Buendia Food by the Court (BFBTC): Food Park and Basketball Court in Makati (Part 1)

In the busy and congested city of Makati, there is a one of a kind hangout place called Buendia Food by the Court (BFBTC) that combines an extensive food park with 27 food merchants and a basketball court.

Buendia Food by the Court
I heard the basket ball court is so popular that even at the rate of 1,100 php per hour, the booking is full 3 months ahead.  The basketball is open everyday from 7 pm until 12 midnight.  While the food merchants operate from 5 pm- 12 mn on Mondays to Sundays.  Some merchants extend their time until 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays.

bakmi nyonya
Bakmi Nonya Autthentic Indonesian Cuisine
All the food merchants have different dishes to offer which include international cuisines.  And, the price per meal will cost you not more than 150 php.

doss pares
Doss Pares
doss pares
Doss Pares

grilled squid
Grilled Squid
What I love about BFBTC aside from having a roofed and spacious dining area is that the dishes are served hot. 

sizzling balut
Sizzling Balut
Doss Pares even serves their dishes on sizzling plates.

burger meets wings bmw
Burgers Meet Wings (BMW)
burger meets wings bmw
Burgers Meet Wings (BMW) Menu
The food merchants are very creative with their menu items.  Some even allows customization.

burger meets wings bmw
(by order)

burger meets wings bmw
Burgers Meet Wings (BMW) even allows you to choose the color of your buns.


fritooohhh menu
Frit.oohhh! Menu
Frit.oohhh! offers familar favorites. 

But, they also have new offerings like the Wasabe Balls.

Isha’s Little Thai Kitchen
Isha’s Little Thai Kitchen
j&v lechon belly
J&V Lechon Belly
Because the BFBTC is a refuge from a hard days' work, heavy traffic or even the strong rains, the food served is mostly comfort food that is perfect as a beer pairing.  

cebu lechon belly roll
Cebu Lechon Belly Roll

jacks joint
Jack's Joint

jacks joint
Jack's Joint Menu

jacks joint
I've previously shared about Jack's Joint.

jacks joint
I'm so happy to see that they participate in food parks as well.

joes longga

joes longga
Joe's Menu
At Joe's you can enjoy your breakfast favorites all day long.

2 pc. Longannisa with Rice and Egg (150 php)
longga balls
Cheesy Longga Balls  5 pcs (160 php)
Too bad I forgot to try the Cheesy Longga Balls.  I have to be back for this because I find it intriguing.

keso kumpadre
Keso Kumpadre

keso kumpadre
Keso Kumpadre Menu

keso kumpadre
Nacho Fries
keso kumpadre
Buffalo Fries
Keso Kumpadre offers addictively good fries!  But, I liked their warm, hot and gooey Cheesy Bacon Marbled Potato more.

Lamexa's Street Taco

Korvits Grill
Growing up in the province, eating kambing has been a norm.  Well Korvits Grill has a whole range of kambing dishes to try!

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