.  The place looks bright, clean and spacious. 

kit kat special flavors
Moshi Moshi also sells a wide variety of Kit Kat Chocolate so you don't need to go to Japan or Hongkong to try them. 


Side Orders
♥ Miso Soup (35 php)
I couldn't believe that Miso Soup was so affordable.  The taste of Moshi Moshi's Miso Soup is at par with expensive Japanese restaurants I've been to.  Moshi Moshi served the Miso Soup with a generous amount of wakame.  

Gyoza 5 pcs.  (95 php)
The Gyoza was noticeably flat upon serving.  I wish it could be more meaty and flavorful.

♥ Takoyaki 6 pcs. (55 php)
The Takoyaki is very delicious!  It was topped with takoyaki sauce, Japanese mayonaise, katsuobushi (dried bunito) and aonori (seaweeds).  

♥ California Roll 8 pcs. (139 php)
The California Roll was pretty tasty with the blend of sweet mangoes and crab sticks contrasted by the distinct taste of Japanese Mayonnaise.  The seaweed was still crunchy indicating that the California Roll were freshly made.

Healthy Salad

Kani Salad (188 php)
We got to sample their Kani Salad which will be part of their new healthy salads selection.  Although it was served in a large proportion with the freshest ingredients, it could use some more Japanese Mayonnaise and crab sticks.

Moshi Moshi Deluxe Bento

Kin Deluxe Bento (320 php)
The Kin Deluxe Bento had Mixed Tempura, Gyudon, 3 pcs. of Takoyaki,  Kani Salad and Fried Egg.  The Kin Deluxe Bento is sure to satisfy your appetite.  It may even be good for sharing.  However, as a fan of  Gyudon, I have tasted better versions.  I could say the same for their Mixed Tempura. 

Make Your Own Bento
gyu bento
Gyu Bento (155 php)
The Gyu Bento had Crunchy Onion Rings, Chicken balls, Kani Salad, Gyudon and Japanese rice. Despite the affordable pricing, I was impressed that they offered their bento boxes with authentic sticky Japanese rice.   I also love onion rings so I couldn't stop munching on them!  Their onion rings were huge so it was a bit heavy on the stomach.  Although the chicken ball had a nice crunchy coating, the texture and flavor of the meat failed to gain my acquiescence.

chicken teriyaki bento
Chicken Teriyaki Bento (155 php)
I prefer the Chicken Teriyaki Bento among their bento selections.  The Chicken Teriyaki sauce was savory and the chicken strips were tender and succulent.  

milk tea
Milk Tea (55 php)
The Milk Tea tasted like caramel milk tea.  I'm not fond of that milk tea variety because it was usually too sweet for my taste like in this case.  

strawberry soft serve
Strawberry Soft Serve Ice Cream
We were one of the firsts to try out their Strawberry Soft Serve Ice Cream.  I wouldn't ask for a better way to end a heavy meal than to enjoy a cup of their tarty-tasting Strawberry Soft Serve Ice Cream with my new found food blogger friends.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Moshi Moshi is certainly a fun fast food Japanese restaurant to hang out with friends and family.  The green and white color scheme is very calming to the eyes and gives a cozy feel.  The service is great!  I was pleased to see the owner himself bowing as we exited the premises. 

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