Market Cafe: Sedap Indonesia Balinese Delights and More at Hyatt Hotel Manila

With Hyatt Hotel Manila being practically the hotel next door, Market Cafe's buffet has become quite a familiarity with me.  But, what's great about Market Cafe is that it has a variety of food festivals that presents authentic cuisines in addition to its usual spread which I've shared on my first visit.  I've tried Filipino dishes during their Kulinarya Kalayaan Food Festival and Vietnamese dishes during their Distinctly Danang event too.

This time my visit is for their Sedap Indonesia featuring Balinese Delights.  Although I try to venture into as much cuisines as I can.  This is only my second time to try Indonesian Cuisine and first time to try specifically Balinese dishes.  
krupuk selections
Krupuk Selections
I've noticed that the Indonesian culture in terms of dishes and the Indonesian language has a close connection with ours.  The Krupuk Selections which we locally call as Kropek has Shrimp Crackers, Soya Bean Crackers, Emping Crackers and Potato Crackers

rujak buah
Rujak Buah
tamarind sauce
Tamarind Sauce for Rujak Buah
The Rujak Buah is an assortment of sweet and sour sliced fresh fruits (apple, pineapple, cucumber, papaya and pomelo) that is eaten with a tangy tamarind sauce.

ayam bumbuh metah
Ayam Bumbuh Metah
 The Ayam Bumbuh Metah is a salad of shredded chicken, shallots, cucumber, red chili, lemon grass, roasted shrimp paste and kafir lime.  This is delicious and tasty! 

kol sejuk
Kol Sejuk
 The Kol Sejuk is a salad with shredded cabbage, green, yellow and red bell peppers, shallots and shrimps.  It had a spicy and zesty chili lime dressing.

sari segara sambal metah
Sari Segara Sambal Metah
The Sari Segara Sambal Metah is a seafood salad (prawn, cuttlefish and fish) with shallots, cucumber, red chili, lemon grass, roasted shrimp paste and kafir lime.  Compared to the Ayam Bumbuh Metah, I found this to be spicier as evident with the presence of all those red chili.

balinese delights
balinese delights
tambusan be pasih
Tambusan Be Pasih
The Tambusan Be Pasih is steamed mackarel wrapped in banana leaves.  This is wrapped in tubes similar to a suman.  The flavors are subtle which I liked but the it was a bit dry for me.

grilled sate selections
Grilled Sate Selections
You can make use of their interactive station by having your grilled sate freshly cooked:  Selections available are:
  • Sate Buntel Sapi - minced beef satay
  • Sate Sapi - beef satay
  • Sate Ikan - Seafood Satay
  • Sate Ayam - Chicken Satay
  • Sate Buntel Kambing - minced lamb satay
  • Sate Kambing - lamb satay
  • Sate Babi - pork satay
sate babi
Sate Babi
peanut sauce toppings
Peanut Sauce and Toppings
The key to the success of their sate is the yummy Peanut Sauce!

babi guling
Babi Guling
The Babi Guling is roasted suckling pig which is similar to our local Lechon.  It has tender and succulent pork meat and crispy pork skin.  Need I say more? 

bebek menyatnyat
Bebek Menyatnyat
In the Filipino duck is Bibi.  See the clue?  The Bebek Menyatnyat is braised duck with coconut sauce.  This is rich in flavor and juicy too. 

balinese delights
balinese delights

kambing menyatnyat
Kambing Menyatnyat
There must have been a miscommunication somewhere in history.  While in Filipino, Kambing means goat, for Indonesians' Kambing means lamb.  Thus, the Kambing Menyatnyat is braised lamb with spicy coconut sauce.  Everyone was impressed with this! 

balinese delights

balinese delights

kue wajik
Kue Wajik
The Kue Wajik is a palm sugar glutinous rice cake topped with langka. Despite the difference in the name, this really tastes like our local Biko to me.

pandan cake
Pandan Cake
The Pandan Cake is my favorite among the Balinese desserts.  It has a pandan cream as a middle layer and the upper part is light and moist.  I also appreciate the coconut shavings for added texture. 

balinese delights
Although unlabelled, this tastes like Pandan Taho.

pisang goreng
Pisang Goreng
The Pisang Goreng is simply boiled bananas with pandan extract and covered with coconut gratings.

Desserts Station
Since I didn't pay much attention to their dessert station before, I'll add this too.
chocolate fountain
Chocolate Fountain
chocolate truffle
Chocolate Truffle
The Chocolate Truffle is simply irresistible!  Love the delightful sensation in every bite as the rick dark chocolate melts in my mouth.

market cafe dessert

white forrest
White Forrest
The White Forrest is light and the sweetness is on the right note too.  I noticed they have more cakes now.  But, they say the Bread and Butter Pudding is still the guaranteed crowd pleaser. =D

What I had
I managed to try every item on the Balinese Delights.
balinese delights
Balinese Appetizers
balinese delights
Balinese Main Course
Assorted Sate with Rice Cake
Tried the Rice Cake too which was tasteless. =p  I only tried the Sate Buntel Kambing among the minced selection and I preferred the chunkier version. 

balinese delights
Balinese Desserts
 The Dadar Gulung which is a pink crepe filled with langka and grated coconut is also a must try!
balinese delights
Balinese Beverage Selections Menu
balinese delights
Bali Breeze (280 php)
Tempted by the Balinese Beverage Selections Menu set on each table, I tried the Bali Breeze.  It had a stronger blend of pineapple and banana with a hint of coconut and lime.   It was quite refreshing. 

sushi plate
My Sushi Plate
I just couldn't resist the freshness of the salmon and had some maki too frm their sushi bar.

peach cobbler
Peach Cobbler
ice cream
Ube and Cheese Ice Cream
Strawberry, Sugar-Free Mango and Dalandan Sorbet
I've always been a sucker for ice cream.  Of course, can't miss it.  Loved every flavor especially the Cheese with real cheese bits and Sugar-free Mango.  The Dalandan has been consistency bitterish which I'll skip next time. 

Promo Alert
In addition to offering the Sedap Indonesia Balinese Delights at regular price.  Hyatt's Market Cafe also has Three Plus One (3 + 1) Promo.  In every four diners, one will be entitled to eat for FREE.  Diners who will dine during the Balinese Delights from August 30 to September 8, 2013 will also get a chance to win a two night stay at Grand Hyatt Bali inclusive of airfare from Philippine Airlines.

You can also enroll for FREE for the Hyatt Gold Passport which allows you to earn points whenever you stay or dine at any Hyatt Hotel worldwide.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Balinese Delights Price
Weekdays - 1,800 php net

Fri and Sat - 2,100 php net
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