S&R (SNR) Food Court: Affordable Quality Food and Bottomless Soda

As with any household, grocery shopping is a routinary activity for us Tsinoy Foodies.  One of favorite stores with endless of food finds is S&R (SNR) membership shopping.  Based on our observation, the branch with most products is the S&R (SNR) Bonifacio Global City. You can't imagine how interesting the frozen section is for a microwave cooker like me. =p  It has become a tradition to purchase our meals at S&R (SNR) Food Court after long hours of grocery shopping.  

The S&R (SNR) Food Court requires members to present their receipt of at least 500 php worth before ordering.  On a weekend, expect long lines just to order from the four lane counters at S&R (SNR) Food Court.  On the right side of the counter, there are huge soft drinks dispensers where customers can refill their large cups as many times as they want.  Bottomless Soda is only 45 php at the S&R (SNR) Food Court.

On the left side of the counters, is the self-service condiments area.  You can get straws, mayonnaise, ketchup, hot sauce, mustard, relish and onions from there.

Although the dining area is huge with tables and benches, it is usually crowded on a weekend.


Pepperoni Calzone (119 php)
The Pepperoni Calzone is stuffed with pepperoni, tomato sauce and oozing mozzarella cheese.  As you see the serving size is quite generous that an order of this is already a satisfying meal.

 Vegetable Calzone (119 php)
The Vegetable Calzone is my favorite and frequent order.  I just love the crunchiness and tastiness of both the green bell peppers and onions.  It really complements the chewy mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce. 

The Chicken Baked Roll (129 php) is always my alternative option when the Vegetable Calzone is not available.      Its a long bread roll filled with chicken chucks and mozzarella cheese.

Roast Chicken
The Roast Chicken and Rice (99 php) is actually the same with the whole roast chicken sold inside the shopping area.  We usually buy the whole for take home rather than the one piece  Roast Chicken and Rice.

 Chicken Ceasar Salad (149 php)
 Chicken Ceasar Salad (149 php)
The Chicken Ceasar Salad is a rich bowlful of lettuce, carrots, bacon, chicken bits, tomatoes (sometimes cherry tomatoes) served with croutons and ceasar dressing.

New York Style Pizza
Garlic Shrimp Pizza Whole (549 php)
The Garlic Shrimp Pizza is topped with soft shrimps, garlic, cheese and tomato sauce.  The Whole New York Style Pizza is huge and a slice or two will surely tame your appetite.  Unless, you're like fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt who can eat four of these in one seating. =p

Pepperoni Pizza Slice (99 php)
The Pepperoni Pizza Slice is always my default order for fellow Kurt because he rarely knows what he wants to order.

Cakes & Pastries 
Apple Pie Slice (49 php)
Apple Pie Whole (249 php)
The Apple Pie Slice is actually the same as the whole apple pie sold inside the shopping area for 249.75 php.  If you want to order more than one slice, better get the whole for more monetary savings.  The Apple Pie is filled with large apple bits covered in cinnamon filling.

Update (May 2014): Prices have increased since this blog post.  I've try to update this when I find time.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
S&R (SNR) Food Court offers affordable quality food.  The ingredients are from their own grocery section so you are assured that the ingredients are not only fresh but are the finest too.  The bottomless soda is really a bargain at 49 php.  Although the menu is limited, the food is delicious so its difficult to grow tired of them.

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