Goto Monster: Goto and More by the Streetside (P. Ocampo Ext. Makati)

Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines

It was a drizzling afternoon when I arrived at Goto Monster near the corner of Prima Vera St. And Pablo Ocampo Extension.   

goto monster
It was easy to spot as tricycles are stationed there.  It is open air so you can just drop in to dine.  See those folding table?  At night, crowds build up so they set those up by the street. 

goto monster
Because inside, they only have a long and big red wooden table.  

goto monster
There is a rack inviting challengers to their Man vs Food.  For 750 php, you have to finish their monster bowl of goto special equivalent to 10 of their regular bowls kn 45 minutes to win.  Only 1 man has won this challenge as he finished in 44 minutes.  I wanted to try their challenge but their selections tempted me more.  By the glass, you can see printed graphics of iconic people in a cartoonish Goto Monster-fied way.  We found that quite amusing.

goto monster

And, right next to the red table is their kitchen so you're food is delivered hot and fresh (as they cook them from scratch).  

goto monster
Fresh Tofu Topped With Onion Leeks, Crispy Dilis and Ginger Sesame Sauce (150 php)
Look at this beauty.  The Fresh Tofu Topped With Onion Leeks, Crispy Dilis and Ginger Sesame Sauce is a good source of protein and the taste is so refreshing to the palette.  I loved this!  I can tell my tofu-loving friends will adore this as well. This isn't on their menu so I guess it's like a secret menu? 

goto monster
Bagnet Fresh Spring Roll (120 php)
The Fresh Sping Rolls are my favorite.  I am really impressed at how they were able to innovate this with a Filipino touch. Together with the main ingredient are either bean sprouts (when available) or mustasa leaves, mint leaves and cucumberI liked the Bagnet Fresh Spring Roll the most because it's a savory centerpiece among the light tasting fresh vegetables.

goto monster
Mushroom Fresh Spring Roll (120 php)
The Mushroom Fresh Spring Roll is light tasting.  But, together with their three sauces, it is delicious!  Don't feel guilty with using their sauces as they are made of olive oil.

goto monster
Talong Fresh Spring Roll (120php)

The Talong Fresh Spring Roll is filled with their talong chipsThis is actually pretty good.  I highly recommend this for vegetarians.

goto monster
Goto Special (95 php)
The Goto Special is their lugaw with ox tripe, toasted garlic, onion leeks, tinapa flakes and creamy duck salted egg.  Unlike other lugaw, their blend is healthy and vegan.  It only makes use of tumeric and ginger.  The serving portion is hefty so I think the price is reasonable although it is more expensive than the usual goto.

bagnet goto
Bagnet Special (95 php)
Among their goto selections, the Bagnet Special is the most popular one.  I was surprised that many of my friends knew about this when they saw my instagram post.  This is a must try!  They make their own bagnet which is cool right?  And, it's pleasurably crunchy to bite too.  This is a must try!

goto monster
Chikcharon Special (95 php)
The Chikcharon Special is their lugaw topped with their chickcharon.  Among the four, I liked this the least.  But, my companions liked this so it's just a matter of preference.

shitake mushroom goto
Shitake Mushroom Special (95 php)
My favorite goto is the Shitake Mushroom Special.  This is the first time I've tried a goto with shitake mushroom and I'm an immediate fan.  I used to be crazy for the burgers with shitake mushroom.  But, believe me I'd trade those for this anytime of the day.  I just couldn't stop until there was nothing left on my bowl.

Side Order
tokwa chickcharon
Tokwa + Chickcharon (95 php)
The Tokwa + Chickcharon is a great combination.  On its own, I found the chickcharon too salty so eating it with tofu, rice or goto tones it down a bit. 

I forgot to take a photo of the Tokwa + Talong Chips because probably that was the first one to be emptied.  It is a really good finger food.  Nakakaaddict!

tokwa bagnet
Tokwa + Bagnet (95 php)
 Can't get enough of their bagnet?  Order more by having the Tokwa + Bagnet as add-on.

tokwa mushroom
Tokwa + Mushroom (95 php)
Mushroom lovers the Tokwa + Mushroom is a tempting choice right?

Happy Endings
bibingka waffle ala mode
Bibingka Waffle ala mode (135 php)

When dining at Goto Monster, always leave room for dessert.  All their desserts are drool-worthy!  It's difficult to decide which one to go for so you'll have to have more.  Starting off with my favorite which is the Bibingka Waffle ala mode.  Sometimes, they use Vanilla Ice Cream.  But, since I love Ube, I appreciated the Ube ice cream more.  I cannot put into words how amazing this treat is!  I'm not even a fan of waffles and I fell so much in love with this.

banana chocnut waffle
Banana Chocnut Special ala mode (135 php)

The Banana Chocnut Special ala mode is a combination that brings me back to my childhood memories.  I used to eat peanut butter and banana sandwich as a kid.  This is even better!

champorado ala mode
Champorado Special ala mode (135 php)
Goto Monster is quite famous for the Champorado Special ala mode.  This is trully one of a kind.  The chocolate is rich and bitter-sweet just like the tablea cocoa.  The chocolate waffles with the crispy dilis, vanilla ice cream, rice crispies and chocolate syrup is so heavenly!

Sweet Happy Endings
leche flan ice cream
Banana Chocnut Ice Cream (50 php), Bibingka Special Ice Cream (50 php) and Leche Flan Ice Cream (50 php)
Goto Monster even makes their own ice cream.  My favorite is the Leche Flan Ice Cream.  It's chilled and yet, the creaminess is fantastic!  Chocoholic and kids will surely enjoy the Banana Chocnut Ice CreamThe Bibingka Special Ice Cream didn't click much for me because I felt that the dessicated coconut didn't harmonize well with the bibingka-based cream.  

goto monster
Iced Pineapple Kalamansi + Fresh Herb (75 php)
The Iced Pineapple Kalamansi + Fresh Herb is one of the best healthy drinks I've tried.  It was rejuvenating, refreshing and not too sweet.  This beats most of the more luxurious restaurant drinks I've had.
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Goto Monster is one awesome discovery.  It's offers comforting food you'd gladly have often.  And, they're open 24 hours so cravings can be satisfied anytime.  Next time, I want to take on their Man vs Food Challenge.

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Goto Monster
Business Address 245 Ocampo Steet cor. Primo Rivera Street, 
Makati, Metro Manila
Business Hours 24 hours
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 100-300
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (0916) 300-2600
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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