Sakura Japanese Restaurant & Grocery: Consistent Delicious Authentic Japanese Dishes Since 1975 in Glorietta 4

I'm quite moody in choosing where to eat.  On some occasions, I am one of the many who will follow the latest food hype that everyone is posting on the social media.  Sometimes, I want to be the first few diners who will get to discover and share a new restaurant.  I also visit those establishments that have previously escaped my food radar or those recommended by others.  But, there are days when I just want to go back to those food places that have been there for a long time and is still consistently committed to serving good food that diners will come back for.  Sakura Japanese Restaurant & Grocery is one of the latter.

The humble Sakura Japanese Restaurant & Grocery in Glorietta 4 has always been a busy place where diners would drop by and go.  You can watch servers to and fro from the kitchen and the dining area.

The place is small but it extends to the mall space area.  The interiors are simplistic with shelves that display appetizing dish photos.

They don't offer much variety in the grocery store and they can be a bit pricey.  

Chicken Tofu Steak (178 php)
The Chicken Tofu Steak is sliced chicken thigh with tofu cubes, onions and bell peppers in Japanese steak sauce topped with sesame and green onions.  This is a great starter to consider.

Miso Soup (72 php)
Sushi Combos
Sashimi Maki Combo (378 php)
We chose the Sashimi Maki Combo because it has all our favorites.  It has 2 pcs. of California Maki, 2 pcs. of Tamago (egg) Maki, 2 pcs. of Tekka (tuna) Maki and 2 pcs. of Kani (crabstick) Maki.  It also has six slices of fresh Sake Sashimi (look at the color!)  and delicious Spicy Tuna.  They serve one of the best Spicy Tuna in the Metro so don't miss it!

Donburi (Rice Toppings)
Chicken Curry (235 php)
The Chicken Curry is chicken upper thigh, carrots and potatoes all cut into cubes with onions in Japanese curry sauce.  As you can see this is one satisfying and fulfilling meal. 

Yakitori (175 php)
The Yakitori is grilled chicken and leeks skewers served with lightly sweet and salty teriyaki sauce sprinkled with sesame sauce.  The chicken bits are very tender and juicy.  Too bad the leeks are over-grilled cause I wanted to eat them too. 

Assorted Seafoods (245 php)
Look at how generous they are with their Assorted Seafoods teppanyaki!  This is delicious!  Plus, the seafood are fresh and soft and the vegetables are crunchy. 

Kushiage (Japanese Style Deep-Fried Kebabs)
Red Snapper (24 php/stick), Shrimp (24 php/stick) and Eggplant (18 php/stick)
Kushiage also known as Kushikatsu (kushi means "skewers" while katsu means "deep-fried").  So, its concept is quite similar to katsu (for meat, pork chicken) and furai (for other ingredients) but this is served in skewers as it is attached to a stick and eaten as a hand-picked food.

Miso Sauce and Spices
We enjoyed our Kushiage by dipping it in both Miso Sauce and Spices.

Mixed Fried Rice (115 php)
For staple, you can opt for their delicious Mixed Fried Rice or chahan.  It's got egg, vegetable and ground pork bits.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Time and time again we can expect delicious authentic Japanese dishes that's affordable from Sakura Japanese Restaurant & Grocery.  I like the concept that it's conveniently located in the mall but still keeping in touch with authenticity and simplicity of a traditional Japanese restaurant. 

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Sakura Japanese Restaurant & Grocery
Branches SM Mall of Asia
G/F SM Mall of Asia, Pacific Drive,
Pasay City, Metro Manila

Glorietta 4
2F Glorietta 4, Ayala Center
Makati City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 5%
Budget/Person 250-600
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
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