2nd's: Comfort Food Revisited (Closed)

For quite some time, I've been hearing good things about 2nd's.  I've been to Bonifacio High Street many times but I failed to notice that 2nd's is located there at the 2nd floor of B3.   Their tag line "comfort food revisited" has always made me curious of what dishes they served.  Comfort food can be anything and revisited must mean they serve it with their unique twist.  

2nds comfort food revisited
Upon reaching the second floor, a big wooden door with a sign board will indicate that you have found your way to 2nd's.  Of course, I didn't let its heaviness stop me. =D

2nds comfort food revisited
It has a classy bar that will surely capture your attention.  Perhaps, it was too early for drinking because the bar was empty while the dinning area was packed with a mix bunch of people.

2nds comfort food revisited
The dining area has well-cushioned seats, frames hang on the walls and book shelves with mementos.  It felt as if it was a secret gentleman's club of some sort.

complimentary sweet potato chips
Complimentary Sweet Potato Chips
While waiting for our orders, we were given their Complimentary Sweet Potato Chips.  It was topped with cheese.  I took it as a clue that they love to offer cheese and I would really love for them to do so. XD

Soups & Salads
mushroom soup
Mushroom Soup (225 php)
While my siblings opted for the Emmenthal French Onion (255 php), I took a different route and ordered the Mushroom Soup which was the Soup for the Day.  Although the Mushroom Soup was pretty good, I found the french onion topped with loads of melted Emmenthal cheese more appealing to my taste.

spinach and black truffle dip
  Spinach & Black Truffle Dip (395 php)
I adored the Spinach & Black Truffle Dip to the last bit.  The creamed spinach with black truffle paste topped with Irish cheese was just so delicious that  I ate them all even though I ran out of sourdough chips to spread them on.  

angus salpicao foie gras
Angus Salpicao Foie Gras (595 php)
I often get overwhelmed when eating too much Foie Gras so I really liked the balance created by the Angus Beef and the Foie Gras combination.  Perhaps, the Angus Salpicao Foie Gras is the most innovative version of salpicao that I have ever tried.  

usda prime bone in ribeye with melted raclette
 USDA Prime Bone-in Ribeye with Melted Raclette (1,795 php)
The USDA Prime Bone-in Ribeye with Melted Raclette is a 400 gram prime bone-in ribeye steak served with two side dishes of your choice.  Upon serving, the first thing we all noticed is the distinctive smell of the raclette.  But don't let that discourage you from taking a bite because it is the key to making your steak experience memorable.  The steak is cooked medium as instructed too.  

lamb shank caldereta gratin
 Lamb Shank Caldereta Gratin (595 php)
The Lamb Shank Caldereta Gratin is as good as it looks. The lamb had a solid meaty taste and it was so tender that it almost falls of the bone.  Plus, it was topped with irresistible melted swiss cheese.  This is one of the best dishes of the night!

2nds bistek tagalog
 2nd's Bistek Tagalog (875 php)
The 2nd's Bistek Tagalog is the most expensive bistek tagalog that I have ever tasted and it is worth every peso.  This is my favorite among all our orders.  The sauce is tasty but you could still appreciate the succulent  and masculinity of the USDA Prime flat iron steak cooked medium rare.  It is served with aligue and corn rice pilaf  and grilled tomato too.

beef rib adobo
Beef Rib Adobo (565 php)
The Beef Rib Adobo possessed strong flavors with a hint of garlic.  I felt that this dish was overshadowed by the rest.  It also tasted a bit on the salty side for me.  

triple mushroom risotto
Triple Mushroom Risotto (485 php)
When I saw the Triple Mushroom Risotto on the menu, I already got a hunch that I would like it.  I'm a huge fan of mushrooms and the Triple Mushroom Risotto had three kinds of mushrooms: Enoki, Shitake and Button mushrooms with balsamic glaze and truffle oil to boot.  

rum cake and mascarpone trifle
 Rum Cake & Mascarpone Trifle (445 php)
I liked the presentation of the Rum Cake & Mascarpone Trifle as it is served in a huge beer mug.  The rum cake and a layer of balsamic and mix berry compote is topped with honey sweetened mascarpone and pine nuts and drizled with butter scotch.  This is a great twist to the usual rum cake.  It's a must try!

apple crumble
Apple Crumble (245 php)
Other than the mantecado espresso sauce, I find the Apple Crumble similar to the rest.  It was stewed sweet and tangy apple slices topped with crumbs.
2nds bag
our leftover bag
Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
2nd's is a great place for comfort food indeed.  It also offers an elegant yet cozy ambiance close to a privileged club.  Their pricing is a bit on the high side because they use the finest ingredients such as USDA steaks and expensive cheese.  But, it is certainly worth revisiting when you're willing to spend for comfort food that will please your taste buds and melt your heart away.  Don't forget to log into foursquare for your FREE iced tea. =D

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