Alba Restaurante Español: Quality Traditional Spanish Lunch Buffet at Prism Plaza Mall of Asia

Spanish Cuisine has always been a family favorite.  The family is a purist when it comes to things.  we always opted for authentic and traditional rather than modern and fusion.  And when searching for authentic and traditional Spanish cooking, you can start your list with "A" for Alba Restaurante Español.  

Alba Restaurante Español

Although Alba is one of the first Spanish restaurants we've tried and frequented as a kid, we haven't tried it since the branch near us closed down.  So when we had dinner at House of Wagyu Stone Grill, we planned to dine there at the Prism Plaza branch for a lunch buffet which was fortunately materialized a few months ago.

Alba Restaurante Español
I noticed that it has maintained its classy baroque-styled ambiance.   Red is the predominant color that of the place.  Staffs are also matching that color motif.  At night, it offers a romantic setting with its dim lighting and candle lighting.

Alba Restaurante Español
It has a chiller where they display chilled wine, cold cuts and sausage similar to that of a typical deli.

Alba Restaurante Español
They also sell whole cakes too.

Alba Restaurante Español
The buffet table is found at the end of the room which makes it visible from the entrance still.  The dishes are organized from appetizer to main course and there is separate section for desserts. 

Alba buffet
 Tabla de Embutidos
They offered an assortment of their home-made cold cuts: Pamplona, Mortadela, Salchichon

Alba lunch buffet
I'm really impressed with their organized system and monitoring of the dishes.  Plates are rarely empty and the dishes are freshly cooked.  The Quesadilla was crunchy in every bite.

Alba lunch buffet
They offered a variety of spread to match their pastries.  I enjoyed the prawn spead the most.

The Escalivada is roasted vegetables with anchovies.  Perhaps this is the one of the rare circstumances where I'd say skip the veggies for the more sinful ones.

croquetas de pollo
Croquetas de Pollo, Almejas al Horno and Albondigas de Vaca
I enjoyed these three especially the Croquetas de Pollo.  Too bad, I had to save some space for the rest.  Otherwise, I would've loaded up with these.

lenguado meuniere pollo frito
Lenguado Meuniere and Pollo Frito
The Lenguado Meuniere is dowry fish.  Though the blend is right, I'm just not really a fan.  I found nothing special with the Pollo Frito which is their version of fried chicken. 

steamed veegtables leguini carbonara
Steamed Vegetables and Lenguini Carbonara
I got some veggies and tried the Lenguini Carbonara.  But, I think the right move should be skip the pasta for the paella. 

lengua savillana callos a la madrilena
Lengua Sevillana and Callos a la Madrileña
These two are my all-time favorite Spanish viands!  You can imagine my excitement upon seeing these. 

cochinillo asado
Cochinillo Asado
According to my family, the ones they got had crunchy skin and tender meat.  But, mine wasn't. =( 

paella valenciana
Paella Valenciana
I'm a huge fan of the flavorful paellas.  The Paella Valenciana is a carb dish, I would never regret having.  Every spoonful of it is a blissful moment for me.

flan al caramelo
Flan al Caramelo

What I Had

alba sopa
Upon being seated, we were served prawn bisque which was delicious!

alba lunch buffet
My Appetizer Plate

alba lunch buffet
My Main Course
alba lunch buffet

alba lunch buffet
My Dessert Plate
I usually stay away from meringue cakes because I find them too sweet.  But, Alba's Canonigo is now my favorite!  Ooh... it's soft and mellow fluffiness is simply delightful.  The Tarta de Chocolate Al Cointreau is dark and rich with a pleasant hint of orange liquor.  The Maja Blanca and Lemon Square, does not disappoint too.

alba lunch buffet
My Fruit Plate
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
We really enjoyed our lunch buffet at Alba Restaurante Español.  The offerings may not boast of quality, but quality is assured.  Considering that Spanish cuisine is usually at a higher range than others, the ambiance and service, I'd say the price is worth every peso.  Their service is top-notch.  Upon being seated, we were quickly served our soup, our glasses were filled with water, and we were assisted with our napkins.  The empty plates were cleared as soon as we leave the table for another helping too.

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Alba Restaurante Español
Business Address 4th Level, Prism Plaza, Two E-Com Center
Bayshore Ave. corner Harbor Drive, Mall of Asia Complex, 

Pasay City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 11am-11pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 700-1200
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 384-6344, (02) 808-2326
Other  Website
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