La Rose Noire Philippines: Clark Factory Product Showcase

La Rose Noire has rapidly grown from its humble beginning as a 30 seats restaurant and cake shop in a shopping mall in Hongkong to one of the biggest supplier of pastries. It  now employs more than 200 staff members at its original production centre in Kowloon Bay and over 600 employees in Dongguan, South China.   In 2012, La Rose Noire Philippines, the latest HACCP standard factory of La Rose Noire, was strategically placed in Clark Free Port.

la rose noire philippines

The La Rose Noire Philippines is not open to public so we were quite fortunate to view and sample their products.  

la rose noire philippines

Each product was presented and explained to us by their Malaysian brand manager Dennis Khor.  Their products are sold frozen.  They indicate the temperature requirement, preparation instruction and shelf life of each product to ensure that the consumers can enjoy their products at their best.  The trays and holders are all sold upon request at cost price. 

 Premium Hand Made Cake Tart Shells and Extra Mini Tart Shells
la rose noire philippines
Being hand crafted, the tart edges are smooth even when you bite them.  I was able to try one of their savory extra mini tart shells (distinguished by having black sesame on them) that are shaped in mini drops.  It was Tomato flavored.  Aside from being delicious, I was impressed at how the shells crumble delicately in every bite.

Passion Cones
la rose noire philippines

The Passion Cones are finger painted on both sides which you can observe from their fine finish.  I tried the Italian Pesto with White flakes.  I was impressed with the flavor and fresh crispy texture.

la rose noire philippines

Vegetarian Quiche
la rose noire philippines

The Vegetarian Quiche are placed on the extra mini tart shells.  I was able to try the Forest Mushroom which had truffle oil.  I loved it!  

Petits Fours
la rose noire philippines
The Petits Fours are also placed on the extra mini tart shells.  Every variant is interesting!  I tried the Apricot Cheese Cake and liked it.  It has a mellow tanginess to it so it wasn't too sweet like treats like this.

Hand-Crafted Macaron

la rose noire philippines

My favorite is the Hand-Crafted Macaron.  I've actually seen this being sold for a hefty price at Santis.  I'm surprised when they told me it costs only 29 php.  I tried the Pistachio and Chocolate.  The pistachio was very light for me.  The Orange and Chocolate was more flavorful.   I love the texture of their macaron and the sweetness is just right.

la rose noire philippines

la rose noire philippines

la rose noire philippines
They offer 2 kinds of croissant mix: VIP and Regular.  The different is butter used and the layers. 

la rose noire philippines
VIP (darker brown on the left) and Regular (on the right)
Trying the VIP has drastically changed my appreciation for croissants.  I still could not get over biting through its thin and fine golden brown shell and its very light and airy multi-layers. 

la rose noire philippines

la rose noire philippines
The muffin mix and the crumbs are sold separately.

The mixes will be available here in 2015.  Their also planning to a La Rose Noire P√Ętisserie in the Fort area.  I can't wait for that!

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