Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Midnight Mercato: Foodies Hangout at Night

If you can recall, we're shared about the Mercato Centrale Sunday Market (see previous entry).  But, the more fun market actually takes place during the nights at Midnight Mercato

Mercato Centrale
The place is usually crowded especially the outdoor dining area.  I prefer the indoor area because its more spacious and you get to hear the singing performance from the front stage. 

Midnight Mecato

Midnight Mecato
There are a lot of food options.  

Midnight Mecato
We wanted burgers for the night.  Which of these burgers do you think we chose?  We tried Johnny Steams (see separate entry)!  

Peppered Corn
Peppered Corn
Sometimes, simple snacks are more sellable.  These peppered corns are very popular.

Chicago Pizza (150 php per slice)
Fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt was disappointed with the Chicago Pizza because it was composed mainly of rough dry tasteless bread.  This is one of the rare moments where neither of us could force ourselves to finish the dish.  

Chicken Delish
Chicken Delish (see previous entry)
Midnight Mercato
Nature Clinic
I tried Bumble Tea's Oolong tea.  While Kurt had the Lemonade Mint (35 php).  He was very please with it.  Nature's Clinic stall was always packed.  So, we were so intrigued that we bought their Raspberry and Blueberry Juice.  It tasted like a diluted concentrate with real raspberry bits.  The flavor was pretty good for me but Kurt liked the Lemonade Mint more.

Overall, Midnight Mercato is a fun place to hang out especially for foodies like us.  There are substantially more concessionaires and crowd at Midnight Mercato than during day time.  It's a great alternative to 24 hour fast food because it offers so many options.  Despite visiting this place several times already, we still have a lot to try out. =D

Midnight Mercato
Business Address
Corner of 9th Avenue and 30th Street 
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Metro Manila
Business Hours Fri: 10:00 pm-3:00 am
Sat: 7:00 am-2:00 pm; 10:00 pm-3:00 am
Sun: 7:00 am-2:00 pm
Payment Options Cash
Wifi  Yes
Budget/Person 50-250
Organizers RJ Ledesma, Anton Diaz (Our Awesome Planet) 
and Janice Crisostomo-Villanueva 
Other Facebook Fan Page | Website

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Basty's: Delectable Spanish Fusion Dishes at Fort Bonifacio Global City

Spanish is one of my favorite cuisines.  Perhaps, because it is one of the cuisines I grew up eating.  During my childhood days, we used to employ cooks who are knowledgeable in Spanish dishes.  But as I grew older, those good cooks became a rarity so we had to eat out whenever we miss the pleasures of Spanish cuisine.  Our latest find is Basty's along Fort Bonifacio Global City which offers a unique twist of Spanish Fusion.  


Located at the Net Quad Corporate Center, Basty's has a bar on its first floor and a dining area on the second floor.  The restaurant is very visible through its glass windows.  

The dining area could fit only a few tables.  But, it felt cozy with the glass window view, adequate lighting and large paintings.  Our server shared that Basty's is owned by a couple who are both chefs.

According to the menu, Basty's uses fresh ingredients and their dishes are free from preservatives and MSG.  That sounds pretty good to us because we adopt the same policy at home! =D

gambas al ajillo
Gambas al Ajillo (250 php)
The Gambas al Ajillo is another Spanish favorite of mine.  The Gambas al Ajillo is white shrimps sauteed with chili, garlic and smoked paprika.  I just love the soft shrimps and the sauce with the right kick of spiciness.

croquettas de pollo
 Croquettas de Pollo (145 php)
The Croquettas de Pollo are chicken croquettes.  It was served hot and in a golden brown color.  The coating was perfectly crunchy while the inside had a smooth and creamy mashed potato.  Although I could not visibly see any chicken bits, I could sense its mild taste.  The superb texture of these little munchers makes them one of the best croquettes, I have ever tried!

Soups and Salads
sopas de ajo
Sopa de Ajo (190 php)
The Sopa de Ajo is my favorite Spanish soup.  I always order this whenever available.  The Sopa de Ajo is a roasted garlic soup topped with fresh egg.  The soup was deliciously garlicky!

sopa de lentejas
Sopa de Lentejas (225 php)
The Sopa de Lentejas is a soup with softened lentils and homemade Spanish chorizo.  This soup has a nice blend of flavors. 

aligue with prawns
Aligue with Prawns (315 php)
The Aligue with Prawns is one of the dishes I always look forward to critic because you have to have the right flavor subtleties to make it an appetizing dish.  If the taste of one component is too strong, then the dish will lose its appeal and make it difficult to finish.  I was impressed with the composition of this dish.  It had generous proportions of shrimp and the crab fat was contrasted by the garlic and the zesty lemon juice so the taste was balanced all through out.

Spanish Favorites
lengua sevillana
 Lengua Sevillana (315 php)
The Lengua Sevillana is ox tongue with mushrooms and black olives.  The order also comes with a separate plate of steamed rice.  The ox tongue was so tender it almost melts in your mouth.  This is one of the best Lengua dishes I have ever tried.  This is a must try!

callos madrillena
 Callos Madrillena (325 php)
The Callos Madrillena is an ox tripe stew with homemade chorizo and saffron served with aioli mayonnaise and saffron rice.  The ox tripe has a tomato-based stew with their homemade chorizo, it was exploding with flavors.  With or without the aioli mayonnaise, it was delicious!

paella valenciana
Paella Valenciana Family Size (775 php) 
I love paellas!  Of course, a Spanish cuisine post isn't complete without it.  We ordered the Paella Valenciana.  The presentation was very nice.  The hot pan was served on topped of a burner.  It was served with generous amount of toppings.  The Spanish rice was cooked just right. I loved every bit of it even the burnt ones at the bottom of the pan. =D

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Basty's is a great place to enjoy Spanish fusion dishes.  All the dish we tried were really good.  The price is very reasonable for a Spanish cuisine.  The service is good as we didn't wait too long before the food to arrive.  Despite, the fact that the waiter had to come up all the time, all our needs were attended too.  

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating  Basty's Menu
Ambiance Menu 1 | Menu 2 |
 Menu 3 | Menu 4 |
=Favorites or Recommended 
Business Address
Ground Floor Net Quad Building, 30th Street corner 4th Avenue,
Taguig City, Metro Manila
Business Hours Mon-Sat: 9am-12mn
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge 10%
Budget/Person 350-800
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 569-132
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Chicken Delish: Gourmet Double Fried Chicken

During my second visit to Best Food Forward (see previous entry), I got to try a new double fried chicken named "Chicken Delish".  Unlike other double fried chicken concepts, Chicken Delish is cooked home-style but with their own gourmet sauces: Pinoy BBQ, Pinoy Buffalo, Korean, Salt N' Pepper, Sriacha and Kung Pao.  Sometimes, they also give in to customers with kids who request their chicken to be with gravy.

chicken delish

Chicken Delish is owned by Annalyn Jusay-Zoglmann, who is a fellow blogger and foodie.  She shares that she was serving her gourmet-style fried chicken to her family way before the Korean double fried chicken craze hit the Metro.  During her experiments to please her family, she was able to come out with her different gourmet sauces.  With her entrepreneurial nature, she saw the gourmet fried chicken trend as a good opportunity to start on her business.  She began last year at Soderno Sunday market where her initial success paved way to the opening of her stand-alone store at the Caltex Gas Station at Better Living, Paranaque City.  She is proud to say that she has regular and loyal customers who cherish her gourmet fried chicken on a daily basis.

chicken delish
Korean Drumstick and Pinoy Barbecue Drumstick (120 php)
I asked Annalyn, AJ for short, for their best selling sauces and she recommended the Korean and Pinoy Barbecue.  I also wanted to try the Sriracha which I'm told is Thai hot sauce mixed with butter and honey.  But, it was not available on the night of my visit.   I also had to settle for the drumsticks because the chicken wings were already sold out.  As soon as I ordered, AJ personally cooked the chicken for me.  It was soon marinated with the gourmet sauces.  

Korean Drumstick
I first tried the Korean Drumstick.  For 120 php, the serving size and amount of sauce is adequate.  The Korean sauce was sweet and mildly spiced just for the kick.  The sesame seeds complements the sauce in terms of fragrance and flavor.  The chicken skin was crispy and not too oily.  On the other hand, the chicken meat was warm, tender and succulent.   It was cooked with perfect timing.

Pinoy Barbecue
I usually veer away from the Pinoy Barbecue sauces because I usually find them to be too sweet for my taste.  But, the Chicken Delish Pinoy Barbecue sauce hit my taste preference right on the mark.

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Chicken Delish offers affordable gourmet fried chicken that's close to home.  The taste is home-style and not too commercialized.  The price is very reasonable that you can enjoy it whenever you want.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Chicken Delish Menu
Ambiance 4-piece chicken wings - 90 php
2-piece drumsticks - 120 php
=Favorites or Recommended 
Chicken Delish 
Business Address
Caltex Gas Station, Better Living, 
Paranaque City, Metro Manila
Business Hours

Payment Options Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 90-120
Free WiFi Yes
(02) 801-9796, (02) 545-3929
Other  Facebook Fan Page
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Century Tsukiji: The Finest Authentic Japanese at Century Park Hotel

One of the Japanese restaurants we always wanted to visit is "Century Tsukiji" at Century Park Hotel.  But, our interest only materialized when we bought one of group deal offering the Maikosan Course Menu for only 750 php instead of 1,500 php.  Since we buy our pastries at Deli Snack, we came to know that the Chef from Tsukiji Makati shifted to this one.  

Century Tsukiji has a very nice facade.  The bamboo fences gives it an authentic Japanese feel.  There are a lot of awards displayed upon entry.  There is a shelf filled with Japanese wines.  It also has a sushi bar.  We were led to the spacious dining area with hanging Japanese lanterns.  The place was very serene.   I noticed that the customers are mostly Japanese business men.  

Complementary Japanese Appetizers
We were served three kinds of appetizers.  All of them were so delicious!  Too bad they were just sampler servings. =p

Miso Soup
The Miso Soup is warm and soothing.  The taste was perfect. 

Maikosan Course Menu

Side Dishes

Salmon and Tuna Sashimi
The Salmon and Tuna Sashimi were in the freshest condition. 

Fresh Green Salad
The Fresh Green Salad was fresh and served with a mild tasting Japanese dressing.  However, I regret choosing the Fresh Green Salad because the Salmon and Tuna Sashimi is a way better option.  

Grilled Dishes

Wakadori Teriyaki
The Wakadori Teriyaki (chicken teriyaki) is tender and succulent.  The sauce was not too sweet and yet it was definitely tasty.

Shake Teriyaki
The Shake Teriyaki (salmon teriyaki) is delicious!  This is the one of the best Shake Teriyaki I've tried!  The salmon was fresh, tasty and cooked just right.

Saba Shioyaki
The best among the grilled options is the ♥ Saba Shioyaki.  I just love the taste of Saba.  It's texture, flavor and oiliness is superb!

Fried Dishes

Ebi Tempura
The Ebi Tempura is a genuine tiger prawn fried in the best quality batter.  My little sister was very pleased with this!

Tori-Hotate Gyoza
The Tori-Hotate Gyoza is a fried chicken and scallop dumpling.  This is the first time I've tried this combo flavor for a dumpling.  Although I could hardly distinguish in terms of texture and flavors of the two components, it succeeded in delivering a wholesome sensation.  

Home Made Ice Cream
 Matcha (250 php for 2 pcs.)
Century Tsukiji's homemade ice cream is served like an ice cream cake.  It had a bread-like crust at the bottom.  Although it was an expensive ice cream costing roughly 125 php a piece, it was certainly worth the price.  The Matcha has the aromatic flavor subtleties of brewed Japanese green tea.  I enjoyed every spoonful of this!

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Century Tsukiji offers the finest authentic Japanese dishes in the Metro.  I'm impressed with their service and quality.  They really deserve their awards. =D  It's a Japanese restaurant that I would definitely want to come back to whenever I'm willing to spend for authentic quality food.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Century Tsukiji Menu
Ambiance Sashimi | Sushi | Maki Sushi |
Otsumami | Shirumono and Otsukemono |
Sarada and Sunomono | Nimono | Yakimono
Tempura and Agemono | Donburi Mono | Yakimono
Teppanyaki | Teppanyaki 2 and Yaisaru |
Teishoku | Teppanyaki Teishoku | Kaiseki
 Gohan | Japanese Imported Wagyu | Menrui
Make You Own Lunch Bento | Makanouchi Bento | Dessert |
=Favorites or Recommended 
Century Tsukiji
Business Address
599 P. Ocampo St. Malate, Century Park Hotel
Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours Lunch: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm
Dinner: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 350-1,000
Free WiFi No
Contact (02) 528-8888
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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Egg Tart Workshop: Delicious Egg Tarts from Taipei Taiwan

One of the best blessing I have in life is having a thoughtful and caring family.  Every time one of my family members would go out of town or abroad, they would always bring as back a treat ("pasalubong" in Filipino).   So as soon as my dear aunt got home from her flight from Taiwan, she brought us a box of Egg Tarts from Egg Tart Workshop found in Taipei, Taiwan.

 Egg Tarts (6 pcs.) (150 NT)
The packaging is very stable and reliable.  

 Egg Tarts (6 pcs.) (150 NT)

As soon as we opened the box, the Egg Tarts were in perfect form despite the travel.

Egg Tart
The Egg Tart was heavenly!  The tart crust was soft and light.  The egg fillings was moist and tasty.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Egg Tart Workshop Menu
Egg Tart (6 pcs.) - 150 NT
=Favorites or Recommended 
Egg Tart Workshop  
Business Address No.155, Xinyi Rd., Lujhou Dist.,
New Taipei City, Taiwan
Business Hours 7am-11pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 30 NT
Contact (02) 8811-2050
Other  Email: eggtart8@gmail.com Website | Facebook Fan Page
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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Figaro Coffee Company: Hot Summer Offerings

We, Tsinoy Foodies, have always enjoyed the coffee at Figaro Coffee Company.  But, we've never had the chance to try on their food offerings until my recent visit at Figaro Coffee Company Emerald Branch where we got to preview their new summer offerings together with fellow bloggers.

Dinner Meals (from 6:00 p.m. Onwards)
Crusted Dory Fillet in Creamy Pesto Sauce and Rice Pilaf (150 php)
The Crusted Dory Fillet in Creamy Pesto Sauce and Rice Pilaf is breaded dory fish fillet served with a generous serving of their delicious creamy pesto sauce, rice pilaf and side dish.  Everyone loved this dish!  The creamy peso sauce had the perfect blend too!

pan seared chicken barbecue with java rice
Pan-Seared Chicken Barbecue with Java Rice (150 php)
The Pan-Seared Chicken Barbecue with Java Rice is tender chicken fillet covered in a sweet pool of barbecue sauce and served with java rice and string beans.  

The dinner meals comes with a cool glass of Lemonade.  They're the perfect thirst quenchers for the summer. =D

devil's mocha cake
Devil's Mocha Cake
The Devil's Mocha Cake is a moist and rich chocolate cake.  This is simply irresistible!

Healthy Pandesal
tuna filled and asado filled pandesal
Asado-Filled Pandesal (99 php) and Tuna-Filled Pandesal (99 php)
These selections are called "Healthy Pandesal" because they are made of Malunggay Pandesal.  Malunggay are found to be a great source of vitamins and fiber.  Although I love the healthy concept, I'm not much of a pandesal fan so I failed to appreciate this.  

Milk Tea Craze
honeydew frost with figaro tea and wintermelon frost with classic tea
Honeydew Frost with Figaro Tea (100 php) and Wintermelon Frost with Classic Tea (100 php)
The Honeydew Frost with Figaro Tea had a sweet fragrant honeydew taste.  I could not sense the hint of Figaro Tea in it so I'm sure non-tea lovers will love this.  The Wintermelon Frost with Classic Tea had a dominant sweet wintermelon taste with the mild flavors of classic tea.  The generous amount of popping bobba, jelly  cubes and black pearls makes the Milk Tea Craze fun too drink.

Watch out for this hot summer offerings on all Figaro Coffee Company branches starting on April 11, 2012!

Figaro Coffee Company Emerald Branch 
Business Address G/F Hanston Bldg., F. Ortigas Jr. Ave., Ortigas Center
Pasig City, Metro Manila
Business Hours
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge
Budget/Person 800-200
Free WiFi Yes 
Contact (02) 631-3061
Other  Website
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Monday, March 26, 2012

Nemoto Japanese Restaurant: Authentic Japanese in Pasay

Nemoto Japanese Restaurant is one of the oldest Japanese Restaurants in Buendia, Pasay City a walking distance from the Gil Puyat LRT.   It's been there for a long time.  We used to live just a block away from it but we never had the chance to dine in until a month ago.

Nemoto Japanese Restaurant has a shabby interior.  It has a television and a small room confined room for a smoking area.  Its customers are mostly Japanese.

My family got the chance to purchase a deal from Ensogo which included 3 bento options that are good for three.  Each bento cost only 300 php instead of 600 php.  We ordered all the bento options and had them for sharing.

Miso Soup 
We were first serve a Miso Soup.  I found it odd that they soup spoon is with a cars print. =p  It is the first time I've encounter a Miso Soup with clams (halaan in Filipino).  It made the Miso Soup sweeter.

The Nemoto Salad was delicious!  It had mango and zucchini bits with crab stick too.  On the other hand, the Tuna Salad, failed to impress me.  It was composed of canned tuna in oil with zucchini and lettuce.

The Maguro (Tuna) Sashimi was fresh and tasty.

The EBI (Prawn) Fry had the soft prawn taste and texture locked in its breading.

The Kisu Tempura are slices of asohos fish battered and fried tempura style.

The Yasai Itame is the famous Japanese sauteed vegetable dish.  I love how Nemoto cooked it.  The vegetables were crunchy.  The Kaarage reminded me of chicken lollipops.  The Oshinko and Gyoza were good but nothing special.

Iced Tea
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Nemoto offers authentic Japanese dishes with quality ingredients.  I want to try their ramen selections next time as I observed those are what customers order.

Tsinoy Foodies Review Rating Nemoto Japanese Restaurant Menu
Ambiance Sushi | Sushi 2 |  Sushi 3 |
Sashimi | Sashimi 2 | Temaki |
Makimono | Makimono 2 |  Oshokuji 1 |
Oshokuji 2 | Oshokuji 3 | Oshokuji 4 |Oshokuji 5 |
Noodles | Noodles 2 | Noodles 3 | Noodles 4 |
Tempura | Fry | Teppanyaki |
Bento  | Bento 2 |  Obento |
Set Menu | Drinks | 
=Favorites or Recommended 
Nemoto Japanese Restaurant
Business Address
Buendia Ave., Brgy. San Jose
Pasay City, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-2am
Payment Options   Cash
Service Charge

Budget/Person 250-500
Contact (02) 831-5128

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