Basty's: Delectable Spanish Fusion Dishes at Fort Bonifacio Global City

Spanish is one of my favorite cuisines.  Perhaps, because it is one of the cuisines I grew up eating.  During my childhood days, we used to employ cooks who are knowledgeable in Spanish dishes.  But as I grew older, those good cooks became a rarity so we had to eat out whenever we miss the pleasures of Spanish cuisine.  Our latest find is Basty's along Fort Bonifacio Global City which offers a unique twist of Spanish Fusion.  


Located at the Net Quad Corporate Center, Basty's has a bar on its first floor and a dining area on the second floor.  The restaurant is very visible through its glass windows.  

The dining area could fit only a few tables.  But, it felt cozy with the glass window view, adequate lighting and large paintings.  Our server shared that Basty's is owned by a couple who are both chefs.

According to the menu, Basty's uses fresh ingredients and their dishes are free from preservatives and MSG.  That sounds pretty good to us because we adopt the same policy at home! =D

gambas al ajillo
Gambas al Ajillo (250 php)
The Gambas al Ajillo is another Spanish favorite of mine.  The Gambas al Ajillo is white shrimps sauteed with chili, garlic and smoked paprika.  I just love the soft shrimps and the sauce with the right kick of spiciness.

croquettas de pollo
 Croquettas de Pollo (145 php)
The Croquettas de Pollo are chicken croquettes.  It was served hot and in a golden brown color.  The coating was perfectly crunchy while the inside had a smooth and creamy mashed potato.  Although I could not visibly see any chicken bits, I could sense its mild taste.  The superb texture of these little munchers makes them one of the best croquettes, I have ever tried!

Soups and Salads
sopas de ajo
Sopa de Ajo (190 php)
The Sopa de Ajo is my favorite Spanish soup.  I always order this whenever available.  The Sopa de Ajo is a roasted garlic soup topped with fresh egg.  The soup was deliciously garlicky!

sopa de lentejas
Sopa de Lentejas (225 php)
The Sopa de Lentejas is a soup with softened lentils and homemade Spanish chorizo.  This soup has a nice blend of flavors. 

aligue with prawns
Aligue with Prawns (315 php)
The Aligue with Prawns is one of the dishes I always look forward to critic because you have to have the right flavor subtleties to make it an appetizing dish.  If the taste of one component is too strong, then the dish will lose its appeal and make it difficult to finish.  I was impressed with the composition of this dish.  It had generous proportions of shrimp and the crab fat was contrasted by the garlic and the zesty lemon juice so the taste was balanced all through out.

Spanish Favorites
lengua sevillana
 Lengua Sevillana (315 php)
The Lengua Sevillana is ox tongue with mushrooms and black olives.  The order also comes with a separate plate of steamed rice.  The ox tongue was so tender it almost melts in your mouth.  This is one of the best Lengua dishes I have ever tried.  This is a must try!

callos madrillena
 Callos Madrillena (325 php)
The Callos Madrillena is an ox tripe stew with homemade chorizo and saffron served with aioli mayonnaise and saffron rice.  The ox tripe has a tomato-based stew with their homemade chorizo, it was exploding with flavors.  With or without the aioli mayonnaise, it was delicious!

paella valenciana
Paella Valenciana Family Size (775 php) 
I love paellas!  Of course, a Spanish cuisine post isn't complete without it.  We ordered the Paella Valenciana.  The presentation was very nice.  The hot pan was served on topped of a burner.  It was served with generous amount of toppings.  The Spanish rice was cooked just right. I loved every bit of it even the burnt ones at the bottom of the pan. =D

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Basty's is a great place to enjoy Spanish fusion dishes.  All the dish we tried were really good.  The price is very reasonable for a Spanish cuisine.  The service is good as we didn't wait too long before the food to arrive.  Despite, the fact that the waiter had to come up all the time, all our needs were attended too.  

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Business Address
Ground Floor Net Quad Building, 30th Street corner 4th Avenue,
Taguig City, Metro Manila
Business Hours Mon-Sat: 9am-12mn
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 350-800
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 569-132
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