SM City Manila: #ManilennialEats Food Crawl

SM City Manila is just a few minutes away from home.  During my OJT, it is also my second home which is why I've reviewed most dining establishments thereI thought I've covered it all but when I received an invite to the Manilennial Eats Food Crawl, I've discovered that there's are new food places to explore.  Let me share with you the 10 food destinations we visited.

First Stop: Buffalo Wings n' Things 
Garlic Parmesan Champion Buffalo Wings Triple (154 php)
If you're looking for an addictive treat without spiciness, the Garlic Parmesan Champion Buffalo Wings is a great choice. 

Garlic Parmesan No Bones Fun Single Triple (409 php)
 I personally like it with the bones, but you can opt for the No Bones Fun if you want.

Second Stop: 8 Street Bites
This is my second time at 8 Street Bites.  Since my first visit, I wanted to try more of its menu items.
Freeway Nachos (98 php)
No words are required to tell you how irresistible it is to dig in into the Freeway Nachos.  The price is very reasonable so there's no reason not to order.

Country Fried Chicken Steak with Milk Gravy (148 php)
The Country Fried Chicken Steak with Milk Gravy is a must try! 

Third Stop: Choobi Choobi
Salt and Pepper Shrimp
Among all the dishes we've tried, the Salt and Pepper Shrimp is my fave.  Now that we're into Choobi Choobi, let me tell you that ever since it has opened in SM Manila, it has been our family's favorite.  (So sorry I was just so lazy to blog about it because I  tend to want to eat with my hands and not bring out my camera)

Fourth Stop: Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
Crispy Large Fish and Crispy Large Chicken
It's been a long time since I first visited Hot Star Large Chicken at their pioneer branch.  I'm happy to update that they now have Dimsum Bowls, Chicken Cuts Meals and new Ala Carte items.

Fifth Stop: Tokyo Joe
California Maki 10 pieces (145 php)
If you're an instagram follower, you'd see that the family has already tried Tokyo Joe before. (Yes, pardon my lazyness I forgot to blog it again... which is why you should also follow on IG right? =D)

Joe's Chicken Bowl Regular (129 php)
Katsu Bowl (159 php)
Gyudon Bowl Regular (149 php)

I've tried all these items before, but now I noticed that the flavor is stronger.  My preference is towards subtle taste but maybe they adjusted it somehow to Filipino taste buds.

Sixth Stop: Mad for Pizza

Danggit Pasta Solo Share (228 php)

Creamy Salmon Alfredo (248 php)
Chicken Havana (158 php)
Make Your Own Pizza (288 php)
Mango Supreme (68 php)

I've tried Mad For Pizza back when it was in Il Terrazo so I was expecting more or less of the same menu.  But, turns out they revamped everything except for the Make Your Own Pizza Concept.  I loved the old concept but pricing now fits a student budget and the serving size is satisfying.

Seventh Stop:  Ramen Cool
RCool Ramen (260 php)
Two years ago, I blogged about the RCool Ramen having overcooked egg.  Well, look at it now, perfectly runny!  And, the broth is more flavorful.  I'm very happy with the improvement.  

Eigth Stop: Wicked Waffle
Berry Banana Split (170 php)

 I was never a waffle fan but Wicked Waffle's Berry Banana Split is so good I couldn't stop myself from finishing it.  Hands down this is the best waffle dessert I've tried.

Ninth Stop: Red Table
Korean Barbecue
I've previously shared how I loved and frequented Red Table.  Well, their new item made me love it even more!

Tenth Stop:  Big Daddy's
Seafood Penne (155 php)
I've tried Big Daddy's several times.  (Yes, again lazy to blog about it).  But, I always order their meat selections.  I've just discovered that their Seafood Penne is just as good and as affordable.  It has a slight sweet blend like our pinoy style spaghetti.

So that concludes our #ManilennialEats Food Crawl.  Join in by posting some of your tooCheck out SM City Manila's social media accounts for more offerings of the #ManilennialEats.

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