1521 Fifteen Twenty-One Restaurant: Rediscovering Filipino Cuisine at Forbes Town Center

Being adventurous by nature, I usually go for foreign cuisine to try something new.  Yet, there are some days when I yearn for familiar Filipino dishes that are close to or even better than those we have at home.   Thus, one random night, I tried 1521 Fifteen Twenty-One to rediscover Filipino Cuisine at Burgos Circle Forbes Town Center.

1521 fifteen twenty one restaurant
It had a creative logo wherein the 1521 appears like a cup between a spoon and fork.  I presume it is named after one of the most important year in Philippine history where Ferdinand Magellan discovered the Philippines.

1521 fifteen twenty one restaurant

1521 fifteen twenty one restaurant
Upon entering, I felt like being in an old Spanish home.  It had wood furnished fixtures with elegant wood carvings.  The paintings on its walls reflect the culture and history of the Philippines.  It occupies two floors so we were led to the upper floor which had more tables. 

1521 fifteen twenty one restaurant
Each dark wooden table has dinner wares set up with a vase and candle light.  I find the table setting appropriate as it adds charm to the nostalgic air that the place exudes. 

Glancing at the menu, I can't help but smile at the creative play of words in the names of the dishes.  I thought it was an excellent display of how fun-loving Filipinos are.  As I read the menu, I tried to unboggle and figure out what it purports to be.  I'm not easy to catch up on those stuff so maybe you can help me out.

Mga Pamutat o Pamukaw-Gana (Our Appetizer)
dinamitang keso
Dinamitang Keso (160 php)
The Dinamitang Keso has a double meaning.  It could be mean dynamite cheese or clothed cheese.  It is the classic cheese sticks with green chili.  What makes this special is their mango-wasabi dip that's sweet and sour with a subtle spicy kick.  As a cheese lover, I found this to be irresistible!

swak na swak chicharon bulaklak
Swak na Swak Chicharon Bulaklak (225 php)
I've always enjoyed the normal fried chicharon bulaklak because I prsonally prefer pork intestines over pork skin.  The Swak na Swak Chicharon Bulaklak which is an upgraded version with its rich taste and served with kamias and sinamak dip makes it a really "swak na swak" appetizer.

pinalutik na inantala
Pinalutik na Inantala (280 php)
 The Pinalutik na Inantala is huge chunks of super crunchy pork crackling from Nueva Ecija served with greens and three dip choices: Burong Tilapia, Sinamak and Pickled Kamias.  I loved the unique taste of buro so I devoured this with the Burong Tilapia.
Ensaladang Pampaseksi o Pampagana (Our Signature Fresh Salads)
ka musta cat salad
Ka-Musta-Cat Salad (235 php)
The Ka-Musta-Cat Salad is not your usual salad.  It has shredded mustasa leaves, sliced kamias, diced tomatoes and onions, catfish bits, green mango strips, cilantro with their special Thai-inspired dressing.  My dining companions had nothing but raves and compliments over this salad. 

Pork Entrees
bonggang bonggang binagoongan
Bonggang Bonggang Binagoongan (295 php)
I expect a binagoongan to be dominantly salty and that's it.  But the Bonggang Bonggang Binagoongan had a savory shrimp paste countered with the tanginess of the green mango strips.  The pork is very crunchy too.  I could here the crackles popping from my mouth as I bit this to pieces.

Vegetable Entrees
talong mo kay tulfo
Talong Mo Kay Tulfo (280 php)
The Talong Mo Kay Tulfo is our semi-healthy dish for the night.  I say its partially healthy because its tortang talong (eggplant cooked with egg) filled with sisig bits.  The addition of the sisig works because it adds chewiness and flavor. 

Beef Entrees
potchero ni tangkeko
Potchero ni Tangkeko (450 php) with Talong Ranger (40 php)
The Potchero ni Tangkeko has definitely lived up to its promise by bearing the chef's name on it.  The humongous slowly-cooked beef chunks in a pool of rich tomato sauce was so heavenly that this platter was quickly emptied.  This was suggested to be paired with the Talong Ranger.  As suggested, the mashed eggplant with fresh garlic in local vinegrette dressing brings forth a nice refreshing interval for the palate.

Seafood Entrees
busog na bangus
Busog na Bangus (335 php)
The Busog na Bangus which meant stuffed bangus was not presented as I expected.  Well, unless it was so stuffed that it exloded and unleased all the ingredients: tomato, onions, green chillies and salted egg.  I appreciate the mixture of textures and flavors though especially with the taste yolk of the salted egg.  Yum!

Kanin-Get it!
ifugao steamed rice
Ifugao Steamed Rice (155 php/Salo-Salo)
I'm glad to know that the Ifugao Steamed Rice is the same with our very own Manila steamed rice at home. =p On a more serious note, next time, I'll just add for the Bagoong Rice or Garlic Rice.

Sweetika (Our signature desserts)
1521 leche flan
1521 Leche Flan (285 php/salo-salo)
Looks can be deceaving as the 1521 Leche Flan had a really smooth and creamy texture that massages the tongue in every spoonful.  On some parts, it has lemon rind shavings that counters the sweetness of caramel.

nilasing na saging
Nilasing na Saging (85 php)
The Nilasing na Saging is banana and preserved jackfruit flambe'd and served in sweet rum-mixed caramel sauce.  This is good but I don't think its best to order this with the 1521 Leche Flan because they're a bit similar.

Mga Pampalamig
kinadkad na melon
Kinadkad na Melon (Pitcher) (169 php)
For refreshments, the Kinadkad na Melon is served in a pitcher and is good for up to 4 persons.

Mga Pampainit
kapeng kapow
Kapeng Kapow (75 php)
Nothing but a hot cup of Kapeng Kapow to end the meal.  For tea lovers, they have Taragon Tea too.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
1521 Fifteen Twenty-One is an excellent place to rediscover Filipino cuisine.  It's the kind place where you can bring your foreigner friends or relatives from abroad to appreciate Filipino dishes for the first time or again.  Although it comes with their own twist, the way they use our local ingredients really reflects the Filipino heritage as their dishes captivates our taste preference.  It feels like luto ni lola (grandmother's cooking) for every diner.  The atmosphere is so cozy and homey yet elegant in its classic aged way too.

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1521 Fifteen Twenty-One
Business Address Burgos Circle, Forbes Town Center, 
Fort, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig, Metro Manila
Business Hours Mon-Thurs, Sun: 11 am - 11 pm
Fri-Sat: 11 am - 12 am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 350-600
Free WiFi Yes
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Contact (0915) 505-2446
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