Burger Company: Burgers and Wings Joint Plus Board Game Cafe (Mother Ignacia Quezon City)

Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines

They are so many things in life that can brighten up my day like traveling far north to chill at a hole-in-the-wall burger and wings joint plus board game cafe called Burger Company. Yes, the best of all three worlds!

burger company

Burger Company is actually the reopened Boulevard Diner which I shared two years ago.   Not that I didn't like the old Boulevard Diner with a retro 50's American ambiance.  But, I'm totally sold by Burger Company's offer of play and WiFi all you want for a minimum order of 150 php 

burger company
Yes, I happen to be a game geek and I'm quite thrilled that they have the best table top games like Rio Grande games' Settlers of Catan and CarcassoneI'm one of the many who are actually glad that game cafes are now more reasonably priced.  A few years back, we used to spend thousands at the closed down Game Crab Cafe just to play.  

burger company
It has a laid back and fun vibe. 

burger company

They also have a eating challenge for their burger and wings.  I want to try this on my next visit. =)

burger company
Unfortunately, I didn't know about them being a board game cafe concept otherwise, I would have visited with game geek friendsBut, my visit was not bad too, since I got to discover and play (and win) a Taiwanese card game called Super Rhino

What sets Burger Company apart from other board game cafes is that it was a diner specializing in food first before they added the board game cafe so you're assured with their food quality.

bacon dippers
Homemade Bacon Dippers Sharing (165 php)
To start our meal right or should I say wrong but worth every bit of the guilt, we ordered the Homemade Bacon DippersIt's better than eating the ordinary crispy bacon because it has added oil and crunchiness.  I like it as is.  But, you can also dip it on the cheese sauce if you want.

Angus Beef Burgers
green chile sour cream burger
Green Chile & Sour Cream Single Patty (205 php)
The Green Chile & Sour Cream is a burger that will give you a sizzling spice with those green chiliBut, not to worry as the sour cream neutralizes it a bit.  I like their soft oatmeal buns and their chargrilled USDA Angus Beef patties are satisfying for the price.

gorgonzola mushroom burger
Gorgonzola & Mushroom Single Patty (205 php)
The Gorgonzola & Mushroom is my kind of burger.  If I would create my own burger, it would be something like this.  I find the combination of gorgonzola dressing and oyster mushroom to be really hearty for a mushroom and cheese lover like me.

strikers burger
The Striker's Burger Single Patty (249 php)
If you love cheese sauce like most of my companions, The Striker's Burger is for you.  I liked the idea of adding crispy crisscut fries and champignon mushroom on it too.

Chicken Wings
cocoa and chili wings
Cocoa & Chili Bantam Weight (140 php)
The Cocoa & Chili has a nice bitter-sweetness followed by a spicy kick.  Their wings are saucy and right-sized (not skinny).

smoked chili wings
Smoked Chili Bantam Weight (140 php)

The Smoked Chili is a mildly sweet but dominantly fiery.  It was good but I'd still prefer spicy buffalo wings over it.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Whether it's for burgers, wings or board games (added a star for this!), head on over to Burger Company.  If only this place is within my turf, this would be my ideal chill spot.

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Burger Company
Business Address 72B Scout Reyes Corner Mother Ignacia Avenue, Paligsahan, Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-10:30pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 200-500
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 949-2269
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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