Hotel H20's Makan Makan Asian Food Village at Manila Ocean Park

Last Christmas, my family decided to visit the Manila Ocean Park for the first time after waiting for the attractions to be complete.  For dinner, we ate at Hotel H20's Makan Makan Asian Food Village.  We've dined at Makan Makan around two years ago before so we were surprised at how much it has changed.

hotel h2o makan makan

hotel h2o makan makan

hotel h2o makan makan
Makan Makan used to have a street style set up which we all lvoed because you get to enjoy roaming around the kitchen stalls and select what you want to order.  Back then, there were causal wooden tables and chairs.  Now, it depicted a cozy and elegant ambiance similar to that of other hotels.  The center part was retained as a kitchen though. Makan Makan is still maintained by the same Singaporean owner though.


Singapore to Malaysia

We ordered the Chicken Satay 10 pcs (210 php).  We were surprised at how short each stick was.  It is probably the smallest I've seen.  The taste was fairly good.  The peanut sauce was just right.

Single Bowl Soup
My brother ordered the Laksa (160 php).  The spiciness was just right with a hint of coconut milk.  It was served with seafood and rice cakes.

The Char Kway Teow (160 php) was one of the best dishes for the night.  The taste was so appetizing to eat that I had a lot of this.

The Nasi Goreng (220 php) is spicy but I liked it.


For soup, I had the Tom Yam Seafood (300 php).  It was good for sharing.  The sourness was more dominant that the spiciness.  Perhaps, because the sweetness of the seafood contrasted with the hotness.

Best Seller
The Pad Thai Seafood (160 php) is one of the best dishes that we ordered.  The stir fried seafood rice noodles was topped with pickled radish, bean curd and a tamarind-based sauce.

The Pandan Chicken (250 php) was just okay for me.  It was not as fragrant and flavorful as I hoped.

My mom always orders the ♥ Bagoong Rice With Condiments whenever available.  Makan Makan's version was very delicious!


Specialty Chicken
The ♥ Makan Makan Fried Chicken Half (450 php) is a unique style of fried chicken.  It was tender and flavorful.  The skin was very tasty.  We all enjoyed this!

For dessert, I had the ♥ Red Ruby with Jackfruit (120 php).  Not only is this dessert attractive and pleasing to the eye with its red tapoioca gems, it was also refreshingly delicious!  I enjoyed every biteful of this.  This is the best red ruby version I've tried so don't miss out on this.

We also ordered the ♥ Sticky Rice with Mango (120 php).  It was served with a half sliced mango.  The flavor of the sticky rice, the creamy coconut topping and the sourness of the mango was a perfect combination.  We all love this.

I ordered the Tehtarik (50 php).  It was pretty good.  The tea taste was not too strong nor bland.  On the other hand, my sisters ordered the Bandung with Chin Chow (95 php).  It was more sweet than fragrant.  Lastly, My brother ordered the Lemon Barley (50 php).  The taste of lemon was refreshing.  It was fun to drink with the barley.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Hotel H20's Makan Makan Asian Food Village is a worthy consideration when visiting the Manila Ocean Park.  They have a wide range of dishes from different Asian countries.  The place is cozy and chic which makes it suitable for casual to formal dining.  Food prices are reasonable.  Most of their dishes are already good for two to three.  The service was good too.  

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Makan Makan Asian Food Village
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2/F Sunset Quay Manila Ocean Park, Luneta
Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 6am-9pm
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Budget/Person 250-500
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