Brew Haus Pub & Eatery: Gourmet Grilled Cheese Sandwich and More (Mc Kinley Hill)

Brew Haus Pub & Eatery has recently opened at Mc Kinley HillAside from beer as implied from its name, I was eager to check out what Draft Gastropub's little brother has to offer.  So I'll go on with the food...

Pub Bites
ghost wings
Ghost Wings (359 php)
The Ghost Wings claims to be the spiciest wings in the Metro.  It makes use of Ghost Chili which is the world's hottest chili.  Oh man!  I'm telling you it's not just a claim.  Upon serving, it already spread and intimidated all my companions with its strong pungent scent.  I managed to eat two of these but with the bleu cheese dip.  I haven't tried an intensely spicy wings since Chilli and Ink.  It's really sensational for a spicy food lover like me.

classic chicken wings
Classic Chicken Wings (195 php)
For those who want to be safe and enjoy the less intense buffalo wings, the Classic Chicken Wings is for you.  It's got a flavorful sauce with a tinge of fieriness to tickle the taste buds.

Chili Cheese Fries (250 php)
The Chili Cheese Fries is actually the fries version of a chili con carne.

brew haus
Chicken Garlic and Chiptotle Cheese Fries (250 php)
I found the Chicken Garlic and Chiptotle Cheese Fries to be interesting.

brew haus
Brewhaus Nachos Asian Pulled Pork (250 php)
brew haus
Brewhaus Nachos Barbecue Pulled Pork (250 php)
Whether you go for the zesty flavor of the Brewhaus Nachos Asian Pulled Pork or the sweet, hickory and savory Brewhaus Nachos Barbecue Pulled Pork, you can't go wrong.

brew haus
Mac and Cheese Bites (165 php)
Although I'm generally not a mac and cheese fan, I found the Mac and Cheese Bites fun to munch on.

brew haus
Nachos and Chili Cheese Bean Dip (220 php)

If it were me, I'd be satisfied with this simple Nachos and Chili Cheese Bean Dip.

brew haus
Brewhaus Fry Basket (295 php)
If you can't decide which finger food to go for, get the Brewhaus Fry Basket which is a mix basket of house fries, beer-battered fish fillet, breaded cripsy chicken fillet served with tartar sauce, ketchup and garlic dip.

brew haus
Fish and Chips (180 php)

brew haus
Meatballs (200 php)
For the Meatballs, you can choose between spaghetti or rice.  I'm used to having it with spaghetti so I went for it.  This is an affordable, delicious and hefty bowlful.

brew haus
Asian Pulled Pork Rice Bowl (160 php)
The Asian Pulled Pork Rice Bowl is essentially the same as the nachos.  The Asian dressing actually goes well with any staple.

pork schnitzel
Pork Schnitzel (199 php)
You can opt to have your Pork Schnitzel with fries or rice.

chilicon carne rice bowl
Chilicon Carne Rice Bowl (180 php)
For chilicon carne lovers, you can have the Chilicon Carne Rice Bowl for a meal too.

salisbury steak
Salisbury Steak (250 php)
For the a wholesome US Angus beef patties, I find the Salisbury Steak to be a great choice.  You can also choose to pair it with mac and cheese or steamed rice.

fried chicken
Brewhaus Fried Chicken (250 php)
I'm not sure if I was just enticed by the rest of the dishes I tried but I found the Brewhaus Fried Chicken to be my least favorite.  It seemed like the usual fried chicken to me.

Gourmet Grilled Sandwiches (Add 15 php for wheat or multigrain bread)
gourmet grilled cheese sandwich
The Cubano (250 php)
One of my favorites is The Cubano.  It's got a wonderful play of flavors and texture with the pulled pork, cheddar cheese, emmental cheese, dill pickles, ham and chiptotle dressing.

gourmet grilled cheese sandwich
Triple (175 php)
If you like classic grilled cheese, the Triple is definitely what you must order.  The blend of the cheddar, mozzarella and bleu cheese is simply delightful.  If you don't like bleu cheese go for the Double instead.

gourmet grilled cheese sandwich
Grilled Cheese Burger (195 php)
The Grilled Cheese Burger  is a burger with grilled bread instead of buns securing the 1/3 US Angus beef patty.

gourmet grilled cheese sandwich
All American (210 php)
The All American is another successful hit for me because I love sloppy joe!

gourmet grilled cheese sandwich
Bacon, Mac and Cheese (220 php)
I was curious what the Bacon, Mac and Cheese would look like.  Consumption-wise, it wasn't for me.

gourmet grilled cheese sandwich
Chiptotle Pulled Pork (245 php)
vanilla pot de creme
Vanilla Pot De Creme (85 php)
Now, I confess I really don't like chocolate chip cookies.  But, I was blown away by this Vanilla Pot De Creme.  The thin, light and crispy chocolate chip cookie crumbs and very smooth and creamy vanilla pudding was just so perfect together that I couldn't stop digging in for more.


Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Brew Haus Pub & Eatery is a wonderful addition to Mc Kinley Hill.  I'm sure residents and employees in the area would love to swing by for their drinks and affordable meals.  I don't know any other place that serves gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and I have to admit, there are days I'd crave for one.

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