Sip Milk Tea at Pearl Plaza

After buying a take out at Esprimere (see separate entry) at Pearl Plaza, Tsinoy Foodies Kurt and I went to Sip Milk Tea to try their milk tea.  It had a simple clean ambiance.  

sip milk tea

sip milk tea
The staffs were very friendly.  They greeted us as soon as we came in.  As we were difficulty deciding, I asked the staff for their sellable beverages.  He was so helpful, he even differentiate one from another.  We finally settled for the large Himalayan (115 php).

sip milk tea
We were tempted to try the Chicken Chop.  But, we already ordered our food so maybe we will try that next time. 

sip milk tea
sip milk tea
We were asked for our choice of toppings.  According to the staff, the one that goes well with the Himalayan is the Sago or Coffee Jelly.  We went for the Coffee Jelly.  

sip milk tea

While our orders were being prepared, we noticed that they also sell prawn crackers and T-shirts.  The staff also told us that Sip started from there and now it has more branches.  He mentioned to us all the branches.  I told him we are from Malate and he told us that we should visit their Malate branch.  He then handed out our orders with a frequency promo card and told us that it is valid for all branches so we can collect the stamps out.  The owner is so lucky to have such a loyal employee.  That guy deserves a raise. =p


 Himalayan with Coffee Jelly Large (115 php)
The Himalayan is a blend of steeped tea and coffee.  We also noticed that it was minty so it gave a cool and refreshing feeling.  We really enjoyed it.  The texture of the Coffee Jelly is also pretty good.  It's one of the best kind of jelly that we have tried.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Sip Milk Tea offers a unique twist to drinking milk tea with their own Remix and Chappucino line.   The Remix Himalayan that we ordered was surprisingly good!  To those who are afraid to try new things, they also have the usual Flavored Tea and Milk Tea.  We noticed that they offer unique flavor for their toppings as well.  

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Sip Milk Tea Pearl Plaza
Business Address
G/F Pearl Plaza, Pearl Drive, Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-10pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 80-150
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