Akiba Cafe: Japanese Coffee, Tea and More!

My little sister has long been begging me to treat her to Akiba Cafe.  One Friday after-school night, we decided to meet at Akiba Cafe at Megamall Building A for some quality bonding time.  

Akiba Cafe is a humble cafe with a few tables and chairs.  It serves everything we love: coffee, tea, other drinks and cakes.  To enhance the Japanese feel, it has a TV that displays Japanese shows.  It also has Japanese magazines.  The place also has outlets which my sister finds very useful as she reads her medical e-books while we enjoy our beverages.  Though according to her, the venue lacks the seclusion granted by popular coffee and tea establishments so she can be comfortable while studying.  We also noticed that most customers order for take out.

Like the typical coffee shops, Akiba Cafe follows the pay as you order system.  The staff are very friendly.  Orders are served fast and in a presentable manner.

Akiba Cafe offers a wide range of beverages.  Their drinks are quite different from the rest so we were eager to try their variety. 

Hot Coffee
Tokyo Cappuccino Reg (100 php)
The Tokyo Cappuccino is the rich espresso with frothed milk on top.  This is a good cappuccino drink.  Its espresso is aromatic and the froth was perfect.

Mt. Fuji Kohi Reg (125 php)
When we saw the Mt. Fuji Kohi, we expected it to be sweet because of the chocolate syrup.  But, it turned out to be delicious!  Everything blended well together with the strong coffee taste.  

Cold Coffee
Tokyo Kohi Reg (110 php)
The Tokyo Kohi is a strong iced coffee drink.  If you prefer to appreciate the natural bitter-sweet taste of coffee like we do, you'll surely love this.

Hot Tea
Hakone Jasmine Tea Reg (65 php)
The Hakone Jasmine Tea is fragrant and has a strong tea taste.  My sister enjoyed this since she is a tea lover.

Chamomile Tea Reg (70 php)
The Chamomile Tea is very refreshing!  I suggest you order this last and I'm sure this can soothe you well.  I loved this!

Cold Tea
Matcha (Green Tea) Trifle Tea Large (90 php)
The Matcha (Green Tea) Trifle Tea is the best drink that I've tried in Akiba Cafe.   Akiba Cafe's salty trifle cream enhanced the taste of the Matcha.  It's just so perfectly good that I could crave for this on any day. This is the best match drink I have ever tried!
Chai Trifle Tea Large (90 php)
The Chai Trifle Tea is also a great tea drink.  This comes second to the Matcha (Green Tea) Trifle Tea.  Perhaps, all trifle tea selections are worth trying.  Have you tried the rest?

Peppermint Matcha Chiru (Ice Blended) Large (120 php)
We were expecting the Peppermint Matcha Chiru (Ice Blended) to be cool and refreshing due to the peppermint.  But contrary to our expectations, it tasted dominantly of Matcha with a very slight hint of peppermint.  The Chiru (Ice Blended) selection is like an ice slushy where the tea is mixed with ice.  

Hot Cream Drinks
Azuki Bean Reg (90 php)
The Azuki Bean was the worst order for that night.  It was so dark, thick and sweet that we had to water it down.  We would have had a perfect impression with the Akiba Cafe, had we not chosen this.

Cold Cream Drinks
Macadamia Yogurt Chiru (Ice Blended) Large (120 php)
The Macadamia Yogurt Chiru (Ice Blended) had a sufficient hint of macadamia and a sour taste of yogurt.  I love the perfect blending of the flavors.  I enjoyed this but my little sister thought otherwise.

Almond Tea Chiru (Ice Blended) (120 php)
The Almond Tea Chiru (Ice Blended) is delicious!  It is tasty and the sweetness is just right.

Creamy Banoffee (80 php)
Blueberry Cheesecake (1200 php-whole | 130 php-slice)
Green Tea Cheesecake Whole (1200 php)
Green Tea Cheesecake Slice (130 php)
We just couldn't resist the display of cakes so we ordered a slice of Akiba Cafe's Green Tea Cheesecake.  It had a very rich taste.  I especially liked the top layer. 
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Akiba Cafe offers delicious drinks and sweet treats.  I highly recommend their Matcha (Green Tea) Trifle Tea.   It is a must try!  Their pricing is surprisingly very affordable too.  The place is neat looking and comfortable to hang out with friends.  Although it means, you'll be seen by passers by.  The service is great.  If only this place isn't very far, I'd be a frequent customer.   

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Ambiance Coffee | Tea | Cream 
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Akiba Cafe SM Megamall
Business Address
SM Megamall 2nd floor Building A
EDSA corner J. Vargas Avenue
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options Cash
Free Wifi
Yes (SM Wifi Zone)
Budget/Person 80-200
Contact (02) 9750953 
Other  Email: akibacafe@yahoo.com Website | Facebook Fan Page
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