Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan 2012 in Angeles City

Angeles, Philippines

Ever since our encounter with Kapampangan food during the Culinaria Capampangan by Chef Sau at Corniche, I've been eager to try more of their dishes.  When my friend invited me to be the guest of Mayor Ed Pamintuan of Angeles City to experience their Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan 2012 at The Culinarium of Museo Ning Angeles, I quickly said yes in excitement despite the fact that the following week was finals week.

Pamangan Fiestang Kapampangan 2012 in Angeles City
We were given a tour around Museo Ning Angeles then proceeded to the dining area of The Culinarium.  According to our host and fellow food blogger, Wyatt Belmonte, there only offer this special buffet during special occasions so we are very fortunate to try it out.  The buffet ticket is sold for the subsidized price of only 500 php so its no surprise that a lot of people have come to avail.  I was surprised with how much they had to offer for the price.  I'm sure you'll agree with me too!  


Ensaladang Apalya at Paku
Ensaladang Ampalya at Paku (Bittermelon & Edible Fern Salad) by The Culinarium
The Ensaladang Apalya at Paku is a great starter.  It had bits of egg, tomatoes, paku (edible fern) and amplaya (bittermelon).  The ampalaya was not bitter at all.  Perhaps, because it was boiled and mixed with so many fresh ingredients.

Manggang Bubut, Kamatis
Manggang Bubut, Kamatis (Green Mango & Tomato Salad) by The Culinarium
The Manggang Bubut, Kamatis is a kapampangan style of our Filipino favorite green mango salad.  This had tomatoes, onions and leeks in it.

Paksing Demonyu
Paksing Demonyu by The Culinarium 
The Paksing Demonyu is their version of paksiw but I don't know why it is called demonyu (demon) though, it is heavenly!

♥ Brenghi (Rice cooked with coconut milk and tumeric) by Delyn's Fastfood
During the Malolos Heritage Cuisine at Ilustrado, I was able to encounter Malolos' style of Brenghi.  Now, its time to try pampanga's version.  Brenghi is a Spanish counterpart of Paella.  Since, most of the provinces where occupied by the Spaniards, its no surprise that they had an influence in the cuisines in various places.  Their version has quail eggs, raisins and tomatoes.  I like this type more in terms of taste and texture.  
burung nasi
♥ Burung Nasi (fermented rice) by Mrs. Miniang Pamintuan
This Burung Nasi is topped with shrimp which complements the sourness well.  I think I now prefer a Burung Nasi with shrimp than fish which I've tried in the past.   I loved this.  Just looking at this makes my mouth water.  

Crispy Pata Kari
Crispy Pata Kari by Grand Palaccio Royale
This Crispy Pata Kari or kare-kare with cripsy pata is to die for!  The flavor is so rich and the crispiness of the pata is perfect.  Together with the vegetables and bagoong (dried shrimp paste), this is one insatiable viand.

ningnang tilapya
Ningnang Tilapya (Grilled Tilapia) by The Culinarium
The Ningnang Tilapya may be simple but its sweetness as proof of its freshness is prevalent.

piritung itu catfish
Piritung Itu (Fried Catfish) by The Culinarium
I just love catfish which is why I didn't let the Piritung Itu elude me.

pork sisig pisngi
♥ Sisig Babi by Mrs. Miniang Pamintuan
We Tsinoy Foodies have always dreamed of travelling all the way to Pampanga just for sisig.  Too bad, fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt was not able to accompany me because this is his favorite dish.  The Pork Sisig Pisngi is so savory that just thinking about it makes me want to go back to Pampanga.

Tocinong Carabao and Pork 
I tried both types of the Tocino.  They taste the same with a light honey sweetness but the Tocinong Carabao is noticeably tougher than the Tocinong Pork.

organic lechon
♥ Organic Lechon by Senor Ikbest Organic Lechon
I know some of the dishes are sinful enough, but I just couldn't resist the Organic Lechon.  The pork meat was so succulent and tender.  While the skin was so tasty and crunchy.  

Embutido by Eget Perpetua (Home Cook)
The Embutido  is different from the ones I've tried here in Manila.  Both kinds are equally good with their variation in the ingredients.  

Exotic Dishes
betute tugak frog
♥ Betute Tugak (Stuffed frogs) by Cely's carinderia
I don't know if its because of my roots but this is my first time to try a Philippine cooking of frogs.  I've often enjoyed eating frogs but they are always cooked Chinese style.  For a first time, the Betute Tugak has certainly left me with a good impression.  I bet that if you weren't eating out from the frog's body, you wouldn't have a clue that you're eating frogs.  The frog stuffing had a clean sumptuous taste.

adobong camaro
♥ Adobung Camaru (Mole Cricket) by Ikabud
When the Adobung Camaru was presented to me, I'll admit that I was hesitant to try.  These mole crickets looked similar to the Beondegi (Silkworm Pupa) of Korea which left a lingering bitter experience for me.  But, when I tried it out, it was surprisingly good.  It was cooked adobo style with soy, vinegar, onions and tomatoes.  It felt like munching on crispy shrimp.  There was nothing thorny about it.  The taste was a mixture of soy, vinegar and liver.  

camuti with gatas damulag
Camuti with Gatas Damulag (Sweet potatoes with carabao's milk) by Mrs. Miniang Pamintuan

The Camuti with Gatas Damulag is a delicious and fulfilling dessert.  

fruit and vegetable puto
Fruit and Vegetable Puto by Nutri-Delight
I've tried a lot of variations of puto (steamed rice cakes) but I've never tried one with both fruits and vegetables.  The Fruit and Vegetable Puto had raisins and buko.  It loved it because it was soft and moist.

tibuk tibuk
♥ Tibuk-Tibuk (Carabao milk custard) by Susie's Cuisine
I loved Susie's Cuisine's Tibuk-Tibuk.   The custard was so soft that it melts making me feel as if fresh cold carabao's milk was flowing in my mouth.

buko sherbet
♥ Buko Sherbet by Gill's
The Buko Sherbet is my cup of happiness.  This ice cold buko sherbet with bits of Dayap fruit is splendid!  I wanted to ask for another cup but I didn't want to look like a kid begging for ice cream. 

My Plate
pampanga food
Look at my plate with banana leaves and filled with all the dishes.  Yes! I tried all of them. =D  The Chicken Barbeque by Grand Palaccio Royale and the ♥ Asasung Dila by Batis Asul was also delicious by the way. 

Suman Mochi Puto Tibuk
My Dessert Plate (Suman Tili, Mochi, Puto and Tibuk-Tibuk)
The Suman Tili was filled with flavor.  I always thought that Mochi is from the Japanese but it looks like they have a Pampanga version of the stick rice balls too.  It was a bit elongated though.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Pampanga is known as the food capital of the Philippines.  But, travelling to each town home or restaurant to eat each of their best recipes is too much of a hassle.  So, I truly feel so fortunate for having a chance to enjoy almost all of Pampanga's recipes in one sitting.  I highly recommend that you join in their festivities and tours to appreciate their delectable cuisine!

The Culinarium at Museo Ning Angeles
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