F Restaurant Festive Chinese New Year Celebration Buffet (Seasonal Menu)

As Tsinoys (Chinese-Filipinos), let us invite you to celebrate the Chinese New Year, the longest holiday based on the Chinese Lunar calendar.  I'm looking forward to the Dragon Year, where my zodiac, the year of the Rabbit, is expected to have a complete turn around from bad to good.  Aside from that, there's a Festive Chinese New Year Celebration over at F Restaurant, Best Western Premier F1 Hotel's premier signature restaurant.

For the Chinese, there is no better way to have a feast than to eat in the traditional lauriat way which I've explained previously.  I have had a fortunate opportunity to have celebrate F's offering with fellow foodies, who have inspired me and whom I've always looked up to.  

 Jelly Fish
The Jelly Fish is my favorite Chinese appetizer.  F's  Jelly Fish dish had impressed everyone at our table.  Everything from the texture to the taste was perfect.  It was a bit spicy just the way I like it!

beef kinchi
Beef Kimchi
Like the Dragon that the upcoming year represents, F prepared this Beef Kimchi with full spark of creativity.  It's the first time I've tried this dish.  It's like Beef Asado with the salty spicy Kimchi.

boiled peanuts
Boiled Peanuts
I have always loved Boiled Peanuts.  This mild and simple little appetizers can really tease my appetite and have me coming back for more!  It reminds me of my late grandfather who used to harvest fresh peanuts from our province (see separate entry) and boiled them.  Oh course, F's Boiled Peanuts had more fragrant and flavor.  Maybe, it was a hint of cinnamon.

cucumber with garlic and chili sesame
Cucumber with Garlic and Chili Sesame
Refresh yourself with the these crunchy, tangy and garlicky Cucumber with Garlic and Chili Sesame.  

pork knuckles
Pork Knuckles
The Pork Knuckles is one of the most popular Chinese cold cuts.  These Pork Knuckles were tender and flavorful.

seafood spinach
Seafood Spinach
The Seafood Spinach was a filled with soft shrimp bits which made it enjoyable.  However, they could also lessen the salt so it would draw out the natural sweetness of both the seafood and the spinach.  

crab corn soup
 Crab and Corn Soup
This is the best Crab and Corn Soup I have ever tried.  Even though we tried two kinds of soups, I was able to finish this to the last drop because it was so good!  Everything blended perfectly giving it an explosion of flavors.

Fresh Noodles
deep fried noodle with shrimp, straw mushroom, stiake, bokchoi and carrots
 Deep Fried Noodle with Shrimp, Straw Mushroom, Shitake, Bokchoi and Carrots
The Deep Fried Noodle with Shrimp, Straw Mushroom, Shitake, Bokchoi and Carrots was delicious!  The noodles were cooked with perfect timing.  It had the right texture.  The dish was able to draw out natural flavors of each ingredient.

Main Course
peking duck
 Peking Duck
After seeing the beautiful golden brown skinned Peking Duck, I could not wait to go back to our table to try it!

peking duck pancake
 Peking Duck Pancake or Peking Duck Wraps
The Peking Duck is one of the most expensive Chinese dishes.  The Peking duck pancake together with the hoisin sauce was delicious!  It was tender and tasty just how it should be.    

steamed blue marline with soya sauce
Steamed Blue Marlin with Soya Sauce
Another first time to try for me is the Steamed Blue Marlin with Soya Sauce.  The taste was good but I didn't like the texture. 

Deep Fried Pork Ribs with Salt and Pepper
Everyone agreed that F's Deep Fried Pork Ribs with Salt and Pepper was delicious!  It was mildly spicy, tender and juicy.  This dish can really intensify your appetite!

sichuan Chicken
 Sichuan Chicken
The Sichuan Chicken is a must-try!  It was fragrant and tender.  It has a hint of Chinese rice wine.  It was cooked with precision so you can enjoy the crunchiness of the green bell peppers.

sichuan beef
Sichuan Beef
The Sichuan Beef was pretty good.  It was tasty and tender.  In fact, my seatmate couldn't stop munching on these telling us how much she has loved it!

Steamed Asparagus with X.O. Sauce
It always nice to have a balance meal.  The Steamed Asparagus with X.O. Sauce was a great vegetable dish that complements the rest.  

lechon macau
 Lechon Macau
Just by looking at the Lechon Macau, you can tell by the golden brown skin and the color of its meat how perfectly cooked it is!  The skin was crispylicious!  The meat was so soft and tender. It was also tasty already in its own.  It didn't need oyster sauce.

mango sago
Mango Sago
F's rich and creamy Mango Sago was an excellent way to end our long meal.  It has a lot of sago and small mango bits.  

Get to enjoy F's Festive Chinese Buffet Menu for only P998++ per person valid from January 16 to 31, 2012.  On January 23, 2012 Best Western Premier F1 Hotel will have Chinese New Year activities which includes the majestic Dragon Dance.  For reservations call 02 928 9888 or  02 908 7888.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
F's extravagant Festive Chinese Buffet Menu is which includes Peking Duck, Lechon Macau and more is worth a try.  The price is reasonable at only P988.  We recommend that you reserve as soon as possible for January 23, 2012 so you can join in on the other activities.  

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F's Festive Chinese Buffet Menu 

F Restaurant
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Business Hours
Lunch: 11am-2pm
Dinner: 6pm-10pm
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Budget/PersonNet Prices from January 16 to 31, 2012
Lunch/Dinner: 998 php
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