SHP Bibimbap: Cutest Korean Bibimbab and Wifi Hang Out (Vito Cruz Taft)

A life of a student sometimes involves finding a place of privacy where you can just plug your laptop, surf and research with a reliable WiFi and study.  Once you find "YOUR" secret good place, you don't really want to share it.  But, lucky for you, I'm in the mood to share mine today and that is SHP Bibimbap.

shp bibimbap

It has a sign SHP Bibimbap outside which is barely noticeable.  How do you find it?  It's located on the second floor so search for the Mc Donald's Dessert Kiosk along Pablo Ocampo and look up.  You'll see their cute sign.  It's name is SHP Bibimbap but the counter and the menu says "bibimbab".

shp bibimbap

They have some cakes displayed on the chiller.  Menu offerings include simple korean comfort food.
shp bibimbap
On the right side, they have double decker seating areas that looks like our double decker bed when we were kids.  Some wooden seats have huge stuffed toys on them.

shp bibimbap
It has cute quirky wall stickers.  The area is quite spacious but the air-conditioning is unable to sustain the coolness of the wide area.

Each area has a small wooden table, seating mats, pillows and socket.  Can you already imagine me with my food and drink beside my laptop plugged in studying quietly seating in one of those pink dotted round mats.

shp bibimbap
There's also some cute stuff for sale. 

shp bibimbap

shp bibimbap

shp bibimbap
You can also visibly see you're drinks being prepared by the counter.


SHP Bibimbab
shp chicken bibimbab
SHP Chicken Bibimbab (170 php)
The SHP Chicken Bibimbab is a bowlful of the typical bibimbab with kimchi and soup.  It was delicious and fulfilling.

Home Made Ade
pink lemon ade
Pink Lemon Ade (145 php)
For drinks, they have the Pink Lemon Ade served in a huge carafe.  It's not too sweet and quite refreshing. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
SHP Bibimbap is a one of a kind cute korean bibimbab and WiFi hang out.  I'd pick this place over the usual coffee shops anytime. 

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SHP Bibimbap
Business Address 980 P. Ocampo, Malate, 
Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 9am-10pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 150-500
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (0915) 142-1506
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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