D' Amburger Gastro Pub: Burgers, Drinks and More! (closed)

We, Tsinoy Foodies, just discovered a foodies haven sprouting with new restaurants near Gilmore called Greenhills Town Center.  We were fortunate to witness the Ribbon-cutting of D' Amburger Gastrpub and taste try out some of their dishes. The ribbon-cutting was done by Cindy Hyacinth Lotuaco-Ejercito (wife of Mayor JV Ejercito) and San Juan Vice Mayor Francisco Javier Zamora.

d amburger
D' Amburger Gastrpub is a bigger concept of the Am Burger.  Am Burger started with three kids Jellone Umali, Blesida Santos and Allan Jansen Chung who had the passion and dedication to create the juiciest MSG-FREE burger.  After 6 month, they created "The Juicy Lucy Burger" which they sold at the weekend night market of Banchetto where it gained tremendous popularity and was even featured in shop talk on ANC.  With their partnership with Roselynn Barretto-Dimalibot, the D' Amburger Gastrpub was born.

d amburger
D' Amburger Gastrpub offers a lush, wooden furnished, western-style ambiance with imported beer displays, a cozy dining area and a traditional bar set up.


flaming shrooms and cheese
 Flaming Shrooms and Cheese (210 php)
The Flaming Shrooms and Cheese is baked mozzarella and emmental cheese with mushrooms.  Upon serving, a shot of brandy is poured in and it is lighted with a torch.  The flames made the cheese melt more making it warm and enjoyable to eat.  Their method reminded me of Torch's omellete (see previous entry).  I can't help but notice that the unbalanced plating has caused only half of it to be wet by the brandy so the flame could penetrate it.  

steamed mussels and clams in creamy blue cheese sauce
 Steamed Mussels and Clams in Creamy Blue Cheese Sauce (315 php)
The Steamed Mussels and Clams in Creamy Blue Cheese Sauce were served with french fries on top.  The sauce had a piquant taste being a combination of the saliferous seafood broth and the melted blue cheese.  The fries were a pretty good accompaniment but I'd prefer this dish with bread.  I didn't mind letting my hands get a messy with these because it was so delicious!

truffle buffalo wings
 Truffle Buffalo Wings (200 php)
The Truffle Buffalo Wings possess the flavor subtitles of a fragrant truffle oil and distinct taste of Frank's Hot Sauce which I sense is a medley of light vinegar, pungent cayenne and mild butter.  This is  my favorite dish for the evening.  

truffle popcorn
 Truffle Popcorn (170 php)
The Truffle Popcorn is the classic butter popcorn drizzle with truffle oil and salt.  I found this quite addictive.  

undecided fries pork riblets fish and chips
Undecided (Fries, Pork Riblets and Fish and Chips) (610 php)
porcupine chicken
Undecided (Porcupine Chicken) (610 php)
The Undecided is a big sampler platter of French Fries, Pork Riblets, Fish and Chips and Porcupine Chicken.  The French Fries had a nice crunchy consistency.  The Pork Riblets were baked and marinated Asian style.  Although I found that taste to be good enough, I find these a bit dry and tough.  I prefer these tender and succulent that it almost falls off the bone.  The Fish and Chips ha a thick batter which held the flaky dory fish fillet perfectly.  It goes well with the lemon sauce. The  Porcupine Chicken is chicken skewers with bits of herbs wrapped in spring roll wrappers.  It's best to eat with the orange chili dip.  

D' Amburger's Juicy Lucy Burgers
juicy lucy bmm
Juicy Lucy BMM (250 php)
Fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt ordered the Juicy Lucy BMM.   The Juicy Lucy Burger is a type of burger that originated from Minnesota.  It is defined by its burger patty that has a cheese in the middle.  The Juicy Lucy BMM is their version of Juicy Lucy with bacon, mushroom and oozing cheese sauce.   The buns are light and fluffy.  We were told that they have the same supplier with fast food chains like Burger King except that their bun-size is custom made to be bigger so the heavy patty wouldn't squish it thin.  The 100% brazilian pure beef patty were chunky and loaded with oozing mozzarella and cheddar cheese.  It had a peppery and meaty taste.   

juicy lucy blue cheese
Juicy Lucy Blue Cheese (230 php)
The Juicy Lucy Blue Cheese is the same cheese filed patty topped with lettuce, onions and blue cheese dressing.  Kurt couldn't eat this because he can't stand blue cheese.  On the other hand, I found the blue cheese dressing quite light and overpowered by the peppery beef cheese-filled patty.  I found the patty a bit tough to eat  as shown by the charcoal color.

pizza burger
 Pizza Burger (350 php)
The Pizza Burger is a delicious but deadly gourmet to order.  You have the traditional Juicy Lucy patty sandwich with breaded mozzarella as buns.  I loved this because of the cheesy overflow.  =D   

Main Course
roasted chicken
Roasted Chicken (340 php)
I ordered the Roasted Chicken.  It is a cerveza glazed perfectly roasted chicken.  The chicken was moist and tender.  The half roasted chicken together with mash potatoes is enough to fulfill my hearty appetite.  I loved the plating too.

crab meat mac n cheese
Crab Meat Mac N Cheese (380 php)
Although I'm not a fan of Mac B Cheese, I actually liked the unique twist that the Crab Meat Mac N Cheese offered.  It is covered in crab roe sauce and topped with real crabmeat and cheese.


Fruit Juices
pomelo juice
 Pomelo Juice (110 php)
Looking forward to a healthy meal, I ordered the Roast Chicken together with the Pomelo Juice.  However, we were both surprised when our table mates ordered so many dishes for sharing.  To be honest, it is one of the most sinful and unbalanced meal I've ever had in my entire life.  I'm glad I choose the Pomelo Juice as a refreshing and cleansing drink.  It was very pleasant to the pallet and it didn't even have a hint of bitterness in it.  I highly recommend this.

us lemon juice
US Lemon Juice (110 php)
The US Lemon Juice is quite refreshing.  It has the right taste of sweetness and tanginess.  

dalandan juice
Dalandan Juice (110 php)
Kurt had the Dalandan Juice.  I agree it was a good accompaniment for his Juicy Lucy BMM.  It is fresh and delicious.  

mai tai and beer
Mai Tai and Imported Beer
We don't usually drink but just to show you that D' Amburger Gastro Pub serves great drinks, I'm sharing with you what our table companions had.

*credits to fellow Tsinoy Foodie Kurt for providing most of the photos

Update (April 10, 2014): I haven't visited Greenhills Town Center for a very long time.  I was saddened to find that this establishment is closed. 

Tsinoy Foodies Verdict
D' Amburger Gastro Pub is a great place to chill out when in the area.  It has a nice ambiance and the staffs are friendly.  Although the food can be a bit pricey, the serving size is meant for sharing.   They have a wide selection too.  If given the chance, I'd want to try their other interesting dishes.  And, I'd definitely give their burgers another shot.  To those who are nearby, they offer a delivery with a minimum of 500 php.

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