Escolta Ice Cream & Snacks: Banana Split by Big Scoop

Everyone has their soul food.  Mine is as simple as ice cream.  So one tiring Saturday after class, we Tsinoy Foodies decided to drop by at Escolta Ice Cream & Snacks just to raise our spirits.

escolta ice cream and snacks
The sign of Escolta Ice Cream & Snacks is similar to a canteen's but more colorful.  Is was tempting images of its cold treats.  It made me excited as we went in.

escolta ice cream and snacks
The space is quite limited and narrow.  The walls are plain white with a few hanged frames.  It had a few tables wooden tables paired with red cushioned booths.  It could cater up to eight groups in total.  The clay tiles gave it an olden feel.  There were four huge ice cream chillers as they boast to offer thirty flavors of ice cream. 

30 Ice Cream Flavors
Here are the ice cream flavors that are available during our visit.  Count if you wish. =D

Mango Royale, Avocado, Midnight Cookies and Cream, Sweet Corn, Vanilla
and Cookies and Cream
The Avocado is one of their best-sellers perhaps because they are the only ones who offer that flavor here in the Metro.  

escolta ice cream and snacks
Chocolate Peanut, Guyabano Sorbet, Strawberry Fields, Double Dutch, Sesame and Green Tea
Big Scoop is our ice cream at home.  A few of my favorites are their Guyabano Sorbet and Green Tea.
escolta ice cream and snacks
Cheesecake Chocolate Chip, Golden Langka, Pistachio and Rocky Road
escolta ice cream and snacks
Raisins and Nuts, Dark Chocolate, Cheese, Mocha, Mint Chocolate Chip
and Bubble Gum Mallows 
escolta ice cream and snacks
Coffee, Strawberry, Vanilla and Chocolate
escolta ice cream and snacks
Banana Nut, Mango Sherbet, Less Fat No Sugar Mango and Less Fat No Sugar Buko Pandan
As you can see, they try to make their own unique flavors.  They also have less far and no sugar ones for those who are conscious with their health but still want to enjoy the pleasures of eating ice cream. 

big scoop ice cream
Big Scoop Ice Cream
They also sell Big Scoop Ice Cream in pints and galloon.  They also deliver to nearby areas.  In fact, we noticed that they receive more orders for delivery than dine-ins.  We have yet to compare their prices with the nearby groceries and supermarkets who have Big Scoop Ice Cream in their chillers section.

banana split
♥ Banana Split (125 php)
The Banana Split  is our old time favorite.  Sometime, the simple classics are just the best!  The Banana Split came in with scoops of Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry ice cream drizzled with chocolate syrup and topped with nuts, whipped cream and maraschino cherry in between fresh banana splits.  I would have preferred if the Ube flavor is available but the Chocolate flavor was pretty good.  We enjoyed the Strawberry too.  But, I did not like Vanilla because it was too sweet for my taste. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
Escolta Ice Cream & Snacks is a great place for ice cream and treats at an affordable price.  They also have some snacks and meals.  We've looking forward to try more of their ice cream flavors in the future.

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Escolta Ice Cream & Snacks
Business Address 275 Escolta Street, Binondo,
Manila, Metro Manila
Business Hours 10am-6pm
Payment Options Cash
Service Charge
Free WiFi No
Unlocked Foursquare Perks None
Contact (02) 244-7763/243-1221
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