Gen Korean BBQ House: Korean Eat All You Can from L.A. Now in Manila (MOA by the Bay Pasay City)

It was a stormy weekend.  Many would stay at their homes but not my family.  Like all other birthdays, my uncle's birthday must be celebrated!  And, this time its at the newly opened Gen Korean BBQ House.

If you recall Banzai that closed two years ago, well Gen took its spot.

I usually encounter a sushi bar but this is the first time I've seen a grill bar.  I would have tried it if I was alone but since we were a group of 30 or so, we occupied around 7 tables in the dining area.  I wonder if it was because it was a stormy night.  But other than our group, there were only 2 other groups dining that night.  

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The Ban Chan which includes the Sangchu Geotjeori or Korean lettuce salad is refillable.  The best most loved Ban Chan for the group is the Korean Potato Salad.

Gen Premium Steak
We were excited to order a lot of meats because my family is dominantly carnivores.  But according to house rules, we can only order 3 dishes at a time.  We began with their best-seller: Gen Premium Steak.  Of course, it's based on practical instinct that we must try the Gen Premium Steak to at least strive to get our monies' worth.  Upon trying this, I was disappointed because I'm very picky when it comes to steak.  I don't like having to taste and smell the hint of frozen meat which I did.

Premium Chadol (Premium Angus Beef Brisket)
My siblings like pork but I like beef so my favorite is the Premium Chadol (Premium Angus Beef Brisket).

Woo Beasal 
If you want to have a fattier part, try the Woo Beasal.

Beef Bulgogi
The Beef Bulgogi is pretty good.


Honey Chicken

Garlic Chicken 
The family also enjoyed the Garlic Chicken.

Chicken Popcorn
The surprising hit for the night is the  Chicken Popcorn.  If you're getting tired of all the grilled, these addictively crunchy Chicken Popcorn is a great in between snack just pop one at a time in your mouth.

No need for marinade for their fresh Shrimp.  I'd order more of these if only I didn't eat too much meat already.

Jap Chae
We ordered the Jap Chae because it is a birthday tradition to eat noodles for long life.  These noodles turned out to be good.

If there's a factor that displeased the family the most, it would be the drinks.  The Bottomless Drinks priced expensively as 138 php are listed as one section in the menu.  But turns out... when you order soft drinks, you can order soft drinks.  If you order Nestea products, you can only order Nestea products.  The saddest part is if you order Hot Coffee, we thought you can shift to Hot Tea but no.  My sister was very displeased with the Hot Coffee so she wanted to shift to Hot Tea but was not allowed.  The Hot Tea quality is really bad too.  It is oversteeped Lipton Tea...  

Birthday Surprise
And for the birthday celebrant, he gets a surprise birthday song and a birthday pineapple (yes! pineapple and not cake). 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
We felt that Gen Korean BBQ House is not worth the price.  Even if its understandable that pricing in LA is more expensive but the meat quality isn't that good too.  Given that we were one of the few customers, we weren't very pleased with the service either.

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Gen Korean BBQ House
Business Address 561 Adriatico St. cor. Julio Nakpil, Malate, Manila
Business Hours 3pm-4am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 250-500
Free WiFi No
Contact (0917) 621-8249
Other  Email: Website
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