Pan De Amerikana: Topsy Turvy Budget Friendly Restuarant and Bakery at White Plains Katipunan

Since my dear little sister had a breakfast date with her beau at the topsy turvy house themed Pan De Amerikana at White Plains Katipunan last year, she has been urging the family to visit it too.  Thus, we've been planning to go there for quite some time for a breakfast or lunch.  But with my little sisters erratic medical clerkship schedule, it was always delayed.  Luckily, August came with lots of holidays to take advantage of so we grabbed the chance at once. 

pan de amerikana whiteplains katipunan
Just by seeing the topsy turvy house facade got us all excited.  Their parking was full when we arrived on a arround half past one in the afternoon.  Good thing the nearby establishments were closed for the holiday so we managed to squeeze in a vacant slot. 

pan de amerikana whiteplains katipunan
We passed by the bakery counter and a small wooden bridge towards the main dining area.  It had a topsy tuvy dining area with a piano attached on the ceiling.  The entire place was accentuated with its glimmering yellow and green lighting.  It also had transparent roofing and lots of clear glass windows which allowed the sun to shine upon the vines which crawled upon its ceiling and brick walls.  As the place is filled with plants, it does not offer air-conditioning.  It's high ceiling as well as large fans suffice to keep the place cool and cozy.  

pan de amerikana whiteplains katipunan

Wooden tables with chess board prints were placed side by side forming a long row.    Framed photos of the staffs, owners as well as articles and certificates were plastered on several parts of its walls.  The kitchen is partially visible to the diners. 

pan de amerikana whiteplains katipunan

I find it's garden-like atmosphere in the league of the famous tourist stops like Lilong and Lilang Hidden Garden and Bag of Beans in Tagaytay.  But, this is more strategic in location because it's actually in Metro and its pricing is unbelievably cheap!  

Even the washing area is captivating and beautiful to me.  It was not only innovative but well-entwined with nature and culture as well.  They even have a kids washing area. 

pan de amerikana whiteplains katipunan
At the back part is narrow path to the kitchen.  And, not even that section fell short of its definitive quirky essence.  I love the decorative plates idea.

pan de amerikana whiteplains katipunan
I don't usually take a snapshot of the rest room.  But, this really deserves a shot.  The walls area filled with different colors and sizes of pot lids.  The dangling colorful lamp is also adorable. 

So much about the place, now let's move on with the food. 
Tinomok (50 php)
My favorite among the dishes we've tried is the Tinomok.  It's a dish originating from the Bicol region.  It's juicy ground pork meat wrapped in laing leaves with coconut milk and topped with chili.  I promise you... once you bite into this, it will keep you wanting for more! 

Callos (Bicol Style) (80 php)
It's my first time try Callos in Bicol style.  To be honest, I can't tell the difference.  It had a light tomato based sauce.  The meat and ox tripe were soft and tender too.  Everyone loved this!  Since we had two orders of this, we noticed that the other one had chorizo slices in it.  This one didn't though.

ilokano sarbasab
Ilokano Sarabasab (60 php)
The Ilokano Sarabasab is not a new dish to me.  It's an Ilocano grilled dish with pork liver.  Many think of it as a counterpart of sisig.  Compared to the version I've tried at La Preciosa in Laoag, Ilocos Norte, I found this dish to be lacking in flavor and filled with pork fats.  But considering the huge difference in price, this is passable. 

sisig rice
Sisig Rice (240 php)
My family who is not a fan of sisig, enjoyed the Sisig Rice.  A serving is good for two to three persons unless you're a hefty carbo loader.  

garlic rice
Garlic Rice
In case you don't order a meal or their special rice variants, you can opt for the affordable Garlic Rice.

bicol laing
Bicol Laing (40 php)
The Bicol Laing was good but I'd prefer it with more coconut milk.  One of my aunts is from the Bicol Region so she usually brings over her mother's Bicol Laing.  I really liked that because it had more coconut milk and pork bits so the flavor is bolder.  But again, the price justifies it.

pan de amerikana bakery
By the entrance is their bakery counter.  you can just approach their bakers and ask what's available. If you're dining you can order any pastry to be served at your table and your orders will be included on your bill.

All their pastries are whole wheat which is great news for us.  We only buy whole wheat.  According to their paper bag, they don't use any preservatives.  We bought some to take home for our merienda

pan de amerikana bakery
Pan De Amerikano (55 php)
The Pan De Amerikano is a giant pandesal.  It's the biggest pandesal I've seen yet!  It doesn't even fit our bread basket. 

pan de amerikana bakery
Mega-Sized Ensaymada (12 php)
The Mega-Sized Ensaymada is actually normal sized simple pinoy style ensaymada for me.  The dough has the same consistency and texture as their pandesal.  But, this is whirled around and topped with margarine and sugar.  This is a good alternative if the plainness of the pandesal bores you.

pan de amerikana bakery
Pandesal (6 php)
Their pandesal is slightly cheaper and bigger than the whole wheat pandesal that we usually buy at Pan De Manila.  I like their version more.  It is soft and chewy even when not served hot.  Preheat it in an oven or toaster and I'm sure you'll fall in love with it. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Pan De Amerikana Katipunan Branch offers a one of a kind experience with its quirky topsy turvy atmosphere.  It's also a great place to relax, enjoy nature and arts amidst the distractions of the urban reality. 
The great thing about it is that its very budget friendly!  To all the guys who can't take their ladies on a date often due to financial constraints, you can always bring them here.  I can already imagine the delight of your better half when you take them on a romantic breakfast date over a hot cup of coffee and pandesal sandwich.  If she's a geek like me, you can even enjoy a game of chess.  It's also a pleasant venue for any filial or friendly gathering.  I'm sure the pictures which will serve as your remembrance will come out nicely. 

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Pan De Amerikana Katipunan
Business Address 131 Katipunan Ave White Plains,
Quezon City, Metro Manila
Business Hours Mon-Sat: 6am-7pm
Sun: 7am-3pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 50-150
Free WiFi Yes
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 442-5601
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