Balai Pandesal: Pillow-Soft Pandesal and More (Makati)

Last December, I was invited to take part in the Blogger Roadtaste by Balai Pandesal.

balai pandesal
Since I was in the area for my Christmas Shopping tasks, I decided to give it a try.  Although I've passed the Dela Rosa Car Park before, this somehow escaped my attention. 

They had a lot of pastry options displayed.

You can have them dine in or take out.
Cheddar Ensaymada (40 php) and Ham & Cheese Bun (39 php)

I must admit, I have been drawn into the expensive Queso de Bola Ensaymadas.  But upon trying their Cheddar Ensaymada and Ham and Cheese Bun, I fell in love with this classic all over. 

Baguio Raisin Bread
I'm not a fan of the sugary kind of raisin bread.  But if it's your type, give their Baguio Raisin Bread a try.  It's so soft and the price is very reasonable.

18" Super Meaty Pizza (79 php)
If you like pinoy-style pizza, which has a dough base that isn't chewy but has a defining crispy like biscuit to it and a slightly sweet tomato sauce, you'll enjoy the 18" Super Meaty Pizza.

Pandesal (7 php/each), Pandesalitas (3.50 php) and Soya Milk (37 php)
They have two kinds of Pandesal and Pandesalitas: Sweet and Salty.  I prefer the latter.  I also liked their Soya Milk.

Balai Wheat Bread (75 php/whole) and Wheat Pandesal (36 php/pack of 6)
What I love most in Balai Pandesal is their whole-wheat selections.  The family tries to be health conscious and opts for whole wheat ones when as much as possible.  We've been buying whole wheat pastries for decades and we have whole them every single day so believe me we've tried a lot of brands and variants over the years.  So far, Balai Pandesal has the softest and smoothest whole-wheat bread I've tried.

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