Best Food Forward: Our First Visit at Best Food Forward

If you can recall, I shared the Best Food Forward 2012 spoilers (see previous entry) of which I got to sample some of their great products.   Knowing that there's more to see and taste, we just had to go and visit!  We didn't let the unexpected rainy weather discourage us last night as we visited Best Food Forward 2012 at the NBC tent.   Surely, it was worth the trip.  

best food forward
Some Indoor Concessionaires: Gourmet Farms, Panzarotti, Takoyaki, Yamashita Yema, Lollipop Cake Factory and Sweet Vanilla
(top left to lower right)
There were a lot of great food finds.  Too bad we went there around 6p.m. already so we had to shop fast.  We even forgot to come back and buy on some of the stalls we wanted.

best food forward
Some outdoor concessionaires: Enzo's Shawarma, Cuisiniers, Bliss, Pablo's Chorizo Burger, Roast Calf, Stop Over Pizza
(top left to bottom right)
What we Had

We first stop over at Choco Atbp. for a warm cup of hot cocoa suitable for a cold rainy weather.  It was sold for 60 php per cup.  We chose the less sugar one.  It was a rich bitter-sweet hot cocoa. Yum!  The staff was also nice and friendly!  They also the cooking pot for making hot cocoa at 950 php and the wooden stirrer for 250 php so you can make your hot cocoa at home.  

baba ghanoush
Baba Ghanoush 
We bought a Lebanese Moussaka from Baba Ghanoush which we ate for lunch a while ago.  It was really good. =)

qq mochi
QQ Mochi Buns
My little sister went to there ahead of us and she was raving about the QQ Mochi Buns.  After a few taste test, we were convinced too.  We bought a lot of the small ones at 15 php.  But, as we went home, we realized it wasn't enough.    We should have bought the bigger ones sold at 28 php.  I'll try to pass by again today just to buy some. =D

cassava creme
Cassava Creme
I'm not much of a fan of Cassava.  But, my mom bought some of the Cassava Lace Cookies (100 php) and Cassava Cakes (100 php/3 pieces) at Cassava Creme.  We tried the original, cheese and the langka flavors.  It was really good!  I'm now a Cassava fan.  In fact, if I could just drop by, I would buy more of those Cassava Cakes perhaps the box of six sold at 180 php.  The Cassava Lace Cookies is thin and crispy similar to oatmeal crisps.  It also fun to munch on!


I can't find the name of this nut stall.  But, the seller is Chinese too.  We both a pack of Mix Trail at 350 php and Macamia Nuts at 400 php.  I liked that their nuts are unsalted so its healthier.

sugar cakes
Sugar Cakes 
We both a Coffee Flavor Cupcake at Sugar Cakes.  The coffee flavor is rich and strong just the way I like it.  Not too much of these for me though because its a bit sweet.

I promise I'll provide more details of the concessionaires soon.  But, for now, got to go and visit Best Food Forward again! See ya!

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