Ginzadon Japanese and Korean Restaurant: A Revisit at Maxim's Tower Hotel

Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

It's been almost three years since I last visited Ginzadon Japanese and Korean Restaurant so I'm wanted to refresh my memory during this revisit.

It has the same familiar ambiance that I remembered.

On a weekday night, it was packed with a mix match of diners.  They were business executives, tourists and families.

There is the sushi bar and teppanyaki bar.  The former seemed to be unoccupied.

Their menu has two sections: Japanese and Korean so  its quite clear that they offer authentic cuisine and not fusion.

Okazu (Japanese Side Dishes) and Ban Chan (Korean Side Dishes)
I like their idea of having both Okazu (Japanese Side Dishes) and Ban Chan (Korean Side Dishes) served .

Japanese Menu: Sashimi
sashimi moriawase matsu
Sashimi Moriawase Matsu (1,870 php)
The Sashimi Moriawase Matsu or special assorted sashimi depends on availability.  As you can see everything is so fresh!  It had Hokkigai (surf clam), Ebi (shrimps), Ikura (roe), Sake (salmon), Maguro (tuna), Saba (mackarel), Hamachi (yellow tail) and Tako (squid).  It was actually my first time to try the Hokkigai and it certainly won't be the last because I loved it!

Japanese Menu: Uramaki
tempura ura maki
Tempura Ura Maki (770 php)
The Tempura Ura Maki is a platter of huge caifornia roll with prawn tempura. The rolls are so big I can't fit them on my mouth!  Each roll has nori bits on top roe on the side, quality sticky rice, crunchy nori, prawn tempura, cucumber, ripe mango and crab stick.

dragon roll maki
Dragon Roll Maki (950 php)
The Dragon Roll Maki is the king of all maki!  

dragon roll maki
Dragon Roll Maki (950 php)
It's a big roll with prawn tempura, crab meat, cucumber, ripe mango wrapped with sticky rice, crunchy nori and grilled salmon skin glazed with unagi sauce and sprinkled with sesame.  It is similar to the Tempura Ura Maki so you can skip that and order this instead.

Korean Menu: Classics
kimchi ji gae
Kim Chi Jji Gae (400 php)
Being a spicy food lover, I often order the kimchi stew whenever offered so I've tried many renditions.  This Kim Chi Jji Gae is the best one I've tried yet!  The spiciness is exciting but not overwhelming.  Aside from kimchi, it also has 3 slices of soft silky tofu, green onions and sliced beef.

Japanese Menu: Tempura
ebi tempura
Ebi Tempura (720 php)
You can judge by the appearance that this is high quality Ebi Tempura.

galbi bi jim
Galbi Bi Jim (1,440 php)
The Galbi Bi Jim first struck me as expensive.  But when it was served, I realized that it was a hefty serving.  It has several huge chunks of braised prime rib short ribs, big cuts of carrots, onions, bell peppers and potato.  This braised rib stew is actually a favorite dish of the family so I've tried quite a handful.  I have to admit, this version is way more superior than the others I've tried.

nuk cha
Nuk Cha (110 php)
Since I loved the Shiratama Zenzai with green tea ice cream from my first visit, I opted to order the Nuk Cha or green tea ice cream.  It was as delicious as I recalled it to be!

black sesame ice cream
Black Sesame Ice Cream (125 php)
The Black Sesame Ice Cream is just as good!

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Ginzadon Japanese and Korean Restaurant offers authentic and quality Japanese and Korean dishes that doesn't scrimp on the serving size and quality of both local and imported ingredients.  The price is expensive but justifiable because it's situated in a hotel, it offers a great ambiance and service and the dishes are really top-notch.

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Ginzadon Japanese and Korean Restaurant
Business Address
2nd Flr., Maxims Tower, Resorts World Manila
Newport Boulevard, Newport City, Cybertourism Zone
Pasay, Metro Manila
Business Hours
Lunch: 11am-3pm
Dinner: 5pm-12am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 400-1,000
Contact (02) 908-8887

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