Chicken Delish: Gourmet Double Fried Chicken

During my second visit to Best Food Forward (see previous entry), I got to try a new double fried chicken named "Chicken Delish".  Unlike other double fried chicken concepts, Chicken Delish is cooked home-style but with their own gourmet sauces: Pinoy BBQ, Pinoy Buffalo, Korean, Salt N' Pepper, Sriacha and Kung Pao.  Sometimes, they also give in to customers with kids who request their chicken to be with gravy.

chicken delish

Chicken Delish is owned by Annalyn Jusay-Zoglmann, who is a fellow blogger and foodie.  She shares that she was serving her gourmet-style fried chicken to her family way before the Korean double fried chicken craze hit the Metro.  During her experiments to please her family, she was able to come out with her different gourmet sauces.  With her entrepreneurial nature, she saw the gourmet fried chicken trend as a good opportunity to start on her business.  She began last year at Soderno Sunday market where her initial success paved way to the opening of her stand-alone store at the Caltex Gas Station at Better Living, Paranaque City.  She is proud to say that she has regular and loyal customers who cherish her gourmet fried chicken on a daily basis.

chicken delish
Korean Drumstick and Pinoy Barbecue Drumstick (120 php)
I asked Annalyn, AJ for short, for their best selling sauces and she recommended the Korean and Pinoy Barbecue.  I also wanted to try the Sriracha which I'm told is Thai hot sauce mixed with butter and honey.  But, it was not available on the night of my visit.   I also had to settle for the drumsticks because the chicken wings were already sold out.  As soon as I ordered, AJ personally cooked the chicken for me.  It was soon marinated with the gourmet sauces.  

Korean Drumstick
I first tried the Korean Drumstick.  For 120 php, the serving size and amount of sauce is adequate.  The Korean sauce was sweet and mildly spiced just for the kick.  The sesame seeds complements the sauce in terms of fragrance and flavor.  The chicken skin was crispy and not too oily.  On the other hand, the chicken meat was warm, tender and succulent.   It was cooked with perfect timing.

Pinoy Barbecue
I usually veer away from the Pinoy Barbecue sauces because I usually find them to be too sweet for my taste.  But, the Chicken Delish Pinoy Barbecue sauce hit my taste preference right on the mark.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Chicken Delish offers affordable gourmet fried chicken that's close to home.  The taste is home-style and not too commercialized.  The price is very reasonable that you can enjoy it whenever you want.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Chicken Delish Menu
Ambiance 4-piece chicken wings - 90 php
2-piece drumsticks - 120 php
=Favorites or Recommended 
Chicken Delish 
Business Address
Caltex Gas Station, Better Living, 
Paranaque City, Metro Manila
Business Hours

Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 90-120
Free WiFi Yes
(02) 801-9796, (02) 545-3929
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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