Oh My Gulay! Vegetarian Artist Cafe at Baguio City Part 2 (Food Review)

After being mesmerized with the unique ambiance of Oh My Gulay! (see first entry), we were all eager to try their vegetarian dishes.  We sat on a long table on the balcony with a beautiful window view of the blue skies.  

Although I love vegetables, this was only my second time to eat vegetarian dishes.  The first time I tried vegetarian cuisine was in a Buddhist temple around 10 years ago.  The dishes were either bland or weird.  Although I didn't like it, I had to eat it because the food was so expensive.  If I recall correctly, the monks charged us 20,000 php per table of 10.  I wanted to prove to myself that Vegetarian cuisine need not be as horrible as that so I was excited to try it again.


omg sliders
OMG Sliders (135 php)
The OMG Sliders is two veggie patties in between whole wheat buns served with four pieces of bulaklak tempura and garlic mayo dip.  The bulaklak tempura was so deliciously crunchy.  It was addicting.

Sariwang Salad
lumpia salad
Lumpia Salad (120 php)
The Lumpia Salad is a bed of green leaves with thin slices of fresh apples surrounded by tofu spring rolls.  The dressing is a blend of honey mustard and Asian dressing.  This is simply delectable. 

talong parmiagiana
 Talong Parmigiana (130 php)
The Talong Parmigiana is breaded eggplant over whole wheat bread with a tangy red sauce, pesto and cheese.  The bread was drowned in the red sauce so it was soft and fun to eat.  Everything blended so well that I enjoyed this!

anak ng putanesca
Anak ng Putanesca (125 php)
The Anak ng Putanesca is putanesca with chunks of tomatoes and olives and a hint of cayene pepper.  This is one of Oh My Gulay's specialty and is a best-seller.  

cow chow noodles
Chow-Chow (125 php)
The Chow-Chow is egg noodles with fresh vegetables such as cauliflower, string beans and young corn  topped with green onions and sesame.  It has a mixed garlic and hoisin sauce taste.

oh my gulay rice
 Oh My Gulay Rice (135 php)
Tsinoy Foodie Kurt ordered the Oh My Gulay Rice is native brown rice with ten kinds of vegetables topped with an omelet and steamed tofu on the side.  All the ingredients are mixed in their own blend of Mongolian sauce.  The omelet had some sour cream which made this dish flavorful and delicious!

mushroom onion crepe
Mushroom Onion Crepe (120 php)
The Mushroom Onion Crepe is a crepe filled with three kinds of mushrooms, caramelized onions, cheddar cheese and topped with garlic sour cream and yoghurt sauce. 

sili omelet
Sili Omelet (100 php)

The Sili Omelet is filled with sauteed red and green bell peppers, chili fingers, garlic, onions, and eggs with basil cheese toast. 

Mansanas (75 php)
The Mansanas is a crepe stuffed with caramelized apples with a hint of cinnamon.  It was topped with chocolate syrup with vanilla ice cream on the side.  It was pretty good.

Mga Panulak - Cold Drinks

Organic Drinks
raspberry blueberry juice
Raspberry and Blueberry Juice (65 php)
The Raspberry and Blueberry Juice tasted dominantly of Raspberry.  It was pretty refreshing.

dayap iced tea
 Dayap Iced Tea (70 php)
The Dayap Iced Tea is freshly squeezed Dayap infused with brewed iced tea.  Tsinoy Foodie Kurt enjoyed this. 

Limonada (70 php)
The Limonada is a cool freshly squeeze native lemonade drink.  Now, who wouldn't find that refreshing? 

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Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Oh My Gulay! Vegetarian Artist Cafe has an amazing ambiance (see first entry) that one can't surely miss.  Oh My Gulay!  uses organic and fresh ingredients so its no surprise that the food was delicious.  If one wants to try a healthy yet hearty meal, then visit Oh My Gulay!  It's a great way to appreciate vegetarian cuisine that seemed to taste like our usual meals.  The price is affordable for both the food and drinks.  The service is okay too.  

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Oh My Gulay! 
Business Address
Top Floor, La Azotea Bldg,
Session Road, Baguio City
Business Hours Tuesday to Sunday: 11 am-7 pm
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Budget/Person 100-200


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