Mr. Kurosawa Euro Japanese: New with Katsu!

It was around two years ago when we, Tsinoy Foodies, first visited Resorts World Manila and found ourselves enticed by Mr. Kurosawa's Japanese cuisines accompanied by a European flair.  The name Mr. Kurosawa was actually inspired by the late Japanese director Akira Kurosawa.  Its animal print sign was bold and eye-catching that makes it easy to spot.  Thus, it was here that we marked the beginning of our Newport Mall food quest.  

mr kurosawa

mr kurosawa

The European interior of scarlet curtains, dark leatherette chairs and orange bricked walls gave it an elegant and chic aura.  Yet, through its doors and wall designs, you could sense the Japanese influence.

As I glanced down their large menu, I can still reminisce the French-Japanese items like Gyoza souflait, Spanish-Japanese items like Japaella, Greek-Japanese items like Japanese Kebabs that got us excited there in the first place.  But, Mr. Kurosawa's offering doesn't end there.  As hits its third year of operations for its Eastwood branch and second year for its Resorts World Manila branch,  Mr. Kurosawa has released three more dishes made by three distinguished personalities in the industry: 

Chef Christine Nicole Nicolas
Chef Christine Nicole Nicolas 

Chef Christine Nicole Nicolas is graduate of Center of Culinary Arts in Manila, and continued her studies at the Culinary Institute of America in New York, U.S.A. She began her career by working at her family business, Red Crab Seafood and Steaks.  Currently, she is the corporate chef and part-owner of SumoSam Group of Restaurants (SumoSam Steaks Seafood and Sushi, John and Yoko Cosmopolitan Japanese (see previous review), Marciano’s Pizza Pasta and Steaks, Mr. Kurosawa Euro-Japanese).
Chef Benjamin Gonzales
Chef Benjamin Gonzales 
Chef Benjamin Gonzales was a cook at Furusato Japanese Restaurant and a head chef at Zen Restaurant from 1985 to 1993.  In 2005, he made a leap in exploring Japanese cuisine by joining the SumoSam family.
Chef Florabel Co-Yatco
Chef Florabel Co-Yatco  
She is the President and CEO of 12 chain of restaurants such as Florabel, Floring’s, Crisostomo, Market on 5th, Sweet Pea, Johnny Chow, Elias.


fish katsu
Fish Katsu (268 php)
The Fish Katsu is a bread deep-fried cream dory fish served with a slice of lemon, fried, Japanese Coleslaw and Spicy Ebiko Sauce.  Cream dory is a popular dish here in the Philippines.  As expected, everyone at our table enjoyed the Fish Katsu.  However, you may find it odd that I'm not a cream dory fan.  Regardless of the types of dish or even when I eat the dory fish at home, I always sense something an unusual taste.  Really... I didn't even know it was cream dory until the waiter affirmed it.  But, no one seems to have the same predicament as I do.  

shrimp katcu
 Shrimp Katsu
I loved the Shrimp Katsu the most!  It was a crunchy croquette with bit of shrimp, shitake mushroom and veggies.  The chili plum sauce is an awesome complement too!

ebi katsu
Ebi Katsu with Wasabi Mango Mayo (398 php)
The Ebi Katsu with Wasabi Mango Mayo was a big hit among us!  The dip was a great twist which made this dish special. 

tonkatsu torikatsu
Tonkatsu and Torikatsu (288 php)
Wasabi Mayo, Tonkatsu Sauce, Spicy Ebiko Mayo (left to right)
By the time the Tonkatsu and Torikatsu came, we were already bombarded by Katsu so this dish did not gain much limelight.  On the bright side, it was served with all kinds of sauces which you can opt to use alone or mix and match so you can create your own sauce fusion.=p  I enjoyed the chicken Torikatsu better than the pork Tonkatsu too.

last samurai chicken wings
Last Samurai Chicken Wings (298 php)
The Last Samurai Chicken Wings reminds me of the crispiness of Bonchon Chicken merged with a thick sweet and spicy sauce like that of a buffalo wings.  


rhapsody in spring
 Rhapsody in Spring Regular (70 php)
The Rhapsody in Spring is actually a matcha milk tea.  I really loved this drink!  It was like a green tea milk shake.  The black pearls and nata de coco strips were so delicious smooth and chewy.

white forrest
Red Angel (70 php)
The Red Angel  is strawberry and yakult milk tea.  If you like it a bit tangy, then this drink is for you.

I also got to try the White Forest (70php) which is a winter melon milk tea.  It has a sweet taste with a blend of vanilla ice cream and assam tea

blue iced tea
Blue Bottomless Iced Tea (108 php)
If you're not into the milk tea craze, the Blue Bottomless Iced Tea is something new and refreshing to try. =)

strawberry milkshake
Strawberry Milk Shake (158 php)
My companion ordered the Strawberry Milk Shake.  I just thought I'd share with you on how attractive it looks. =)

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Mr. Kurosawa offers a wide range of Japanese Cuisine with a European twist.  In terms of Katsu, you should try the Shrimp Katsu.  The milk teas are pretty good and their affordable too!  The ambiance at Mr. Kurosawa is perfect for any social gathering whether its for family dining or business meeting.  

Mr. Kurosawa Resorts World Manila
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Business Hours Mon-Thurs; Sun: 10am-11pm
Fri-Sat: 10am-12am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 350-600
Contact (02) 973-6213
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