Hong Kong Roast (HKR) Food Express in Jupiter Street Makati

As a Tsinoy, it's of no surprise that I am bound for another meal of Chinese cuisine.  Our latest discovery is Hong Kong Roast (HKR) Food Express at Jupiter Street Makati.  It has this cute panda logo that's kinda hard to miss.  Although it is quite new to us, we soon found out that this is their second branch already.  
As I approached their sign, I was looking for their door.  I soon realized that there was a stairway leading downward to the entrance.  

I was expecting some sort of fast food restaurant because of the term "food express".  But, when I came in,  I was surprised that place was spacious and bright.  It had a clean and modernistic Chinese ambiance.

As the name implies, Hong Kong Roast (HKR) Food Express specializes in roastings so be sure to order one.

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HKR Specialty
Roast BBQ Pork (Asado) Short Order (180 php)
Hong Kong Roast (HKR) Food Express version of asado is distinct because the sauce was not thick and sweet so you can appreciate the BBQ flavor.  The meat was also tender.  All of my companions enjoyed this.

Special Baked Chicken (Native) (310 php)
It was my first time to try a Special Baked Chicken cooked this way and I liked it!  The chicken bits were soft, juicy and flavorful.

Honey Glazed Chicken Fried Chicken (195 php)
 The Honey Glazed Chicken Fried Chicken was delicious!  You could taste the fragrant honey but it was not overpowering so it wasn't too sweet.  The skin was crunchy while the chicken meat was juicy and tender.  We all loved this!  

Beef Hofan Noodles (245 php)
I commend their precision in cooking their Beef Hofan Noodles.  The noodles were soft, the beef cuts were tender and the vegetables were crunchy.  I could tell that the vegetables and the noodles were fresh.    Although this was a bit oily, I didn't mind.

Celery Fish Fillet (185 php)
I love the simplicity in taste of Celery Fish Fillet that it allows you to muster the taste of the celery.  The fish fillet was so soft it almost melts in our mouth.  It was fun to chew together with the button mushrooms.

And other favorites...
Sweet & Sour Pork (240 php)
Hong Kong Roast (HKR) Food Express serves the one of best Sweet & Sour Pork that I have ever tried.  The initial sweet and sour taste, followed by the crispy coating of starch on the fried pork bits and finally, the chewing sensation on the tender pork bits is awesome! 

Yang Chow Fried Rice (165 php)
The Yang Chow Fried Rice is pretty good.  It had a generous amount of ingredients.

French Toast (80 php)
You might be wondering what's a French Toast doing in a Hong Kong restaurant.  The French Toast is one of the specialties served in Hong Kong Cafes so they decided to include it in their menu.  It is an enjoyable sweet snack.  The French Toast was a deep fried thick bread sandwich with their own special filling dipped in egg batter and topped with corn syrup and butter.  

Black Sesame Ice Cream (85 php)
Everyone in our table was raving about the Black Sesame Ice Cream.  This is a must try!

Milk Tea with Black Pearl (90 php)
According to our server, this had the same tea base as the Hong Kong Milk Tea so I ordered this for the black pearls.  Unfortunately, I did not like this.  It tasted dominantly of condensed milk.  The black pearls were also a disappointment for me.  I guess you can observe from the picture that they were not even round as pearls.  There were rough in texture and not chewy as I expected.  

Honey Lemon (90 php)
The Honey Lemon was served with a spoon so you can squeeze the lemon for more lemon taste.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Hong Kong Roast (HKR) Food Express serves authentic Hong Kong dishes at a reasonable price.  Serving is good for two to three persons.  I highly recommend their roastings and the Black Sesame Ice Cream!  The ambiance is great.  It's a place where you can enjoy meals with friends and family.  It's also classy enough to hold business meetings.  The service is great and the servers are knowledgeable.  

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Hong Kong Roast (HKR) Food Express Jupiter Branch
Business Address
22 Jupiter St. Cor. Galaxy, Makati City
Business Hours 10:30 am-9pm
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Budget/Person 150-400

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