Masil Korean Charcoal Grill Restaurant: Korean Barbecue and More at Ortigas Home Depot

If you've been following my entries, you'd know that I'm well acquainted with Korean cuisine.  But, the Korean restaurants our family frequents are usually in the Malate area which is close to home.  Thus when my foodie friend Sumi invited me for a lunch date at Masil Korean Charcoal Grill Restaurant, I quickly freed my schedule for it. 

According to its fan page, this used to named Seoul Fusion but changed as it has expanded to cater to groups.  Thus, the name Masil is derived from "Masil Gada" which means "going out for a good time" seemed more appropriate.  I also saw a photo on their fan page that President Noynoy has dined there with Grace Lee.

masil korean charcoal grill restaurant
We were unfamiliar with Ortigas Home Depot so we approached the guard to point us to Masil.   It was a very late lunch for us so we had the place almost to ourselves.

masil korean charcoal grill restaurant
Aside from its spacious indoor dining area, it also has an picnic style tables equipped with charcoal grillers on the outside too.  For private functions and meeting, you can also reserve their second floor.

sundubu jjigae
Complimentary Sundubu Jjigae
Aside from their numerous varieties of Banchan or side dishes, we were also served a Complimentary Sundubu Jjigae which is spicy soft tofu stew with seafood.  

Charcoal Grilled Beef
As their name and set up indicates, their specialization is their charcoal grill so most of our orders are from this selection.  I'm glad they use charcoal because it really makes a substantial difference in terms of taste.

masil bulgogi
Masil Bulgogi (350 php)
We were served plates filled with our raw orders.  The staff are well-trained in assisting us with the cooking.  They seem like pros when it comes to changing the type of grillers. 

masil bulgogi
Masil Bulgogi (350 php)
The staff told us that the Masil Bulgogi is her personal favorite.  It is a popular choice for Filipinos and Koreans alike.   Upon trying it, I could easily picked up why.  It had a pleasant garlicky flavor with a light tone of sweetness.   The thin slices of meat was easy to chew and oozing with flavor from the adequate fatty portions in every bite. 

so galbi
So Galbi (450 php)
The So Galbi is another suggested item.  Like the Masil Bulgogi, this was seasoned with their house special sweet sauce.  But, since this is US short ribs, its thicker and chunkier.  

deji galbi
Deji Galbi (280 php)
The Deji Galbi is seasoned pork rib in sweet sauce.  Compared to the other two, this was more flavorful.  It's an ideal viand to be paired with plain rice. 

mak chang
Mak Chang (300 php)
Whenever I watch Korean dramas, the Mak Chang is one that is often enjoyed by the characters.  The Mak Chang is pork intestine.  This is usually paired with alcohol.  But, since it's too early to be drinking, we enjoyed this as an ordinary dish. 

fermented soy bean sauce
Special Fermented Soy Bean Sauce
To enjoy the Mak Chang, we dipped it in their Special Fermented Soy Bean Sauce.

masil charcoal restaurant
Complimentary Perilla Leaves, Lettuce, Chili, Garlic and Dipping Sauces
At Masil, the Complimentary Perilla Leaves, Lettuce, Chili, Garlic and Dipping Sauces which are essential in enjoying your Korean barbecue is refillable with no extra charge.  

masil korean charcoal restaurant
So, this is how I enjoy my Korean barbecue.  For my base leaves, I alternate between the Perilla and Lettuce leaves.  Then, I mix and match by adding some items from the Banchan, sauces and condiments.  Whenever I add a piece of green chili, I always make sure that I add a fatty meat or the Mak Chang to let the fats counter the spiciness.  I then roll and eat this by hands.  Since that way of eating is expecting, they have a washing area for your convenience. 

Bap Special
dolsot bibimbap
Dolsot Bibimbap (280 php)
As the Dolsot Bibimbap is one of my favorite healthy dishes, I make it to a point to always order one.  This version is one of the best I've tried!  Just by its visual appeal, you can see how fresh the ingredients are.  I'm obviously happy with the generous serving of beef and mushrooms as well.

Original Soup Special
bang gye tang
Bang Gye Tang (300 php)
The Bang Gye Tang which is half chicken ginseng soup served in hot pot.  Although I'm not a fan of the Filipino Arroz Caldo or the Chinese Congee, I come to love this dish ever since I tried it at Navi.  I guess I like that this is more on savory chicken soup rather than rice which I find too heavy to consume.  I also appreciate the mild taste of ginseng in addition to the ordinary spices. 

Complimentary Pineapple
We were also served Complimentary Pineapple which is customary for Japanese and Korean restaurants.  

After my visit, my family visited this twice and has been raving about their Galbi Jim (300 php).  You should give that a try too.  According to my family, this place is noticeably packed during lunch and dinner time unlike its neighboring restaurants.  It seems that it has gained a lot of clients by word of mouth.  

For more savings, avail of their Lunch Special.  =)

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Masil Korean Charcoal Grill Restaurant is a must try craving for authentic Korean cuisine in the Ortigas area.  The price is quite reasonable.  It's best to come in groups since the serving size is good for sharing.  Aside from just dining, you can enjoy some night time fun over barbecue and drinks here too.  And for the record, my friend and I had a good time as we relaxed and chatted over barbecue. 

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Masil Korean Charcoal Grill Restaurant
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Sun: 5 pm-1 am
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