Manos Greek Taverna: Affordable Hellenic Greek Dishes at SM Mall of Asia

We've been frequenting SM Mall of Asia since childhood so we've tried almost all restaurants there except for Manos Greek Taverna and Italian restaurants which the family isn't too fond of.  So, I decided that we go for the former.

It had a blue and white motif like the Santorini in Greece or if local, Thunderbird Resort Poro Point hehe. 

The tables have a matching blue and white linen with matching blue wooden chairs.  The white walls had blue framed photos of the Santorini.

Complimentary Pita & Tzatziki Dip (150 php)
While waiting for our orders, we were served a Complimentary Pita & Tzatziki Dip.  Everyone loved this!  Perhaps this is now our Greek favorite dip.

Pajarya (Beet Root Salad) (140 php)
I don't consider myself to be a picky eater but there are still a few things I don't enjoy eating and these are: 1. stale pandesal 2. dragonfruit 3. beet root. So I was surprised when they served the Pajarya or beet root salad because the family ordered it without me knowing.  I tried it and it was just okay for me because I really don't like the taste of beet root but the family was crazy over it.

Greek Humus (160 php)
The Greek Humus is pretty good.  But we liked the Tzatziki better.

Orektikas (Appetizers)
manos greek taverna moa
Kolokifthokeftedes (195 php)
The name Kolokifthokeftedes is such a tongue twister right?  It's actually just zucchini fritters topped with grated feta cheese.  I'm not a fan of fritters but I found this to be quite enjoyable.  It's a bit heavy for solo so I advise this for sharing.

Oven Baked Dishes
Moussaka (300 php)
The Moussaka looks and tasted like it was just pre-heated.  Ingredient-wise, I think they did it right though.

Arni Fornou (Lamb in Oven) (640 php)
The staffs kept insisting that we order the Arni Fornou because it was their best-seller.  It was dry and tough that I felt robbed for the price!

Kotopaulo Fornou (Chicken in Oven) (305 php)
The Kotopaulo Fornou was tender and juicy!  How unexpected that this turned out to be better than their best-selling Arni Fornou.  

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Manos Greek Taverna offers affordable Greek dishes but it's quite food quality is quite disappointing.  On the bright side, the service is good and the place is cozy enough to chill with their free WiFi.   I heard Manos Greek Taverna is popular in Tagaytay.  I wonder if the food quality is the same.

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Manos Greek Taverna SM Mall of Asia
Business Address GF, North Wing, SM Mall of Asia, 
Pasay City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-9pm (mall hours)
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 3%
Budget/Person 350-1,000
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None


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