Mister Donut: Unbox the Fun Surprises for Metro Manila

How many time have we encountered someone carrying a box of Mister Donut?  I bet countless right?  Being conveniently placed at transport terminals and town mall branches, Mister Donut is one of the easiest "pasalubong" that we can buy for our loved ones.

mister donut unbox the fun
To thank us loyal customers for embracing Mister Donut as part of our pasalubong, snacking and even meal culture for decades, Mister Donut now unboxes a new kind of fun as it comes up with surprise freebies and interesting products.

p2p ayala to trinoma
During a usual weekday workday, I have witnessed the Mister Donut team surprise me and my fellow P2P bus mates from Ayala to Trinoma with free Mister Donut Ube Cake, bottled water and a voucher for a freebie donut.  

p2p bus

It made the hour-long traffic seemed less and more fun!  My bus seat-mate who has been riding the P2P bus everyday since it was first implemented said that he was quite thrilled with the surprise.  I'm told that the surprises will continue!

mister donut cafe trinoma
Since I'm in Trinoma, might as well drop by Mister Donut Cafe.

mister donut cafe trinoma
I have to admit, I'm quite partial to my classic favorite Glazed Pon De Ring (29 php) and new favorite Ube Cake (18 php).

mister donut cafe trinoma
But seeing their new Ube Collection (I've always been an Ube lover) enticed me to try their new variants which I haven't tried before. 

mister donut philippines
From their Ube Collection, I tried the Ube Keso Twist (this was not rich enough for me) and Ube Smidget.  I skipped the Ube Cream Sprinkles because I didn't like the candy sprinkles.  I wanted to try the Ube Bavarian but I guess it was sold out as my visit was near their closing hour.  I didn't like the new Ube Collection as I am still more happy with their Ube Cake in terms of the rich flavor and deliciously moist and soft cake-like consistency.

I also tried the Cookies and Cream Old Fashioned Donuts (39 php) and loved it!  I now prefer that over my former third favorite - Glazed Donuts.

The family has three Mister Donut favorites: Glazed Donuts, Classic Bavarian and Minions Donuts. Since there Glazed Donuts and Minions Donuts were not available, I got them the All Time Favorite 15 (250 php).

mister donut brewzees wicked puff
Brownie Frappe with Belgian Chocolate Wicked Puffs (99 php)
I was intrigued by their new Miser Donut Brewzees.  I've always been a fan of frappes so when I saw they had a combo for Brownie Frappe with Belgian Chocolate Wicked Puffs at a steal price of only 99 php, I just had to order one!  I enjoyed the Belgian Chocolate Wicked Puffs but felt that it was more suitable with a hot drink since it was also freshly fried and warm when served.  I will definitely pair it with their hot Flavored Brews next time.  That's priced even cheaper at only 79 php!

Japanese Spicy Tuna Croissantwich ala Carte (90 php)
The great thing about Mister Donut Cafe is that they serve meals too!  I saw the other table devouring the croissantwich with glee so I got one for me to try.  I didn't expect it to be crunchy as if toasted so I failed to appreciate it.  I think I would have enjoyed this as a snack to be dipped in hot brewed coffee. 

baked cheesy tomato penne
Baked Cheesy Tomato Penne (95 php)
Baked Cheesy Tomato Penne had the typical pinoy style spaghetti sauce blend of a delectable mix of sweet and tangy.  But, I found this better because the al dente cooked penne absorbed the flavor more.

I really appreciate the fun surprise. Check out the Mister Donut branches and maybe you can unbox some fun with their surprises too!

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