Nova Jalapeño: Jack ‘n Jill's Newest Fiber-Rich Multigrain Snack

Fellow nibblers, especially those who love spiciness like me, I'm happy to share a new snack that will surely tickle your taste buds.  I just discovered the new  Jack ‘n Jill's Nova Jalapeño.

Nova Jalapeño
This has a great spicy kick that will tickle your taste buds making you wanting you more.   

I've been bringing this snack to our family game nights and on our last hiking and camping trip at mount pulag.  I brought a lot of these so I used it as a pillow and hugger too.  And, when my tummy grumbled in the middle of the night, I just had some of this to soothe my hunger.  Since this is also light, it was also our ideal trail food for our 10-hour hike.

Nova Jalapeño
What I like about this snack is that its both spicy and fiber-rich (with 4 wholesome grains: wheat, corn, oats, and rice) so it keeps the digestive system active.

Nova Jalapeño
I'm so glad they added this flavor.  This is now my new found favorite Nova snack.  Try it out and see if it will be your new favorite too.

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