Susie's Cuisine The Best in Pampango Kakanin: Recommended for Both Dine In and Pasalubong

Having encountered Susie's Cuisine before at the Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan 2012, I told the family to make a quick stop there.  

susies cuisine

susies cuisine
Judging from it's wide parking space and facade, it looks like a full blown restaurant.  We weren't sure if it was open since it was Maundy Thursday but I'm glad it was.

susies cuisine
They have a lot of products already packed in boxes indicating that they are a famous pasalubong stop.

susies cuisine
 They were shelves of pasalubong items from all over the Philippines. 

susies cuisine
We bought our favorite Ocampo Uraro, the one on the left most, and Rico's Lengua de Gato from Baguio there. 

They are located the a few metes from Paning's Store so you can buy directly or if you're lazy there with a mark up of course.  When I was little, I used to de-shell a lot of these just to please my mom.  My mom used to love seeds and nuts but never had the patience to de-shell them.  Unfortunately, due to aging, she can't have much of it anymore.

susies cuisine pampanga
It has a dining area and they have a utensil holder similar to that of food courts on the side.


baked macaroni
Baked Macaroni Solo (60 php)
I guess there's no such thing as quick stop for my family as they were instantly tempted to order meals.  My youngest sister loves Baked Macaroni so she ordered this one.  It was just okay.  As you can see it looked pre-heated.  I prefer Nathaniel's version over this.

Palabok Solo (50 php)
The Palabok was pretty good.  It's not as commercialized as those you usually encounter in Manila.

tidtad babi
Dinuguan (50 php)
What everyone enjoyed the most is the Dinuguan prepared Kapampangan style and what they locally called as Tidtad Babi.  It's a first encounter for all of us and we'll probably search for more!  This is why Kapampangan has always been one of the best Filipino cuisines for me. =)

moche moche
Moche-Moche Small (210 php)
I've tried the Moche-Moche before at the Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan 2012, I just didn't know that it was from Susie's.  It is the Kapampangan version of the Japanese mochi.  So when I saw it, I ordered one just so the family can try it out.  It comes with coconut milk sauce.  The family didn't like it though.

leche flan
Leche Flan Medium (120 php)
How good is Susie's Leche Flan?  It is one of the best Leche Flan we have ever tried so we took a "lot" home with us for us to enjoy and to give them to relatives.  And, we will probably ask all friends and relatives passing by Pampanga for some. =D

Leche Flan Medium (120 php)
My family is a BIG fan of Leche Flan.  We've tried so many versions from restaurants to special order.  So far this is one of the most affordable yet richest and creamiest one we've encountered. 
leche flan
Leche Flan Medium (120 php)
Don't let the exteriors full you, inside it is very fine and smooth.

tibok tibok
Tibok-Tibok Small (100 php)
Last but definitely not the least is Susie's signature kakanin, the Tibok-Tibok.  It's the kapampangan version of maja blanca.  According to the articles framed on its walls, this has been featured in several newspapers and magazines.  Of course, I've also tried it before at the Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan 2012.   This was the last stock available so I felt lucky that the family could try it.

It is to be topped with Latik (which is coconut milk turned coconut milk curd).  I really liked the Tibok-Tibok but I think the family enjoyed the Leche Flan more.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Susie's Cuisine The Best in Pampango Kakanin surely lives up with its promised tagline.  Make a stop whenever you have the chance.  The service is good as the staffs are very friendly.  The price is also an enticing factor.

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Susie's Cuisine Fil-Am Friendship Branch
Business Address Fil-Am Friendship Highway,  
Angeles City, Pampanga, Philippines
Business Hours 11am-10pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 50-200
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
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